Day By Day


  • JTC

    Well shit. Get better. Quick. In the meantime…

    “I can draw…” Hmmm…

    Well get drawin’ then! And to make it easier you can dispense with all that superfluous clothing ifyaknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.

    We’ll make up our own naughty word bubbles and sub-titles.

    This could be fun; come to think of it, take your time healing. 😉

    • JTC

      JK of course…your characters say more in a coupla bubbles than I do in my typical half-page ramble…

      Three words to make you feel better. Ice. Ibuprofren. Booze.

  • Too Tall

    Memories, a future together, Mari and Kiko.

    Building the right stuff…it doesn’t get any more worthwhile than that.

  • WayneM

    Sorry to hear of your injury, Chris.

  • JIMV

    Watch out for yourself! Take care for as I recall, we have a new series starting in September!

  • cz93x62

    No worries, sir. I come here for the……..articles. Right. Heal well and quickly!

  • Kevin

    Prayers. SHma Ysrael. I only use the bookmarks anyway. Get better. Hell, get back.

  • Ye, ’02. Bback in the day, when Zed and I wern’t both silver codes….

  • LifeofTheMind

    Fortunately you can spend time on your second career as a concert violinist.
    Oh, wait.

    Seriously you are as an artist, like an athlete, dependent on the body that is your tool. Get well soon.

    • Pamela

      As a former violinist I can attest to the fact that without the thumb providing the correct amount of direction and delicate precise pressure to the bow, you will not be able to tease out the desired response from the strings.

      • Vince

        Something along the line of SQEEEEEEL!?

        Got those red boots yet?

        • Pamela

          More along the lines of a sustained growl and yes I have red boots

  • Get better, brother. We can wait.

  • Bren

    Onscreen keyboard is your friend. In any case, get well soon.

  • JackDeth72

    Back in the halcyon days of Fortran, Cobol, Snobol and CAD Design…..

    Splint and tape your injured thumb close to the palm. Wear baggy shorts with big cargo pockets, so you don’t hook your thumb and make things worse.

    We’ll supply the shadowing with our lecherous minds, Chris.

    Take care.

  • Bill G

    Take care, heal fully. And as has been previously commented, filthy minds can supply lots of shading. Many shades of gray. perhaps?

    • Pamela

      As in “it’s your turn to watch”

  • Alternate hot and cold packs on your thumb. I’m not a Doctor, but I play one on the internet.

    • JackDeth72

      And eo;on spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express!

  • eon

    Those genuinely hurt. Take it easy, and get well. We can wait.



  • Badger

    All the best Chris – you know what to do, which is not get impatient. BTDT; it sucks the bag whether one plays guitar, shoots, or catches bass, or draws at the extremely high level you do. Am sure however it happened is now in the “hunh, try to remember not to do that’ category.

  • Shooter 2.5

    I’ll bet they look different in those photographs. Hey, you can have a throwback set of drawings until your thumb gets better. That would be fun.

    • GWB

      Excellent idea! 🙂

  • GWB

    Dang! That hurts!
    As a cartoonist, you should insure your hands. Some short-term disability. That way you can continue paying for the dancing girls and the booze while you heal.

  • MasterDiver

    Treat your opposable digit well. My dirty imagination has been providing technicolor details since I was 12, so don’t sweat the shading. Been a follower since 2005, and binge-read the archives as soon as I found the strip, and while the artwork has evolved, I still enjoy the early days as much as the current. Rest up, heal up, and keep faith in your fan base.

    Zar Belk!

  • Brasspounder

    Take care, heal quickly, and continued thanks for all that you do. A hot cuppa joe and DBD are essentials in my morning jumpstart routine.

  • Doggo

    Get better soon. Not for us, but for yourself. While we love the art, you truly excel at making politics and relationships simple. That’s why we come back every day. We can find pics (even well-shaded ones) all over the interwebs, but simplified politics…that’s a gift.

  • Unca Walt

    HAH! I just got the cast-thing offa my hand yestiddy… came home and fixed a busted toy that will be given to autistic kids. With a screwdriver. And how does one use a screwdriver? Well, if you are a thoughtless idjit, you USE THE PALM OF YOUR HAND TO PUSH THE TOOL FIRMLY INTO THE SCREW HEAD…

    …thereby splitting open the surgical incision. Gawd. No excuse.

    Please be more careful than your Unca Walt, okay?

    • MommaMackie

      My sympathies, Unca Walt! I’m starring at two scars of that type on my hand and they still hurt like Hades! Now go get stitched again. And please be careful next time.

    • Pamela

      Unca Watt! So how many more days will you be CasRept’d

  • Unca Walt

    The sooper embarrassing part is that I gotta go back to the tailor (surgeon) and get it re-sewed. Crikey.

  • DonS

    LOTM, did you just call Chris a TOOL?!!! LOL!

    Chris, no more pickup B-ball games for you… we need you healthy and your girls shady… I love me some shady girls! Especially the way you shade the girls’ girls…
    I’ll be in the shower.

  • Spin Drift

    One of my Brothers from another Mother’s spouse just lost her battle with cancer yesterday. For him it’s been a day of memories as yesterday is different than today. The funny thing is you get to pick some of your family and some you don’t and the ones you pick are usually the keepers over the ones you can’t.

    War Damn Cancer

    • Pamela

      Family by Choice instead of blood.
      I count my blessings for having each one in my life.
      My condolences Spin.

      • Spin Drift

        Having been through the cancer battle on my side of the fence, it is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. To see a loved one consumed by a hideous disease and just have to stand it like a man. My BFAM and I both married strong smart women from each end of the political spectrum. I just feel for him and his son and daughter. It’s the quiet times filled with memories and recollections that are the hardest.

        Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…

        • Ozymandias

          I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy either.. it’s God-awful. I hope God helps you find peace and comfort.

  • leelu

    No shading, eh? Perhaps, some sort of a ‘film noir-ish’ story in the interim??

    Do get well, soon!

  • Pamela

    I see that while Zed is walking down memory lane is he providing a wonderful “triggering” episode with his manspreading. Coolness.

    If your thumb does not improve in the next few days, get your butt and thumb to the doctor. I waited to get treatment and that put me behind the 8 ball. I lost out on two jobs because I could not use my hand.
    Please be careful Chris. You are a National Treasure.

  • Craig Thomas

    If you’re not doing it, ice is your friend. I am a professional in the area.

  • MommaMackie

    Been flying on one wing (post op) myself for a month. PT is uncomfortable and exercising at home sucks. Please take good care of that paw. I know how much it can hurt.

  • JoAnn

    Why not cut paste and post some of the original drawings of the characters with new word bubbles describing to the girls their parents history? Your art has improved so much since the start, it will be fun to see and compare. Memories always look different than reality, right? I didn’t remember my home being that small when I went to see it after 35 years… This way you can save your thumb for a little while while still keeping up with things.

  • Kristophr

    Next time you punch an SJW, keep your fist properly closed.

  • Barbara Skolaut

    Ouch! Hope you’re better soon.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    Several days of the girls lying on their backs, working on all-over tans, and napping in the sun.

    No dialog. No shadows. Just pretty girls.

    Let the guys sit out for a bit. Otherwise you’d have to draw shading for flagpoles. 😉

    • Fox2!

      All eight four of the girls.

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