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  • WayneM

    It does beg the question… if Trump gets the nomination, how many apprentices will he fire before the Donald finds the ultimate VP?

  • Spin Drift

    Marco suspends, finally. It’s down to a two horse race. Will the cheese eating surrender monkeys finally back the devil they know versus the devil they don’t?

    War Damn Eagle

    • SteveInCO

      Nope. I expect the establishment to now push Kasich. They’ll probably be happy about that, he is even more of a RINO.

      • H_B

        The only support he’ll get is as a spoiler. Kasich literally has no mathematical path to the nomination now; there aren’t enough unpledged delegates left.

  • JTC

    Been sayin’ Trump/Cruz for months, but it’s not his scattergun skills but his scattermouth problem than puts Ted’s veep chances and ultimately his shot at the big chair at risk.

    Zed has a co-alpha?

    • interventor

      And, a chance to be governor.

    • Eight years of a successful businessman and patriot who understands economics, to turn this nation around. Followed by eight years of a constitutionalist, who spent the previous eight training for the job, to build on Trump’s success.
      We can only dream.

      • RooftopVoter

        Peter, Amen brother, AMEN.

    • RooftopVoter

      If you thin Sam ain’t Alpha, you ain’t been reading it right.

      Trump/Cruz would work out fantastically as Petercat posts….. And the best thing is no RINO to screw it up after a good run like we did with Reagan/Bush.

      • SteveInCO

        Except that Trump is the RINO. Have you looked into his past? He wasn’t all that conservative just a few years ago.

        • Steve,
          I have read all of his books, going back 20 years or so, and the man is remarkably consistent in his patriotism, his respect for the military and law enforcement, and other qualities that I want in a president.
          Trump has a history of hiring the best advisors that he can find, and listening to them.
          He does this without regarding race, sex, national origin or politics.
          One of the reasons that he is a success is that the people working for him are successful.

      • JTC

        RV, typically there can be only one alpha in a group or family, and that is decidedly Zed in this case. Same has many alpha attributes, and in another group she likely would be *the* alpha. Beta is not a bad thing to be in a relationship, and it is possible for each partner to have attributes and tendencies of both alpha and beta. Here’s a pretty good breakdown of what I’m saying, without the typical psychobabble:

        In the Zed/Sam world, Zed is the alpha, and Sam would agree.

        • JTC

          *Sam* has many…

        • doc

          Packs have both Alpha males and females, typically paired up together.

          • JTC

            doc, not commonly, read the link for the facts.

        • interventor

          Wolf packs have an Alpha male and female. They lead the pack and mate.

          • JTC

            Those wolves, like our couple here, are actually families. Much of the dogma, as it were, on packs featuring a natural alpha of either or both sexes, is debunked by the guy who popularized it.
            And humans being gifted from God with self-determination rather than only instinct, are much more complex in their roles. Again, Sam’s awesome attributes and abilities are within her power and control; everything I “know” about that couple says they operate as a formidable team, but when it counts, she subordinates, by choice.

  • Spin Drift

    And the Ruger is American made!

    Puuulllll my finger!

  • JTC

    “And the Ruger is American made!”

    Too bad Ted ain’t. 🙂

    (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    • Spin Drift

      Ted is according to legal precedent.


      • Born in a foreign land to an American (?) mother, not on military/government duty overseas. The original precedent was that, just that. TWO American parents deployed. She, I understand, was in the process of becoming a Canadian. Father had not even become a Canadian, much less be in the process even of becoming an American. The original definition of NBC was to prevent any potential conflict of interest. Although none of the Founders were either, and they just wanted this to be a nation of their own. Sigh. Is he one of “The Founders”? Or a “Trojan Horse”?

        • Spin Drift

          Ted gets his NBC through his mother even though he was born in Canada. McCain is allowed to be President under the same set of laws even though he was born in Panama. George Romney also meets the qualification through this law.

          It also works for Barry S. though having an Indonesian passport should have made him ineligible as you lose citizenship when you profess fealty to a foreign government. Now B.S. held the foreign passport as a child but could have reinstated his US citizenship if he had turned the passport into the Feds when he reached his majority. He did not do this so he should never have been sworn in.


          • interventor

            The US allows dual citizenship. The only ways a person loses to voluntarily give it up at a US consulate or commit treason.

  • Pamela

    Two Alpha males (one with bad hair) going toe to toe.
    Who would the Hildabeast want to geld?

    • Kafiroon


      • Pamela

        That’s true. Would she serve them with a fine Chianti?

        • B Woodman

          Don’t forget the fava beans.

          • Old Codger

            What are fava beans? Chianti I know about but fava beans?

          • B Woodman

            Fava beans, as far as I know (or have been told), are a variety of lima bean.
            If you’ve ever seen the movie “Silence of the Lambs” w/ Anthony Hopkins (as a cannibal), he refers to serving a “meal” with a fine Chianti and fava beans.

    • Ed Woods


  • Morgul Lord

    More likely Trump/ Kasich, assuming he goes into his field of competitors.

  • interventor

    Trump’s hair is his own. Had people tug on it to prove it. Probably grows it long, then does a comb back after blow drying.

      • Pamela

        I would not want to wake up to that every morning.
        Probably start of with how many deals he’s going to make that day.

        • H_B

          The image is a Dragonball Z reference.

    • Old Codger

      “grows it long, then does a comb back after blow drying.”

      Plus the application of a shit load of industrial strength hair spray. Saw a closeup of him in HD t’other day. Looked like it was set with epoxy! I bet he could stand in the jetwash of a late model 747 (as per Myth Busters) at full throttle and not a hair would be out of place.

      And, no, his hair isn’t why I will not vote for him.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Now if someone will leave Kasich in a small room alone with a loaded revolver and convince him to do the right thing…..

    • He would probably miss. Give him a shotgun with a lollypop jammed in the muzzle.

      • B Woodman

        There’s a saying for that, “Why don’t you suck start a shotgun?”

        • Pamela

          Easier to do that with a Harley

  • B Woodman

    So, now that Rube has quit, who gets his caucus delegates? Does The Rube have to tell them which candidate to go to, or are they free agents, up for grabs at the convention?

    • JTC

      Got a sick feeling that *all* the delegates will be up for grabs or sale at this convention…it’s gonna get ugly.

      • H_B

        Forewarned is forearmed.

        Note that that only applies after the first ballot though. If Trump sews it up before the convention, they have nothing left to do but whine.

        And on that note: Kasich literally cannot win now with the remaining number of unpledged delegates – yet he’s still in the race. (Someone gave him the super-secret handshake and told him he’d fer-sure be everybody’s favorite compromise candidate at the convention? I dunno.) Cruz must win approximately 75% of remaining delegates to clinch the nomination – including in New York and California. Trump just has to keep doing as well as he’s been doing.

        • SteveInCO

          I think his goal is not to win, so much as to ensure that trump doesn’t have a majority going in.

    • interventor

      All suspended candidates’ delegates are usually released to vote as they please.

      • H_B

        They’re free to vote as they please if the candidate drops out. If they “suspend” their campaign (which is what everyone has done so far) then technically they are still bound to vote for that candidate.

        • Old Codger

          Thanx. I wondered why they didn’t just drop out. Course some of ’em don’t have more’n a couple of delegates anyhow. But you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be wrangling for some sort of concession for throwing those couple of delegates somebody’s way.

          BTW, I genuinely expect rioting in the streets by the trumpettes if he doesn’t get the nod. Those people are seriously committed. (a whole bunch of ’em OUGHT to be, anyhow)

          • H_B

            Good to know you’re so acutely aware of how far beneath you those sub-humans are.

          • JTC

            If you’re gonna prep for riots in the streets, plan for Nov., after DT wins the big one. It’ll be kind of funny/ironic/tragic to see the strange streetfellows participating.

            I have no illusions or even hopes that this will be easy.

          • Kafiroon

            First off; No. I am Not a “trumpettes”. But I also will be totally POed. if he goes through the whole process, jumps through all the hoops the oligarchy has set up, wins it all and is not given the nomination.
            That simply will mean there is absolutely No reason for us to even have any kind of voting or elections as the oligarchy has made it’s choice and we are just lackeys that should shut up and bow down. Same as bend over.

        • interventor

          Can’t agree, saw a lawyer discussing it from FEC. Candidates suspend rather than end campaigns so they can still.accept donations.

  • LifeofTheMind

    Time to lay down a marker and predict that if Trump gets the nomination he will choose Jim Webb as his VP. Not only do they have compatible positions and appeal to the same base but Webb would play well with the Bernie Democrats, as Trump does. Webb is also crazy enough to provide impeachment insurance, which is now part of the job description.

    Cruz if he got it has a few possible choices. Unfortunately many of them are old like Rudy Giuliani or he could try a governor or Carly Fiorina . If Rubio had dropped out earlier he would have made a good number two for Cruz, and it would have made Cruz the more likely nominee. Cruz cannot team up with another Texan though, that’s in the Constitution.

    • H_B

      I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Trump pulled out a Dark Horse that no one’s ever heard of. His schtick has been that politicians don’t know what they are doing and there are many competent people in the professional world that could be tapped to do their jobs. He also travels in different circles than the professional pols. It would fit if he drew out someone he knew and trusted from the business scene. Doing so also would avoid tarnishing his “outsider” credentials.

      If he does go for a known “politician”, Carson (whom is why politician is in quotes) and Palin have been doing the best as surrogates on the stump. Carson has already said that he will have a place in the Trump administration but will not be the VP nominee. Palin would double-down on the Conservative label, but has strong revulsion from some of the “Reagan Democrats” Trump is (successfully) courting.

  • trump needs to pick someone who is everything he isn’t. someone southern, preferably african-american or hispanic, with genuine military experience, as well as legislative experience.

    the person I’m thinking of who fits all of that criteria is Allen West. and no, it’s not because we share a first name either…

    • Allen West would absolutely rock as VP. Or SecDef. Or SecState. Ted, hmmm. AG?

      • Old Codger

        Cruz as AGUS. Not a bad idea. But I’m selfish. If I can’t have him as POTUS then I would have him working for ME in the senate. If The Donald picks a running mate the same way Bush Sr did, (remember J. Danforth Quayle?) he’ll decrease the likelihood he’ll be assassinated.

        I’d really rather Cruz not be AGUS. The DoiJ is so packed with career leftists now that whoever was tapped (should Hillary not “win”) would be frustrated out of his mind.

        • B Woodman

          If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong), most people in the DOiJ serve “at will”, and can be let go (fired) for any reason, or no reason. It’s typical for a new/change of administration to “let go” all the lawyers and major players from the previous administration. Usually the staff already have their resignation letters pre-typed, with blanks for the date and signature.
          Remember when Bush II let go of all Clintoon’s lawyers, the Left had a howling FIT that “he can’t do that!” Ummm. . . yes he can, and he did.
          But when O’Bozo let go of even MORE of Bush IIs lawyers. . . . (chirp. . .chirp. . . chirp)

          • interventor

            About 93 are political appointees. The rest are careerist civil.servants.

        • steveb919

          Tray Gowdy would be a fine AGUS.

    • H_B

      Ooooh, interesting idea.

  • Blue Quasar

    Trump is far more likely to choose Hillary as his VP than Cruz.

    • GWB

      Now *that* would upset the apple cart! (And isn’t as far-out as it initially sounds.)

    • Pamela

      He’d better hire a food taster if he pulls that stupid move.
      Her the deciding vote on the Senate. Not a good thing.

      • eon

        Even The One wasn’t insane enough to put that kind of temptation in front of Lady MacBeth.

        However, I could see the news media and the GOPe demanding that Trump “return to the original Constitutionalist position”- which was that in the general election, the losing candidate for POTUS served as VOTUS.

        Which would give them Hillary! one heartbeat away from Absolute Power, Unlimited Rice Pudding, and of course Total Destruction and Revolutionary Vengeance on all “non-forward-thinking people”.

        (Kansas and Israel get nuked ten seconds after that “heartbeat” stops- for whatever reason.)

        They don’t care that Hillary! is a crazy b!tch. All they care about is that she’ll keep things going the way they are.

        She’s the GOPe “ace in the hole” to control Trump.

        They really don’t care who she wants erased, as long as it isn’t them.

        This will be a weird election, whoever wins. The succeeding decade will be even weirder.

        Who wins will determine if we survive that decade.

        clear ether


  • herdgadfly

    Ted Cruz is far too ethical to run with a crook and a liberal like Trump . . . even if Cruz was at the top of the ticket.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Interesting comments.
    I always knew that I was special. I suppose that being so far from the mean in the other direction from the “Special” people made me acutely aware of them and often able to communicate well with them. We both are deviations from normal. I suppose that my troglodyte status helped me getting advanced degrees and running businesses. But being empowered with many standard deviations away from normal is a handicap that I have born heavily. I do support someone who has succeeded in some of the endeavors I did not achieve the success I desired. He did pick who to trust better than I. I applaud his ability to solve problems and to see more of the people than those who look at them as serfs kept outside the walls and away from them. Like him, I solve problems. Dogma is not sacred if the problem can be solved and is worth solving.
    The best approach to helping to solve the situation confronting the USA is still put forward by one person. There is only one person now proposing efforts that should break the stranglehold foreign and enemy interests have over too many aspects of our nation.
    Every other candidate will continue the fundamental change that Obama and his allies have been forcing on the nation.
    Sometime right is crude. The non application and selective enforcement and abuse of laws over the past years has been more crude. The crimes our establishment administration have committed are horrific when viewed as results, rather than as discreet supposedly defensible orders.
    Being American is not a crime as the government has deemed.
    Nationalism has been deemed criminal in Western Civilization by Leftist socialist ‘rulers.’
    It is time to leave people like the Clinton’s and Bush’s in the past, though the power supporting them will always return. Who is Neil Bush handling campaign financing for these days?
    Who will defend the nation by applying law at the borders and withing the borders. We have been invaded by forces desiring to destroy us. They often rely on our goodness to destroy us. Applying law to end that will be seen as harsh.
    It is time to empower people’s decisions and holding them responsible for such decisions.
    Names will be cast at someone who does not continue the destruction of this nation, and who does not continue the enrichment of just the few as the current establishment and rulers are committed to continuing.
    We are not electing our pastor. Nor are we selecting someone to continue our enslavement.
    Only one person has been asserting what Americans really support.
    Expect all sorts of devious attacks and baseless assertions to be made to prevent this repudiation of the status quo, and the assertion of what America has been and should be.
    I also checked out the county election office and followed the ballots last night. Everyone should have hobbies. There is hope.

    • H_B

      Good post.

      This: “Who is Neil Bush handling campaign financing for these days?” was a rhetorical question. But for anyone who doesn’t know the answer to that, George W Bush’s “Savings & Loan Scandal” brother is now on the finance team for Ted Cruz.

  • James

    Best ticket: Trump/Gingrich. Newt has gravitas, is well connected, knows all about the legislative process, has been Speaker of the House, is a senior statesman, an excellent writer, a historian, and acknowledged conservative. He will calm the twitchy conservatives and unite the party. Ted Cruz? He should be put up to take Scalia’s place on the Supreme Court.

    • Oh, damn. I forgot about Newt. Yeah, put him on the Supreme Court! Maybe Cruz later. He might turn down a VP slot, but he would never turn down a SC gig!

    • Old Codger

      James wrote: ” Newt has gravitas”

      Are you making a fat joke? Are you implying Newtie is overweight? Ok, so his trousers do come from portly rack. He’s still a good guy. And his (with Bill Forstchen) alternate history novel is a hellova good read.

      Ok, so I know what “gravitas” means. 😉

  • NotYetInACamp

    Alpha wife
    Alpha husband

    What could go wrong?

    What could go right? Ah! There’s the reward.

  • idahobob

    Cruz shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court………it should be Andrew Napolitano.


    • Well, President Trump will probably have more than one seat to fill.

  • What a discussion! I hope that Trump turns out to be at least half the patriot he professes to be, and that HIllary and Bernie find a happy home at the retired socialists shady rest home commune. The one with bars and barbed wire around it.

    • Pete in NC

      Dread, from your lips (keyboard?) to G_d’s ear…

  • Bandito

    Trump/McClintock. McClintock is the great statesman of our time and would keep Trump grounded (and one could say that Trump would be the apprentice).

  • JTC

    One of the best essays on the attempted hijack of the nomination, by the smartest black dude on the planet since Sowell sold out.

    If DT wanted an unknown who can deliver blistering oratory, has amazing insight and understanding of the establishment process, and the excellent benefits of demographics, convictions and beliefs he oughta check out Mr. Massie…and so should you guys; read through some of his archives and you will be impressed.

    • JTC

      Chris, just realized linking somebody else’s site could be taken wrong by you, not my intention at all…this post and this guy though, are very germane to the thread. Sorry if I stepped on yer toes.

      • Unca Walt

        Whatsa Germans got to do with it?

        • H_B

          Whaddaya whaddaya? Don’t you know? You never want Germans in your house! ‘Terrible to live with. The Hun is the lowest form of roomer.

          • Pah. Had a German girl living with us as an au par when I was stationed there. Wonderful person. Great with our daughter.

          • H_B

            Wow, a weapons-grade pun and you missed it.

  • steveb919

    Voted for Trump yesterday in Florida. The ballet I got from the Republican party had to have had at least 20 names with Rubio on top of the list and Trump at the very bottom.

  • John Greer

    My nightmare is that if Trump loses the nomination he will bolt the Party and run as an independent thus splitting the Republican vote.
    If that happens, Clinton will win the election.
    Which may have been Trump’s strategy all along.
    If that is true and by some miracle Sanders is nominated, Trump will quit.

    • H_B

      And yet, it is the Republican powers-that-be that are now talking about an “independent” run if Trump is nominated (as is increasingly likely).

      If Bernie is nominated (most likely in the scenario that the FBI indicts Hillary), then there will be a change in the political winds fast enough to rip your eyebrows off. Then both of the candidates will be anti-status quo iconoclasts, but one of them will be a communist. The GOP will start sucking up to Trump so fast that people will even forget the word “dignity” exists.

      • JTC

        ” it is the Republican powers-that-be that are now talking about an “independent” run if Trump is nominated”

        Yup. And it could be that has been *their* strategy all along, keep the status quo, their cushy “jobs”, country club memberships, etc.

        There ain’t gonna be no Hillz indictment, so it’ll be DT against it, it’ll be interesting to see just where the GOPe loyalty really lies.

        • H_B

          I’m skeptical of the scenario, but I’ve also heard a lot of people comment on what a hard-ass the current head of the FBI is. We’ll wait and see.

      • Old Codger

        No way cankles is indicted. People like her do NOT serve time. Especially a democrat when the Department of inJustice is arguably the most politicized in history. Nope. No way Hildabeast does time. Not in this world.

        But I’d truly love to have the name of the dealer for whatever it is you’re toking. Appears to be primo shit! 😉

  • JTC

    “Which may have been Trump’s strategy all along.”

    In that case I will send the mofo’s soul to God who will send it straight to B.Bub

  • Pamela

    Depending on your viewpoint of the remaining candidates, a trip into the Election Zone (cue scary music). Hildebeast gets elected. Dies from what ever neurological disorder is ailing her prior to the end of the year.
    The DNC gets her all done up like Evita Peron and Vladamir Lenin.
    Insists it is sworn in because it is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.
    Care to place odds on the color of the pantsuit for the swearing in?

  • Old Codger

    Anybody hear about Obozo’s nominee for Scalia’s replacement? He’s already indicated he’d be in favor of reversing McDonald. How long do you suppose it’ll be before they start no-knock raids to confiscate firearms? Can SCOTUS reverse an earlier ruling on its own recognizance or do they actually have to wait for a challenge to some existing statute before they can do so?

  • capn

    If you don’t mind that I say Be Careful what you post in public places JTC. Some folks might take your expression of ire and disgust as an actual “terroristic threat”.
    While I would gladly provide the necessary line for a necktie party or twenty I refrain from distinct particulars of my expressions of anger and disgust. I call it OpSec. YMMV

    While I don’t think that is his plan (Trumps) I would not be surprised by much the man does when it comes to gaining power and through power “Money”.

    I will be reserving judgement until the convention and the GOPe’s actual hand gets played. Then we shall dance or they will. Maybe.

    Remember Mike V’s sidebar statement about voting.
    A photo of an M1a with the caption “When Democracy Becomes Tyranny (Photo of M1a is here) I STILL get to vote.”
    http:/ /sipseystreetirregulars dot blogspot dot com/(remove spaces to activate)

    Got Ammo?

    • JTC

      All accomplished through prayer, capn…God has a special place for those who use His name to further their earthly goals, and for those who would mislead and toy with the loyalty and patriotism of ‘murcans.

      And do be aware that the “filters” are also programmed to pick up terms like tyranny and insurrection esp. if accompanied by illustrations such as that one at isi…a decade or four in the shooty biz makes you hyper aware of shit like that.

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