Day By Day


  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    I would have fallen for the same line.

  • Too Tall

    R200 develop emotions?

    On the other hand, with Jo’s developing sense of humor, the irresistible force is about to meet the unmovable object.

    Even the strongest of materials has its limits.

  • Pamela

    ER, is birth control advisable? Wonder what their progeny will look like.

    • Unca Walt

      Kids’d look like little Roombahs rolling around.

      • John

        And trying to consume anything they come across.
        They might look different from normal rugrats but would have the same habits.

        • Pamela

          Yeah, I think the 3 second rule will apply

          • Too Tall

            Best sub-thread EVAH!

      • Don

        ….or BB-8

  • Punta Gorda

    Balance is gonna be needed.

  • Saaruuk

    She vill be mounted und stuffed.

  • T Paul

    That’s not a terminator line. That’s from Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn. Saavik said it.

    • Punta Gorda

      … Kristy Alley.

      Yeah I know. But she was a looker!

      • Punta Gorda


        (Phone had a deadpool moment)

        • CuriousB


    • norm

      Reminiscent of Burges Meredith’s many lines at the end of one of the Grumpy Old Men movies. Ann Margaret!

  • Pete231

    Knowing the abilities and nuclear outputs of those two, I’m not sure I’d want to be in the same county when they decide to swap lubricants……….

  • Punta Gorda

    When you sit back and think about the difficulties of encoding human emotional responses into an AI…. how will ecstasy be treated?

  • Big Jim

    Probably something like “jumper cable(s)”….

  • MasterDiver

    She WOULD make a great hood ornament!

    Zar Belk!

    • Pamela

      On what vehicle…

      • Vince

        M-1 Abrams

        • Pamela

          Does it have pink and purple tuck and roll with a little bobbing headed dog in the window…

  • PaulS

    I recognize those guns…
    Rub” 😉

    • PaulS

      Or would it be
      Clank klank?

      • nonncom

        The noisiest thing in the world is two skeletons screwing on a tin roof in a hailstorm using a tin can for a rubber…..but these two might rival that….

      • John

        Squeak squeak?

  • Mark

    Airgap your robots to prevent the transmission of viruses.

  • CuriousB

    I think it is a match made in Heaven. Or should I say “day by day”.

    • Steveb919

      Match made here for sure.

  • TreHammer

    Referencing Norm’s earlier comment…
    “Balony Pony”

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Hmmmmm- – – – -I hope they’ve both got the same ground polarity!

  • formwiz

    Jo could use a little plumping in the midsection to be proportionate with that bosom

    • Punta Gorda


  • cb

    Something wrong R200? Dammit… sorry Jo, Javier created it from unobtainium.

  • Am I sitting on a shelf, or are you just happy to see me?

  • John M.

    Yesterday we saw that Jo was down to 4% charge. In the past we’ve seen that Jo has the proper receptacle, but R200 is an unknown factor for recharge capability… and the possibility for overcharge is significant!

    • JTC

      I’d say her ability to remotely suck the juice out of a whole pack of thugs and immediately unleash it back on them bodes poorly for Ahnold, as that receptacle makes it so convenient to discharge his whole load with her/it sucking him to dead zero recall…but what a way to go, even for a bot!

      • JTC

        Can’t write that sucking story without some full recall of my own…1979 my wife and I were separated. It was a whole ‘nother world then for a hot young Turk (oh yes I was, looking through some old pics the other night 🙂 ) in his mid-twenties in the playground that was Palm Beach at that time.

        So anyway I was at a dealer/broker gathering of hoity toity Worth Avenue Palm Beach jewelers and the brokers like my new boss and mentor who schmoozed and hustled them on big diamonds and watches priced like cars etc. Millions of dollars in goods changing hands “on the arm”, aka with a handshake pending settlement later among the mostly 50-70 year old rich dudes who were very focused on that trade and not so much on their typically much younger, gorgeous, bored, and neglected women.

        Like I said I was pretty sharp and a little rebellious because I could get away with it; that is where I learned that rich dudes love to be disputed and argued with and are often shocked but glad and appreciative for something other than the typical ass-kissing.

        So this night the fancy hotel had a bunch very spendy cars in the VIP area and I got a little attention when I thumped in among them on a very nice pre-AMF hot-rodded Sportster that the boss had picked up among the occasional collector vehicles he bought for cheap or on trade and eventually turn over for double $. In the meantime I told him that HD needed to be ridden occasionally. Like on this occasion for instance. 🙂

        Some of the ladies had wandered out into the porte coche’re for some air or a smoke or a snort and I made some kind of cocky (and cock-y) comment, whereupon one of three drop-dead gorgeous Jewish girls decked in diamonds and haute couture advanced slowly toward me standing at the back of the bike, put one manicured finger on my chest, pushing me onto the wide solo sadde backwards, while oozing out the words…Boy why don’t you just sit down right there on your pretty toy while I find this other pretty toy with this, (sliding her finger down my chest and every so lightly across my spreadeagled legs and then up her bosom and touching her lips)…and just drain you dry, would you like that boy because I would…I was shocked into silence.

        And then, then she was saying, almost softly singing, what’s it gonna be boy, yes or no? What’s it gonna be boy, yes. or. no? And I realized she was doing Meatloaf Paradise by the Dashboard Lights…a song made just a year or so before wife and I split, and that we had agreed had been written just for us in every detail and in every way, even the long play version was all about us…

        How could this incredibly sexy Jewish girl know, I mean she couldn’t know, but she was mocking me for thinking I was indeed hot and decided to punish me for my impudence and my impure thoughts of betraying my good sweet wife…but somehow she had to have known, or I thought she did, same effect either way. And I could swear I heard some light laughing as the girls headed back in to the soiree.

        So I didn’t get drained, I did get embarrassed but that took a while for the shock to wear off and apparently it didn’t do me any harm as I joined with the good old Jewish boys in their little trade orgy later and did pretty well. And I think looking back that experience created a whole new appreciation in me for Jews in general, the men for the depth of knowledge and depth of trust they had in each other, and the women…all of these three had to have been about my age but their sophistication and ability to shut down a brash young boy with just a touch and some gentle words…that was my first real connection with the Jewish American Princess, transplanted as a species from NY but seen often in the wild in their Southern range and I did have some times with another JAP, my own boss’s granddaughter, like I said I courted a little danger back then…but never agains was it like right there in that fancy carport on a warm Palm Beach night.

        • CuriousB

          Are you on drugs? Or are you schizophrenic? That is one of the most bizarre tirades I’ve ever heard.

          • NotYetInACamp

            As someone who grew up on Miami Beach (and all of South Florida) and especially among that form of princess, and other forms, that is not a strange a tirade.

          • JTC

            Not quite clear on the whole words have meanings thing, eh CuriousB? I don’t think “schizophrenic” and “tirade” mean what you think they mean, but happy to engage as I am actually curious to see if you have any idea wtf you’re talking about…

          • JTC

            It was a whole ‘nother world wasn’t it NotYet?

            Of course it’s a whole ‘nother ‘nother world now…

            Some things you wish you could do over. And some things you’re lucky you can’t.

          • CuriousB

            You are right JTC, neither “schizophrenia” nor “tirade” apply, but I stand by bizarre. Sorry, it was late and I didn’t read through it very carefully.

          • JTC

            I’ll take bizarre, Curious…

            Would that I could get it back again…but the previous life and times of JTC is the inspiration for that last part about wishing for things that you’re lucky you don’t get.

  • Could be quite the arc reaction. Could be a superfast charge for Jo, and a radical drain on R.


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