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  • H_B


  • JSStryker

    Let’s hope this run down that road is less eventful than the last time!

  • Spin Drift

    With as close as she is sitting in the cab, isn’t the shifter in the way?

    Don’t Hurst me Baby!

    • nadadhimmi

      It just…..disappeared.

    • PaulS

      Three on the tree baby!
      Bench seats, it’s what keeps a couple close. 🙂

      • JTC

        Fifties pickups mostly have benches but a lot also have a floor stick.

        They tend to be warm, knobby, and rather vibratory, so that could ‘splain Sam’s positioning.

  • JTC

    mach weiter so, bitches.

    • CAPT Mike

      Wieder, velleicht?

      • JTC

        Just a play on the quirks of krautspeak, from Chris’s “go on” apparently directed at Trump/1A to my taunt/warning “keep it up” directed at those who would silence him and us, the bitches.

  • I saw what you did there, Chris. Nicely done.

  • B Woodman

    (sigh) My wife has gotten after me more times than I can count, for trying to second guess what she’s going to say next, and getting it wrong. She speaks slowly, and has trouble sometimes finding the proper words. (sigh) Oh, well, must learn patience.

    • Stu Mulne

      Just the opposite here…. I tend to speak slowly while marshaling my thoughts to get a good concise answer that I’ll probably have to repeat a few times. The wife, meantime, tries to jump in and finish my sentence, without marshaling (or necessarily understanding) what I was trying to say. Wheee…..

      She also tends to try to use “big words” (or more “literary” words) and often doesn’t really understand them. It’s hard not to laugh…. For example, “putative” (“well, we’re not sure, but we’ll run with this for now”) v.s. “certain”.

      I’m seven years older than she is – still a little bit of patience….

      • JTC

        My early-40’s eldest daughter is smart, but tends to convert her stream-of-thought to stream-of-speech, often finishing my wife’s thoughtful, halting manner of speaking and trying to do that with my steady but slow statements.

        She does this mostly so she can hurry up and start speaking again herself, but of course it actually slows things down as my wife stops, says no, not that but this…while I being more deliberate and more baritone, just keep talking until I’m done, talking over daughter’s interjections.

        It’s irritating, and for my wife frustrating, but daughter is getting better at waiting, realizing that will actually let her get back to her own chatter faster.

      • Old Codger

        Stu, I am in the same boat. My wife of nearly 44 years is always jumping in and “finishing” my sentences. The problem is, she’s almost never correct. Don’t know about you, Stu, but it aggravates the living CRAP outta me! I think I’d rather spend half an hour in a room full of Siamese cats sharpening their claws on a slate blackboard and singing at the top of their lungs as only a Siamese can than have her “finish” my sentence for me.

        Personally, I believe that such behavior evinces a lack of respect for the one speaking. Respect and simple courtesy would dictate waiting until someone had clearly completed their thought before speaking. It might be useful to “remind” the person interrupting that when The Creator equipped us with TWO ears and but a SINGLE mouth he was implying something about the frequency of use to which we ought to put each part.

        • Old Codger

          One other thought. I, for one would TRULY like to know what Sam was going to say. I don’t believe we ever were privy to her thoughts on the matter.

          • JTC


            There ya go, Sam.

      • Swansonic

        Occasionally I’ll my wife and in-laws that there are no points awarded for correctly guessing what I am going to say.

        Also interesting is how they react when somebody does the guessing game to them…..

  • B Woodman

    As for the MoveOn, BLM, and all those collectivist FSAs that shut down the Trump speech in Shit-cago. They got away with it once. It will be interesting to see the results when (not if) they attempt that same stunt again.

    • interventor

      With Rahm in charge, expect same results.

      • B Woodman

        I was thinking in a different venue, NOT Shit-cago.

  • eon

    I was going to say “typical”. Fascists of any stripe only have one “argument”;

    Obey Me Or Die.

    clear ether


  • Sam will figure out the proper term. Until then, this may be prophetic.

  • pete231

    Imagine the Leftards in control of Saudi Arabia – In six months there’d be a shortage of sand……

    • NotYetInACamp

      And oil production.

      Example: Venezuela.

      Leftists have reduced production of everything in Venezuela except blame and excuses. They call the producers thieves and plunderers. Yet they kill all efficiency and production by regulations and confiscations. At least a toilet paper shortage would not have as big of an effect in Saud.
      Then they have a judicial coup against the 2/3 majority that won the legislature. Final reports not yet resolved.

      • B Woodman

        Not too sure that they use TP over in Saudi. At least not that I ever saw. ‘Course, I never got to go anywhere outside of American compounds during the one year I was there.
        But there are stories that that’s why they only greet with their right hand, because the left hand is used for “wiping”.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The traitor and criminal against humanity Geioorge Soros was protected by a Catholic family in Budapest Hungary. Hungary, where my mother’s parents are from. Magyar. My tribe. We have been fighting Muslims for a millennium.
    I fought the Chicago scum Bill Ayers and defeated him in word combat.
    My Great Uncle max, awarded the Iron Cross in WW1, spoke against Hitler in Germany and was almost arrested. Just prior to WW2 he spoke at Madison Square Garden to a meeting of 5000 sponsored by the German American Bund.
    His mother was very shorthly after throw in jail in Germany.
    Real words and actions have consequences.
    We are at war.
    Hijrah continues.
    Clogging the country with dead weight continues.
    Taking advantage of our goodness continues.
    The plans of many enemies of this nation that have been publicly available for decades continue.
    Soros continues the same activity he has used to take down many nations already.
    We are people. We can fall for such tactics as the Nazi collaborator Soros and his allies use. We must be better and stronger.
    Nice woman.
    Nice truck.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Keep up the good work!

    • NotYetInACamp

      Get on with it!

  • Bill G

    Mach weiter so, nummer ein. But this isn’t a science fiction TV show, it’s liberal fascism in full bloom live on the news.

  • KathyP

    What, no seat belt? Let’s hope no wetbacks cross the road again. That was one rollover too many.

    • Unca Walt

      She is too precious to be without a seatbelt when the vehicle is moving.

      Stop the truck, Zed.


      • noncom

        Is it possible to perform orally and wear a seat belt at the same time?….

    • Old Codger

      It was not mandatory for vehicles (except school buses) to be equipped with seatbelts until 1 Jan, 1968. If that truck is older than that then it probably doesn’t have them.

      For the record I use seatbelts religiously but do not agree with making their use mandatory under law. I prefer to go the way Europe used to be. (Don’t know about now days but suspect they have made it almost a capital offense not to use belts) At one time, while the law did not mandate seatbelt use, it was considered contributory negligence if you got into a collision and weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Essentially, if you had a wreck and weren’t belted in then your insurance coverage was null and void. The theory was that you had not done all you could to minimize your own injuries and maximize your potential to remain in control of your vehicle. I like that approach.

      • PaulS

        Much less cause the inconvenience of the first responders having to search for your carcass.

  • JTC

    Sam playing Trumpet and Zed channeling leftard “victoryspeak”? Ugh.

  • RooftopVoter

    Looking like a very good day in Illinois, listening right now as people are saying who they voted for, very heavy turnout at least in Chicago, but so far seems to be turning out heavily for Trump.

    Lots of comments about how the protest helped them decide for Trump. Most saying if everyone in politics hates him that much, must be something there…… I agree.

  • JTC

    While I understand the dangers of an open primary, I gotta mention it is frustrating as hell as a registered “I” to have no say in fla today.

    • Old Codger

      Here in Texas, we just declare at the time we vote in the primary. I once voted in a Dhimmicrat primary to try and help a lawyer I knew get on the ballot for District Attorney. Alas, it was for naught. He’d have made a damned good one. Hellova lot better’n the Dem who won both the primary and the general (really no reason for a Republican to run for most offices around here; the Dems have local races pretty much sewed up tight) We DO have a Repub County Sheriff, though. Former USAF 2-star General. From what I hear, the morale among the Sheriff’s deputies took a huge jump right after she took office. apparently, things in the county jail took a 180 degree turn for the better as well. I’m glad. Had occasion to drive down the street behind county lockup once. Not exactly sure what they need with a “sally port” but they damned well have one.

      • JTC

        Open primary in TX…that’s good but really opens things up to skullduggery at the hands of “professional organizers” as has been proven in places like, oh, Chitown f’rinstance.

  • JBubba57

    JTC, you had time to change your affiliation in order to vote for or against anyone you wanted. You could have changed back to I before the general election. I switched from R to D when I moved to a northern city so that I could have SOME say in the elections (2/3 of county registered D there), and was going to register R when I moved to FL, but that was when Hillary was running the first time, and I wanted to vote against her, so I registered D and voted for Al Sharpton (seemed like the only one telling the truth among his group, and no chance of winning in the Fall, to boot). And I wanted to vote against Janet El Reno in state elections then, but it looked like her opponent in her primary was going to be tougher for the R to beat in the general, so I actually voted for her to help the R in the general. It worked. “I” might make you feel good about your principles, but it does sideline you early on. Just food for thought.

    • JTC

      JBubba, thanks for the input, but of course the manipulations you describe engaging in is precisely the reason for closed primaries, although I think a semi-closed model would be ideal since it would allow non-aligned voters (and who the hell feels “aligned” with either D’s or R’s these days?), to choose. Of course then everybody would be an I.

      And note that “principles” are not so much about feeling good as they are about, you know, having principles, which lately just does not allow me to toe the line of the GOPe, or God forbid that of what has become of my father’s Democrats.

  • Pamela

    Wonder if doing to all the miscreants in frame one what my Vet did to one of my male cats would work in shutting them up?
    Plus we could charge them for the service.

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