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  • Joheim

    well, just like most rodeos, we have to stay on the whole time to really “win”. I promise you most of us would prefer to ride the SO over the idiots trying to ruin this nation though, so least there is that to look forward to after we try to win another midterm election.
    Side note, wives are less then supportive of a rodeo timer hired to be in the bedroom to make sure it goes the full 8 seconds themselves. But they cant argue with a proper timing system result. That one may have to do until we can convert it to a quarter mile time, or 0-60 maybe.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Is Sam letting her hair grow out?
    It looks nice!

    • Chris Muir

      Hey,someone noticed! 🙂

      • WayneM

        Sam has hair? Wait… yes… yes, she does!!

      • Pamela

        Her hair is almost as long as mine

        • GWB

          There you go again, Pamela, getting us all hot and bothered. 🙂

  • Delilah T

    I have read that memo. I can’t copy the text, because it’s a pdf and poor me doesn’t have the copy/paste thing for Adobe, but I can send it to CM if he wants it.

    Basically, it confirms that The They lied their asses off to get what The They wanted because they were SO sure that Shrillary was going to be The Elected.

    Here’s some of the text: Steele was suspended and then terminated as an FBI source for what the FBI defines as the most serious of violations — an unauthorized disclosure to the media of his relationship with the FBI in an October 30, 2016, Mother Jones article by David Corn. Steele should have been terminated for his previous undisclosed contacts with Yajoo and other outlets in September – before the Page application was submitted to the FISC in October – but Steele improperly concealed from and lied to the FBI about those contacts.

    And I though Richard Nixon was bad. Frankly, they make Ol’ Tricky Dick look like an amateur and LBJ’s phone tapping crap (anyone remember that?) looks like the work of other amateurs.

    There is much more in that memo. Now the dumbocraps are scrambling to cover themselves by releasing their OWN response (another memo???), but not one bit of this should ever have happened in the first place. I know there are plenty of The Faithful who are in complete denial that any of it was wrong, but remember that today Nancy Pelosi said in public ‘This was another attempt to protect President Bush.’ (Or words to that effect.)

    While term limits for state congress critters are given to the states to decide, I think that maybe it’s time we started demanding that for every state. Yes, I know – it’s far too easy to get the corrupt idiots in place, but to remember that Maxine ‘the Hat’ Waters is going to jail for fraud.


    • Pamela

      Delilah- this lot makes LBJ look charitable for leaving our POW’s to rot over there so he wouldn’t have a recession while in office. The only thing they are interested in is keeping and expanding their power to make even more people enslaved and dependent for every crumb.

  • JTC

    Well to mix some 1700’s and 1800’s metaphors, I think this ride is well under way a good year now, the trail boss is showing some pretty amazing instincts and courage. Still got the King’s men and some pretty bad hombres ahead as we push through Death Valley…and we know they all fight dirty and some who claim to be with us will betray us. But if we make it through, face them down and kill them as needed it will all be worth it as we take back America from tyrants and savages for us and our heirs, like the authors of that document intended.

    And might I say, that is a fine trail riding outfit on that fine lady.

    • JTC

      Forgot to mention that 2010’s metaphor lurking on the plains…

      Would that we all had a dawg like that to watch our back 40.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Face me in a direction and point me to a target. I’m ready to wreck some havoc.

    • JTC

      DBW I was going to gently correct your vocab choice to “wreak”.

      But wrecking some havoc sounds pretty good too. 🙂

      • MasterDiver

        Now, why would you want to wreck a perfectly serviceable Havoc? We may need it to wreak on some other Libs later! ;-)>

        Zar Belk!

      • armedandsafe

        Same impulse and same decision was just made here. Old editor habits, doncha know. 😉

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Refresh my vocabulary.
        What is the other “wreck”?
        I knew there was another one, but couldn’t dredge it out of the pits. Thanks.

  • Heltau

    A small comment toward JTC, “Happy trails to us.”
    Thank you for your cartoons, they are Wunderbar.

  • I don’t think it was anywhere NEAR this bad last time around.

  • Graybeard

    Assuming charges are ever brought, its going to be very difficult to convict, if tried with a jury of ‘their peers’ in the courts around DC. Venue for trials must be moved west and out of the blue courts.

  • JAK

    I like this heren the best of all. Well maybe this and nekkid Sam facing away.

  • Paul Slash

    Why do I keep thinking, “A running knot in a lariat, and an oak tree?”

  • cz93x62

    Wreak/wreck, toMAYto/toMAHto. Apparatchiki are ALWAYS fair game. Long red hair……so lovely.

  • nonncom

    Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”….”Accuse them of what you do”, of which both hillery and barack were great fans of, and I would imagine schumer and a ton of other demos as well….

  • PaulS

    They will continue to do what they do, until they are punished for bad actions.

    A moral population requires no laws to govern itself; No laws can govern amoral populations.

    The amoral know what they deserve, and when the moral realize it is their duty to give it to them, all will work out.
    Thank you “The greatest generation” for showing how that is done, and can be done again.

  • Halley

    Wonder how many defense lawyers Choom The Smidgen has been consulting lately? OJ’s team, maybe?

    • MAJ Arkay

      Johnnie Cochran and Robert Kardashian are dead. F. Lee Bailey was disbarred. Alan Dershowitz keeps speaking out against the investigation against Trump. Carl E. Douglas specializes in police misconduct cases. Robert Shapiro now specialized in civil litigation and being a celebrity. That leaves Shawn Holley and Gerald Uelmen. Nah, I don’t think this would be BHO’s team.

  • JTPatriot

    Mr. Muir, I have to disagree with your initial statement. I do not believe the DNC paid “to fake a dossier” – I think Steele had a reputation for results and the DNC felt they were going to get something really juicy to use as an October Surprise. When you fork over that much money, you expect real results, not an easily-discredited pile of trash. It is my belief that either Steele was not the expert he was believed to be, or else Trump is so clean that there was literally nothing to find on him that was worthy of an October Surprise, which left Steele in a conundrum. He could either take the money and give them nothing worth releasing, or just compile every unsourced or barely-sourced rumor he could find.

    My own belief is that Trump is clean, outside of maybe a little double-dealing in business, which is perfectly normal in NYC, and grabbing a pussy or two, which means he has an actual Man Card, which is one of the reasons I voted for him.

    • JTC

      @JTP, you say double-dealing, DT says artful-dealing, I say brilliantly exploiting the flaws of over-regulation by self-dealing and under-smart gov…just as he is now of a fashion. Which is one of the reasons I voted for him.

      The second part too…if a little crude sometimes (and who ain’t?) yep he’s a dude. Of course if the Beast had gotten in, she’d prob’ly qualify for this one too; I’m pretty sure she has a Man Card, and I am positive she has grabbed more than a few pussies. Eww. :I


    I have been having some absolutely awesome FB discussions with my liberal Trump hating friends…they just can’t let go of this…so here was my last broadside, updated for the more intelligent readers here.

    SO, let me use my background as an intel analyst to lay out some theories.

    1. We can all concede that Putin is a right bastard and no friend of the United States and I think we can call agree that there was a fairly sophisticated effort to conduct information and psyops during the 2016 election. No question there. BUT, two questions.
    a. No one is asking about the Steele dossier and its Russian connections. There is no doubt that Russian sources were used, so why isn’t anyone asking more about them? Is it possible that Putin is playing ALL OF US by pitting us against each other? Is it possible he had his minions reach out to both campaigns? The difference being that Hillary fed her stuff to Obama’s DOJ which then went and got a FISA warrant. Personally, I think this is the case. I think the Russians have played the American media and political system like a fiddle, which I consider a great tragedy and what we should REALLY be having a 9/11 style commission on, because I doubt we will be their last target.
    b. What does Putin get outta this? I mean I know all the Trump haters think Putin and Trump have some sort of bromance going on, but I doubt it. Again, Putin is a cold bastard who’s all about Russia, so how do the Russians benefit from colluding with Trump? Obama already gave them Crimea, their little minions of Luhansk and Donetsk and a permanent warm water port in Latakia, Syria, so what does Russia get. Trump has approved lethal arms sales to Ukraine, again something Obama never did, and he bombed Syria when they used chemical weapons, again something Obama never did. As my a line goes from one of my favorite movies, “The Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.” So what does Putin get out of this? Besides, of course, half the country trying to delegitimize an election.
    c. Finally, I know you think Trump is dumb as a box of rocks, yet also a criminal mastermind, and that’s ok, the left thought the same thing about Reagan. But seriously, if do you really think he would be dumb enough to accept anything that could be traced back to the Russian government? C’mon, the guy did business in New York, so I’m sure he’s had to deal with the mob and unions and such, do you think he’d be stupid enough to expose himself like that? Once you go there, you can’t go back, right? He’s lived in the public eye for 40 years, he knows the press hates him, I can’t imagine he’d be so stupid as to accept help from the Russian government that could blow up in his face. I mean, if Putin really wanted to screw America, all he’d have to do is hold a big ol’ press conference and go “DA, we supported Trump, we hate that bitch Hillary, and he is my main bro.” Which I wouldn’t put past him, yet he hasn’t done that.

    Sorry a little long, but I’m not sure all the idiots in the media and and on Capitol Hill are asking the right questions.

    • Delilah T

      To GruntGI: So what, in your opinion, DOES Vlad Putin get out of it?

      Can’t be money. H’s got plenty of it. His palatial bunker on a hilltop on the shores of the Black Sea is completed. I noted from some photos of it that some entrances are below ground level.

      So what DOES he get out of it, besides a major giggle?

      I’ve never understood that notion, that the Russians were interfering in the elections, so I’d like your take on it.

      I may not like Trump as a person, but he’s one tough cookie, and I knew he could handle the bullying he’d be getting. It would be nice if he could just fire about half of the Congress critters, but that’s up to the people who live in those states. The smart thing in the next term elections is to ask voters if they’re tired of people who waste their time and tax money on grandstanding in front of TV cameras, in addition to all the other nonsense that we see.

      • JTC

        He answered that succinctly, D.

        “…half the country trying to delegitimize an election.”

        Same thing the lefties get out of it come to think of it…hmm.

        I’d be tempted to say there’s collusion all right, but on quite the opposite end of the spectrum that is claimed, only they’re not really that smart, rather what GGI also said…

        “… the Russians have played the American media and political system like a fiddle.”

        True dat, it just so happens that their means are to the same end, namely to obstruct Trump and America from OUR end, to Make America Great Again, or as I prefer to couch it, Allow America to be Great Again. But we have means the likes of which neither group of Commies foreign or domestic, realize…and both have vastly underestimated the resolve to reach that end.

        • Delilah T

          Yeah, but, JTC, Vlad Putin is not a Communist. He is a Statist. There is a massive, HUUUUGE difference there.

          “… what makes Putin’s rendering of Russia’s civilisational identity distinctive is its strongly emphasized Statism, understood as a belief in the primacy of the state. This suggests that while his endorsement of a distinct civilisational identity represents an important conceptual turn as regards how national identity is articulated, there are also significant lines of continuity with previous presidential periods, given that state primacy has been at the heart of Putin’s political agenda since the very beginning of his presidential career.”
          – Source: State Civilisation: The Statist Core of Vladimir Putin’s Civilisational Discourse and Its Implications for Russian Foreign Policy
          If Putin meddled in US elections at all, it can only be for the amusement factor. Remember, his opinion of that birdbrained marxist twit from the prior administration was pretty low.

      • Zenspace

        What does Putin want?

        The USof A with a reduced global power, presence and respectability. This give Mother Russia a much more open playing field if the US in mired in domestic turmoil and looking inward rather than outward. Simple, really. Trump is his key player in the disruption of the established US global politic.

        You are correct that you will never find a Ruskie government payout to Trump. Putin is smarter than that, too. Trump’s business is all about foreign money. He burned all his domestic financial bridges long ago. Why he big effort to hide his tax returns? Because that’s where the foreign money smoking gun may be found, or at least where the trail starts. If Trump goes down, it won’t be over Ruskie government collusion. It will be over foreign money laundering, much of it possibly Russian.

    • Halley

      Trying to figure out the endgame in all this, perhaps the central question will end up being “What did Our Lightbringer know, and when did he know it?”


    That’s my point that all the lefties don’t get.

    YES THE RUSSIANS INTERFERED IN THE ELECTION…duh, no one is disputing that. But there is no evidence of collusion.

    In my OPINION, the Russians trolled the shit out of everyone and reached out to both campaigns to spread shit around …think about it.

    If Hillary won, the Steele dossier had already been made public, so the Trump team would be screaming bloody murder about it.

    If Trump won, the Steele dossier would be used to launch this stupid collusion probe.

    Either way the Russians win.

    Why would Putin do it? Well in my opinion, again, he is trying to cement their place in the Middle East via Syria and is warming up for more shenanigans in the Baltic or Ukraine and he wants the US distracted.

    So that’s my $.02….no back to our regularly scheduled DBD awesomeness.

    And hopefully a couple of updates to Redvolution this week.


    • John

      The real irony is we may be beating ourselves silly over something that Putin was not involved in at all.
      Steele is now known to be a visceral Trump hater and his “sources” were hired guns out for a quick Hillery buck. (Quite a few of them actually.)
      In other words the “dossier” was not just fake but inauthentic, and Putin wouldn’t touch it with a 10 meter cattle prod.

    • Delilah T

      So, you’re saying that Vlad is engaging in ambush politics, GruntGI.

      Yes, I’d agree with that. Oh, look! Cookies!

      Well, the leftidiots keep trying to ambush DTrump and keep failing, and if you remember Chuckie Schumer’s crapweasel grin at the microphone announcing the shutdown, the eggs were cracked when a bipartisan group of Congress critters got together a few days later and passed an extension that lasts until February 8, because — (oops! their jobs were at stake! ) they weren’t willing to put such a burden on taxpayers.

      Epic fail there. Chuckie lost on that scam.

      I’m looking forward to more such events.

  • Pamela

    So when do we have trials for trying to take down the Nation and toss out the Constitution? And will anyone either go to prison or hang?

    • Merle

      Treason = hang

  • LowKey

    To GruntGI:
    I agree with your assessment, it matches up with what I’ve heard while overseas from many folks from former Soviet Bloc nations*. Putin is trying to get the US population lathered into a frenzy, focused inward, an weaken us so that he an pull off land grabs elsewhere.
    Keep in mind, he wants to return Russia to it’s glory days of empire, and the US is currently an impediment to that goal.

    *BTW, those folks almost overwhelmingly admire the US. Of all the Bulgarians, Romanians, Latvians, Estonians, and Hungarians I’ve dealt with I can’t recall any that had negative opinions of the US and most want even closer relationships between out nations.

    • John

      “*BTW, those folks almost overwhelmingly admire the US. Of all the Bulgarians, Romanians, Latvians, Estonians, and Hungarians I’ve dealt with I can’t recall any that had negative opinions of the US and most want even closer relationships between out nations.”
      Little wonder.
      We managed to break their Soviet Overlords without breaking _them_ in the process and did it from half a world away.
      Granted, we had a lot of help from Communism itself, but this was the game plan Eisenhower envisioned (he was a masterful poker player) and it worked! It’s a shame he didn’t live long enough to see the end of his game.
      The true wonder is that we managed to do it while simultaneously establishing a welfare state.
      Now all we need to do is learn how to keep our own politicians from bankrupting the nation in their lust for illicit power bought with other people’s money.

  • WAPO places all blame on Republicans in the face of overwhelming collusion and influence peddling. I just don’t get it.

    • Halley

      The odds that WAPO is a co-conspirator are overwhelming. That would neatly explain their current behavior.

    • John


      • SgtCpt

        Washington Post

  • DrD

    We really need to redecorate most of the lamp posts in DC. Is there a box I can check on the income tax form 1040 to specify that my contribution be used to buy rope?

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Nah. You’ll just have to NOT check the box, and use the money you’re not sending to the FedGov, to buy your own rope.
      My question, is there a rope company, that’s publicly traded, so I can buy some stock?

  • Special_Ed

    I think the best description of Putin’s “interference” strategy is:
    1. Real espionage is hard
    2. Disinformation is much easier and often achieves the same results

  • John

    The people to watch is the FISA court.
    They now know they were lied to for obtaining the wiretap warrants.
    If they are pro-Obama they will ignore it and house cleaning of the Court is in order.
    If not, some high-level LEOs are facing up to 10 years in the slammer per count for lying to a federal judge.
    I’m hoping for the latter. The FISA court is notoriously lenient in granting warrants and they need some street cred.
    I can’t wait to see how this shakes out.

  • NotYetInACamp

    (Munch munch much munching)
    (Sounds of crunching popcorn) 🙂

  • Delilah T

    Don’t give up hope, okay?

    In the kerfuffle over the Watergate DNC breakin, 40 governments officials were indicted or jailed, and 8 people in Nixon’s administration directly involved in the Watergate mess were jailed.

    There’s more than mere corruption involved in this heinous mess. The sewage is rolling downhill now and won’t stop until it hits bottom. What went around is now coming around. If anything, this may drive people who would otherwise vote liberal to the opposite side of the ballot, come election time.

    What’s that old saying? Something about ‘watch where you step, it gets deep out there’. Something like that. There is such a thing as guilt by association. And I’m looking forward to more of Nanny Pelosi’s pronouncement about President Bush.

  • JTPatriot

    If Jane Fonda didn’t hang for literally sighting through a Cong anti-aircraft gun, do you really think anyone is going to jail? Really? As Comey put it himself, the hard part in a case like that is “Intent” and the Leftists are all masters at avoiding that little violation. Once the prosecutor gets close to the truth, Hillary starts repeating “I don’t recall” like a mantra, and the rest of them will, too, and everybody walks.

    Personally, I would be happy just getting the scum out of the Federal government so we clear the bastards out of the way so Trump can get back to work.

    Also, tell everyone you know: We need two Super-Majorities in November. I believe that all we have to do is SHOW UP. So tell your friends to show up in November, and defeat the Socialists. We need to keep winning for as long as we can!

  • James

    We need to bring back dueling…….