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  • interventor

    ATF took the bait — hope they are prosecuted not just for trespassing, but as pervs — forced to register as sex offenders — ruins an LEOs career.

    Sheriff’s offered the bait, as well. However, in this case, the bait wants to be caught.

  • Guitanguran

    That’s “failuhyah” btw

  • Chris Muir


    • Unca Walt

      I love your art, Chris.

  • Grunt GI

    Uhhhhh…wow, words fail.

    Who’dda thunk of the ol swimming hole gambit? -/:)

    And…Skye and Sam are definitely sisters..feisty.

  • B Woodman

    Day-um. Just. Dayum!
    Yep. Feds been caught. I think they’d attempt to call “entrapment”. But if you’re trespassing where you have no right to be, not even a warrant or a LEO right, that dog don’t hunt.

    Now, let’s see what Chris (Wade, Sheriff, et al) does to punish those who think themselves above the law they’ve sworn to uphold. This should be interesting. And Chris, don’t go easy on the perv perps. They deserve no mercy, only justice.

  • Cheshirecat

    This is pretty funny! I’ll roll over and purr for this one.

  • Ed

    Honey indeed, and such a sweet trap it is.

  • RightWingProf

    And we’ve yet to see what Muir does with zip drive the “Red Headed Bastard” gave Zed.

    Popcorn, boys. Popcorn.

    • Fox2!

      Hillary’s e-mails?

  • Messkit

    Yup, didn’t see that coming….

    …but sure glad I did 🙂

  • RayNAiken

    Drop the feds across the border and make them immigrate back without I.D. of course.
    Lovely bait. Lovely.

    • Like that’s a problem these days….

  • Skye, Sam…you’re BOTH Bad! 8)

  • Pamela

    I have an inkling that the Sheriff might soon be paying court to the pretty marked bird.

    Those other losers…well not so sure about their outcome.

  • Wayne M

    It looks like everything worked out just fine so far… but I have a feeling Chris isn’t done with this story arc. Keep up the good work, Day by Day!!

  • I too wonder what’s on the flash drive given to Zed. Dept. memos? Illegal orders? Hope its something juicy, And painful for F-troop!

  • RegT

    That Sheriff is a cool hand, all right. And straight enough he just might turn Skye.

  • RegT

    How old is Skye, anyway? I recall that quote attributed to Churchill: “If you’re in your twenties and aren’t a liberal, you have no heart. If you’re in your fifties and aren’t conservative, you have no brain.”

  • Bill G

    A honeypot is not to be confused with a honey trap.

  • Jeez, I thought federal employees were only watching Internet porn on the job….

    • Chris Muir

      Thx! 🙂

  • PaulS

    Not to squabble here, but is Skye missing some tats?

    • Chris Muir

      Nope.They’re all there.

  • capn

    Ahh yes.
    Thanks Chris for fond memories of my days living in and sailing the Virgin Islands. There were lots of “birds” some marked, most not but pleasant viewing any way one looked at them.
    I sure do miss the year around warm water and the abundance of “birds” to watch. sigh.

  • JTC

    Birthin’ babies benefit badass bods, art of which vargas would be proud…

    Advice to sheriff, birds of prey are best watched from a distance if you want to, you know, stay sheriff. And alive.

    • interventor

      Yes, but a bird on the hand is worth ,,,!

      • JTC

        To complete your thought, I’ll alter the old cop adage:

        Badge’ll get you bush, bush’ll get yer badge…

        I’m guessing Sheriff Texmex is smart enough to keep his “hands” to himself.

  • Bob in Houston

    Nope, you missed one Chris, pretty sure Skye used to sport a big giant bat wing tramp stamp over the buttockal area, not that I was paying alot of attention to that area or anything.

    • Chris Muir

      You are right, BUTT I didn’t like it and haven’t shown it for…6 years,I think! Ya dawg!

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