Day By Day


  • epador

    Grandma’s are hot! TG my wife isn’t none yet, however…

  • Ryk E Lee

    Wow, the Apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

    • GWB

      I would say more than apples. And they haven’t fallen far.

      • Unca Walt

        Hear, hear!

  • Wayne M

    Another batch of ATF trundled off by the sheriff. They don’t like being balked… and it sounds like this bunch are connected. How long before the lamestream media reporters are crowded around the sheriff’s house and office, going through the garbage like a pack of hounds, speculating what they might find?

    • rooftop voter

      Wayne, this is Texas, not Maryland……..

      They wouldn’t hang around very long in Texas.

      • Wayne M

        Texas has numerous Starbucks outlets… more than 40 vineyards… All they need is a bunch of artisan cheese makers and it’s perfect conditions for MSM reporters…

  • JTC

    Have MERCY!!!

  • eon

    Hm. “Satomi” means “intelligence and beauty” in Japanese.

    May I take it as read that Satomi is Skye’s actual given name? And if so, is Sam’s something other than “Samantha”?



    • Chris Muir

      Satomi is Skye’s name.Sam’s is Yukiko.Their middle name,that is.

      • “Yukiko” means “Love child”?

      • kadaka

        Skye Satomi

        sky -> airy, Satomi = intelligence and beauty

        airy intelligence and beauty

        So in a backhanded way she’s been named an airhead?

        Writers’ minds work in mysterious ways, stuff pops up they didn’t know they put there.

  • B Woodman

    D’OH! Chris just keeps pitching those fastballs from left field, and we just continue to watch them whiz on by. Well played, Chris, well played.
    Mom is just as hawt as the rest of the women, and can play hardball(s) with them as well. No shy rocking chair attitude for her. But that shouldn’t be too surprising, with the Japanese attitude about nakedness.
    And the punch line about the “diplomat’s wife’. Hehehehehehehe. Some boys is gonna find themselves in some VERY hot water. International incidents, and all that.

  • kadaka

    Smart idea. Water therapy is good for all that lower back pain.

    Don’t see Naomi there. Is she on lookout duty for the Water Moccasins and other venomous snakes of Texas?

  • Serves those ATF motherfrakkers right!

  • Bill G

    Well, mercy goodness!

  • Morris

    Not only NSFW, not safe for my old heart either!

  • GWB

    What a way to start my business trip.

  • JBubba57

    I would have expected the ATF, as Federales, to resist verbally and physically local police jurisdiction. I guess this is one tough Sheriff! The ranch is lucky to have such an elected servant.

    • KenH

      Resistance – and being mouthy assholes – gets cut short when looking down the bore of a .44 Magnum….

      • rooftop voter

        Yep, this ain’t Austin……………. Besides, I am sure ‘toly and Zed aren’t too far away.

  • Uffdaphil

    For some reason I’m hungry for a sandwich right now. For breakfast.

  • Fox2!

    I suspect the “Freeze” command was accompanied by the snicking of safeties.

  • Grunt GI

    Hmmm. What an interesting family portrait they could take there at the ol’ swimming hole.

  • kadaka

    And now for the “Battle of the Grandmothers” comparison shots, Kimiko vs Hillary.

    • B Woodman

      That which has been seen, cannot be un-seen. Please DON’T go there. And pass the mind bleach.

      • Wayne M

        I’ll have some of that when you’re done. Curse my vivid imagination!!

  • I just had the pleasure of reading the last three strips all at once (was too busy this weekend). My oh my oh my… *sigh* Having a half-Vietnamese wife with 35-full Cs you’ve nailed down the shapes and proportions. Speaking of nailing… I think I know what I’ll be doing tonight. 😉

    Thanks, Chris! 😀

    • Chris Muir

      My work here is done…hah!

      • Just to let you know, she’s dark-haired and very much Skye-shaped (but with more modest and tasteful tattoos), and politically agnostic (she couldn’t care less about it, although she had a 2×4 moment when ObamaCare nearly affected her personally and caused her to do a complete 180 on that issue). Which kinda makes her politically almost like Jan, personality somewhat like Sam, and physically like Skye. 🙂

  • John M

    Lucky Kimiko – some grandma’s defy gravity…

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