Day By Day


  • Merle

    sounds like the lingerie league….. 🙂

  • JTC

    These are not some you would like to see doing their thing in their skimpies…nor most especially those particular lips for which their team is named. (shudder).

    Give it a year or two? Be cool to jump ahead and see what we might see.

  • formwiz

    By then the LA Labia might be wiped out by the LA Libya.

    • GWB

      Run with this one, Chris.

      The Libyas committing all sorts of late hits, unsportsmanlike conduct, and the refs afraid to call the fouls. The Labias having to play in burqas (when they normally swish!). Then, for end-zone celebrations, the Libyas would throw Labias from the goal post (it is just a game after all, so no throwing them from the box seats until after the game).

      • Heath Jayman

        ^^ winner ^^

  • Calvin

    LA Labia….sigh*** why am I not surprised?

  • epilitimus

    Are they playing the SF Scrota or the Cleveland Clitorides?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Playing against the Tennessee Teats?

    • Old Codger

      Playing against the Tennessee Twats?

      Fixed it.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    The Green Bay Bitches

  • Pete 231

    How ’bout making the players all wear mons veneris helmets in October when puss pink is the mandatory shade for the teams acc. to the front office at nfl HQ ? I think the commish needs to work on those knee callouses. Time to line ’em up on the cliff face like the Romans did back when and every tenth man takes one step forward for the team………..

  • Old Codger

    Anybody figure it would increase attendance at games? I can just see 2 teams of Nathan Lanes, Harvey Fiersteins, and such in football pads?

    And what would they have for cheerleading squads? Two dozen drag queens?

    Can’t you just see the Dallass Cowboys?

  • WayneM

    Goodbye, NFL… and good riddance!

    Mind you, I might be biased because I’m a Canuck and know what real football looks like… ie: larger field, bigger balls and three downs…

    Anyone else find it odd how sports franchises are multi-million dollar businesses yet somehow always need to persuade their host cities (as in parasite/host) to pay for the sports facilities on the backs of the local tax slaves?

    • Bill G

      A lot of us complain about that, but the big-money owners talk to the politicians and get what they want, with much hoopla about the wonderful monetary spinoffs from having the franchise.
      The fact that such spinoffs never equal the original outlay are buried under ginned-up enthusiasm for the team.
      This is, of course, the same price paid by the peasants for hosting Olympic games.

      • GWB

        Most of the monetary spinoffs end up going directly into the pockets of the politicians.

    • Henry

      They don’t NEED to… it’s just that all those big-spending blue city governments are so promiscuous with their subjects’ money that it would just be stupid NOT to.

  • this is why I watch the puppy bowl every year.

    that, and they will never pick Weird Al as the halftime show.

  • Halley

    We should not ridicule the sincere efforts of concerned and highly intelligent genus-curious feminists to make the oppressive male patriarchy more gender-fluid.

    • JAK

      Huh? Oh! Yeah, what Halley said. Huh!? What?

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Be careful not to slip on those gender fluids.

  • Bill G

    So far, the Redskins have resisted PC pressure…to show contempt for gender PC pressure, might what’s-his-name make a change, and go from Redskins to Foreskins?

    • Paladin

      I figured that all the Redskins needed to do is change the profile of the noble Red-Man in to a peanut, and be dome with it.

  • Bill G

    And let’s recall that, all PC insanity aside, there is absolutely nothing wrong with paying lip service to labia.

    • Nudge nudge, wink wink. 😉

    • Deplorable B Woodman


  • MasterDiver

    You know, I’m starting to develop a real appreciation for World Cup Soccer.

    Zar Belk!

    • John D. Egbert

      Sorry. Just can’t get past the yawn factor. Soccer is the only game that can equal basketball for bo-o-o-o-o-r-r-r-r-ing . . .

      • gruundehn

        I understand one of the Manchester United players is up for a Best Actor Oscar, for pretending to be injured on a pretend foul.

    • Yeah, soccer seems less politicized. So far.

  • PaulS

    I heard Vince McMahon is thinking about bringing back the XFL. Don’t hire any of the America hating players, but strip off the others and it could be quite the coup. Genius!

  • I don’t understand why those idiots don’t just STFU, play their game, and take their paycheck. They have absolutely NOTHING to bitch about making that much money.

  • Heath Jayman

    WHY the discrimination against gangs? And social diseases? What is this, apartheid? Why no teams like the MS13 Maulers ? What a great matchup would be the Compton Crips vs the Houston Herpes!

    • Heath Jayman

      And the Washington Wankers vs the Tampa Tampons?

  • rambo

    cmblake6 “They have absolutely NOTHING to bitch about making that much money.”

    Except, quite probably, the vast shrinkage of that amount of money in the future! Here on Planet Earth we lalel that “consequences.” On Planet NFL, it has just about to be discovered.

  • GruntGI

    So this will be the first year every that I won’t watch the Super Bowl. Totally don’t care…not even for the awesome snacks the wife makes (most of the reason I watch). Which is sad, cuz I’ve watched them all since the days of the great Roger Staubach and the Dallas Cowboys. Roger was always my favorite player, coming from my Alma Mater.

    So, on that day, I guess it will either be:
    1) Band of Brothers
    2) American Sniper
    3) Lone Survivor
    4) Read old DBD and Redvolution cartoons.
    5) All of the above

    Sad, sad how the left has destroyed a great American pasttime. Hopefully college ball will stay outta this lunacy.

    • Halley

      The Battlestar Galactica series (2005 remake) might fit well in your viewing list, including some drool-worthy Cylons…

      • GruntGI

        OOOOHHHH, good call, Number 6 is damn hot.

    • armedandsafe

      I haven’t followed NFL for many years. I followed the Dallas Cowboys back in the day when a friend of mine from high school was playing for them. When Bob Lilly retired, I was no longer interested.

    • Heath Jayman

      # Grunt GI – don’t forget 13 Hours!

  • JTC


    “Sad, sad how the left has destroyed a great American pasttime.”

    Just one component along the path of destruction of all things built by, enjoyed by, and funded by real Americans, in their quest to destroy America itself of course.

    And so sadly but hilariously oblivious to the irony that they are killing off their own in the process…same as the metoo shit and other aptly named “movements”.

    “Hopefully college ball will stay outta this lunacy.”

    Please. Just a couple of Flarduh-related examples:

    FSU coach to TX A&M for $75M contract plus they’re giving him a half-BILLION dollar stadium reno. And a warning that better buy them a national championship by any means or else.

    Oregon coach bails on his contract after one year to head back to USF for $6M, setting the example for veracity and honor by bailing on the school AND his players with no notice.

    Think the players are being held to scholastic standards as they are recruited far and wide and without big $ hidden compensation…and that those player/thugs are not learning from all of those shining examples plus the ones from their idols in the bigs?

    Again, please. It is a breeding ground for what has happened to the NFL. And again, they have no clue of the irony that they are fast murdering that golden goose. The old saying is to follow the money, but they are too clueless even to realize they are following it right into an abyss of their own design.

    • GruntGI

      Yea, I know college ball is just the NFL minor league and it’s a money pit…and the players are hardly “Student-athletes”

      But I hope their coaches and alumni are smart enough to keep the stupid political stunts out of it.

      Yea, I know, probably not…

      AND yes, it hasn’t escaped me that the stupid owners think they’ve bought off the “woke” players and quieted the fans. I just hope the advertisers take them to the woodshed for the hundreds of millions in lost revenue from their stupidity.

      AND NO, I will not start watching soccer…oyyyyy

  • Pamela

    Are they wearing hot pink sequined Tutus, with their shoelaces cross wrapped up to their thighs….

  • steveb919

    Sure glad I only watch college football. Florida (Gaiters) And Auburn (Tigers).

  • Interventor


  • Evil Bunny

    Honestly, too late now.

    For the NFL to get me ‘back’ it will take them doing stuff I agree with for YEARS, THEN I’ll consider it (and no bad things).

    We’re cancelling DirecTV sunday ticket next year, not buying any more jerseys/etc.

    In our (wife+me) opinions F* them. We’ve moved past apathy to doing what we can ‘legally’ to hurt them.

    We’re done.

  • Shonkin

    Back during the Eighties, John Byner had a comedy show called Bizarre that ran on CTV in Canada and Showtime in the USA. In one of his sketches he was explaining the new pro football league, the GFL (“Gentleman’s Football League). Its teams included the Pittsburgh Prancers, the Los Angeles Lambs, and the San Francisco Sixty-Niners.

  • Delilah T.

    I like rugby. Soccer is okay, but rugby’s better.

    Otherwise, no comment. Haven’t watched pro fussballspielen in a very, very long time, mostly because it’s more boring than watching soap bubbles pop in the sink.