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  • Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

    ROFLOL!! Good one liner.
    CM, I see the hurricane hasn’t gotten your humor or spirits down. (now where did I hide that whisky?)
    I’m willing to bet that Jo has more memory and intelligence than ALL the DildoCratic Party presidential candidates combined.

    • Steve Peterson

      With all of her brain & limbs tied behind her

  • JTC

    On the contrary Skye…Unca Joe has such a good memory that he remembers things that never even happened…the low-life valor stealing POS.

    • Lon Mead

      His memory is so good, he even remembers being Neil Kinnock!

  • Lon Mead

    I dunno… I think it should be considered that Ol’ Slow Joe might be the Hillarybot in disguise. During the climate “debate” one of his eyes went red…

    Seriously, it filled with blood from almost one question to the next. Hoping it’s just a stress hemorrhage and nothing serious.

    Get well, Joe – the Republicans need you ( mostly for the laughs)!

  • kadaka

    Joe Biden used a novel approach to reveal tonight that he’s secretly under Communist mind control since the “I’m not in my right mind” signals aren’t getting acted on:
    Biden’s eye fills with blood during CNN climate town hall

    His LEFT eye went bloody RED. Wonder what sweet deals the Chinese would get from him.

    From the CNN thing via a Ryan Saavedra tweet, comes an easy Proggie win since it’s a privilege not a right:

    Andrew Yang refuses to say that Americans won’t be forced to drive electric vehicles

    Yang mentions a possible confiscation of gas vehicles, says the best option is a buy-back program

    And the SanFran Board of Supervisors has decreed the NRA is a “Domestic Terror Organization”. They’ll soon start the deputizing of Antifa members to assist in the forthwith roundup of those dangerous domestic terrorist associates and the seizing of their military WMDs.

      • JTC

        Looks like battle lines being drawn between cops and judges and the typical leftists that populate local gov and the media there in Beantown…loving the pushback.

        But if any doubt lingers about the absurdly one-sided position of media, here is an excerpt which I won’t link from the Boston Globe and “journalist” Yvonne Abraham about Judge Sinnot refusing to release the thugs who attacked the peaceful marchers in that straight pride demonstration…

        “The court was dealing with those arrested protesting Saturday’s “Straight Pride Parade”, a demonstration by a collection of alt-right trolls, white supremacists, and Trump fans whose sole, sleazy goal was to own the libs. Fights broke out, and some of those protesting were charged with assault and battery and resisting arrest….prosecutors asked the judge to dismiss the charges. Sinnot wasn’t having it…Perhaps Sinnot has a bee in his bonnet about these particular protestors whom the right derisely call “Antifa”- meant as a disparagement.”

        Of course your own term for the the marchers was not at all disparaging, right you little commie twit? Good grief.

  • WayneM

    The best thing that could happen for Biden is if his family quietly pulls him aside and, in a compassionate loving way, tells him to walk away while he’s still able to do so. Dude does not look or act healthy…

    • Fox2!

      I’d be afraid of a sympathy vote for the Dem nominee if anything serious happened to Ol’ Joe.

      • PaulS

        Could be their plan..

        Four letter term for his Stories
        J O E B S! 😉

        • JTC

          I’ve said before, they are doing the Epstein on him…providing all the tools he needs to implement the real plan they have for him…

          Mouth, mike, stage, rope…some self-assembly required.

    • MasterDiver

      He could do a Hillary and get tossed into a van like a sack of spuds!

      Zar Belk!

  • Too Tall

    Taking a longer view, it is instructive as to how tenuous the Progtard DildoCrats must feel their hold on power is that they are forced to prop up Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg, Felonia von Pantsuit, and Creepy Joe, as their leaders, long past the point a normal person would have retired for medical reasons. They have truly become the Zombie Party.

  • That was cute, for sure. Well done, Chris!

  • David R Tribble

    I’ve been saying that Joe always looked like he just woke up from a nap, even before Trump was calling him ‘Sleepy Joe’.

    The Left complained about Reagan’s memory gaffs all of the time, didn’t they?

  • Halley

    I’m wondering even with the best of intentions from Skye-Jo, if we really want the Dim party rescued from their madness. Better to let them put themselves out of their misery…?

    • John D. Egbert

      I’d rather they put themselves out of OUR misery . . .

  • Pamela

    I wonder if Joe in running on an 8088 processor with a bad pin.

    • The chicken of depression

      Didn’t the 5150 run on an 8088?

      • Pamela

        Yes it did. I’ve got one in the garage.

        • The chicken of depression

          The 5150 part fits Uncle Joe perfectly!

  • James F Gemind

    First, artwork. Eyes on Skye, very well done. Expression on Sam when laughing is either very scary,or needs work.It’s like the difference between Geena Davis and Jessica Alba. One looks gorgeous happy or angry, on doesn’t look good happy.

    Second, the San Francisco Fiasco. I expect several dozen lawsuits, especially should SF actually try to arrest any NRA members.

    Finally, I hope everyone gives to a reputable charity to aid the people in Grand Bahama and the rest of the Islands of the Bahamas. They truly do need aid, after spending 30+ hours directly under a major hurricane…

    • JTC

      Thank God that the three Clintons and their foundation won’t be administering the aid…ask the Haitians and NYIAC about that.

      Read today about an anonymous farmer in Jacksonville who bought 100 generators and a semi load of supplies from Costco that he and a boat captain friend from the Bahamas will be delivering directly to where they are needed. That right there is charity done right.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Almost anybody but the sticky palm Clinton’s and their bag man foundation might do.
        How about those people who bought the Clinton’s last century, the Chinese?
        Good for the captain. My days of directing semi trailers full of supplies where they are charitably needed are over. I aged out of the Jaycees centuries ago, it seems.
        Hopefully, we still have a decent relationship with that nation just off our Florida shores…
        I have enjoyed traveling in the Bahamas, but I have not been there in way too long. They already do a rather decent job of building homes.
        I doubt I will make an effort there. I have lost contact with all of my old contacts.. The Bahamas might not be as together about hurricanes as Bermuda is, but they are rather good. So many were wise and got out of Dodge and headed South to safety when they saw BIG trouble coming. REALLY big trouble.

  • Presbypoet

    I figure Palm Beach owes the Bahamas big time. Those prayers kept it from going to Alabama. When your prayers are answered, you need to help those your prayer hurt. If the August 30th track had happened, Florida would be the one hurting.

    Everyone has their own disasters, Kansas has tornadoes, California has earthquakes, Wyoming has Yellowstone, D.C. has congress. We should practice being grateful for what doesn’t happen.

    • JTC

      I hope your handle doesn’t indicate that you have any religious capacity at all because you have no clue whatsoever how God or prayers work.

      Believe me when I say that is a very cleaned up and abbreviated response to your incredibly ignorant and offensive blather.

    • kadaka

      If all the Democrats and Socialists and Greens (some overlap there) were really worried about the effects of GlobalClimateWarmingChange they say are happening now, after seeing all that devastation, they would already be talking about a buyout proposal for the frequently-flooded low-lying Bahamas.

      Just pay full current market value, allow those who aren’t citizens elsewhere to become legal US immigrants, we’ll build some seawalls and call it a US Coast Guard staging area. Then we won’t be sending the Bahamas foreign aid, and lefties will laugh at the military getting screwed because Everyone Knows those islands are getting destroyed anyway. Win-win for everyone. Mission Accomplished!

  • Big Jim

    Yes and Ohio has DeWine and Brown….

  • NotYetInACamp

    Maybe it was NUKED? Someone got out the old radar range and manipulated it? Many permutations of effects are possible. Or the harpy or a plane mounted jobby did something? One college professor I had for a Senior / Grad course said that they closed down Project Storm Fury (he was one of the guys manipulating storms) because they found out that they had begun to get some effects and control, but it was erratic enough to also bring up responsibility and liability concerns. Their control and ability to predict was lacking back then.
    The bought and paid for MSM had a short run on the word nuke allegedly used by someone important this week.
    But what do I know?

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