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  • Fox2!

    Should have seen this coming from yesterday’s …. dare we call it foreplay?

  • JTC

    The claws on the butt and back…

    Hurts so good!

    • Pamela

      First aid kit in nearby for any scratches.

    • PaulS

      The best kind of DNA collection in both directions, and willingly. 😉

      • pyrodice

        DNA collection is ALSO the oldest profession.

    • shooter 2.5

      Those are the yellow straps from the masks.

  • Kafiroon

    I suppose I would be told by wonderful wife unit that I can’t wear my double canister deadly gas mask either. AND we are far closer that 6 feet, so too bad.

  • John M.

    Couldn’t figure out what she was holding for a second… as noted in the comments yesterday, by this time in their relationship, whatever one has the other has also, so they don’t need masks or other mood-breakers.

    When my nieces were in their teens, one of them asked my dad what he and grandma wore for safe sex. He sat there in open-mouthed shock for about five minutes, then held up his left hand with the simple gold band on the third finger, pointed to it with his right hand, and said “This, and fidelity.”

    • Browncoat

      Excellent! Worked for me for 32 years… Would that the world would follow suit.

  • WayneM

    Whilst hunting & gathering at the local grocery store, I was surprised by the number of customers milling about with masks either dangling under their chins, pushed below their noses or held in one hand with the ubiquitous smart phone in the other hand.

    I thought to myself (not for the first time) the phones were smarter than the people using them.

    Much of this pandemic seems to be a “made for media” event as they enthusiastically report on the deaths and try to find ways to call Trump racist, xenophobic or insensitive for calling it a Chinese virus since, after all, it is a Chinese virus but you’re not supposed to come out and say such things.

    Wash your hands, folks… this is going to be a hellava ride…

    • Bill G

      CCP Virus seems to be the best name, to me. Chinese Communist Party Virus. We’re being fed scenarios of worst-case disaster based on theory, but theory also says that if the CCP had acted three weeks earlier, 95% of this would not be happening.
      And of course, if it weren’t for the CCP’s economic methods, that Wuhan market area wouldn’t have had to be hunting strange animals to try to get protein for the people.

      • Old Codger

        if it weren’t for the CCP’s economic methods, that Wuhan market area wouldn’t have had to be hunting strange animals to try to get protein for the people.

        Ah, no. From what I’ve read, the Chinese LIKE wild meat; always have. Apparently, there’s always been a wild game section in every Chinese market. In fact the central government there would likely face stiff opposition if they tried to close them down.

        • John

          I for one am skeptical of the wild meat market assertion with a bio-weapons research facility only a few hundred meters away.
          Not to mention a not inconsiderable demand for the CCP to “lose” a few million senior citizens for the sake of economy.

  • What ca. I say…. Ride em, Cowboy! yeee-HAAW!!! got yer spurs on? Better traction, but hell on the sheets….

  • Pete231

    To prevent fallout, one should re-insert tool and utilize shorter operational strokes……

    • Pamela

      You forgot rotate

  • Bill G

    the masks are coming off, all right. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and tyrants gotta tyrannize. Also, communist sympathizers gotta sympathize. I love that reporter asking what the President thought of people coming to his briefing and parroting Chinese Communist propaganda.

  • Special_Ed

    Nine months from now begins a new group of offspring,

    …designated as “coronials”

    • OH Bridge Guy

      Thirteen years after that, we can call them “quarantine-teens”

      • OH Bridge Guy


        Thanks, auto-correct…

    • WayneM

      How about “the Wuhan Clan”?

  • DogByte6RER

    Heh … Unsafe Sex = No N95

    Well … I think it is perfectly safe as long as it’s just all in the family.

    And yes … the ChiComs OWN this virus. #CCPVirus and #WuhanVirus19 ought to be the norms.

    Check out a great op-ed at:

    In the meantime, due to hundreds of millions in self-isolation, I’m sure we’ll all be living a bit more vicariously via this DBD ‘toon saga.

    Wishing all here a Happy and Prosperous Quarantine Season!

    • Too Tall

      Wuhanic Plague.

      Make this epic and historic and hang it around the Chicoms’ necks for eternity.

      The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight incompetently scored the most devastating Own Goal of all time researching ways to kill off other nations and their own excess population.

      Word is they are building a massive statue to Jim Marshall of the Minnesota Vikings in downtown Beijing because at least the Vikings hung on to win the game.

  • TreHammer

    “Masked Ball”……I see what you did there

  • JTC

    A “masked ball” is no ball at all.

  • Pamela

    Is Sam telling Zed he needs to wear both masks to be safe…

  • Halley

    Their’s is the best response to the current attempt to take down the economy before the election. Then, back to work.

    • interventor

      Like him, I don’t believe the virus was deliberately released. Its a killer, but not something designed to kill millions. The Bio-Safety Hazard lab was inspected by outsiders and labeled a level 3, at best. The virus may have escaped thru neglect,or the sell of lab animals to the market. The wild meat/seafood markets are nightmares concerning sanitation.

  • One cannot practice “social distancing” when dancing the dance with no steps.


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