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  • Big Jim

    Mein Gott, Skye is SUCH a pin-headed perfect portrayal of her peers.

  • Pamela

    Fighting over what they think they are owed and entitled to is more like it.
    So sad my butt. Arrggh.

  • Spin Drift

    Nice boots, great for walking through all the meadow muffins lobbed at the DNC convention.

    War Damn Screaming Eagle

  • WayneM

    No problem! Raise the debt ceiling, crank up the printing presses and make more money. Easy-peasy!!

    • Ozymandias

      Please don’t give them any ideas.

        • Bill

          Oh, they have that idea already. Play One in the Liberal Playbook.
          I like whoever it was that said Bern-out would end unemployment by hiring anyone wanting a job to plant more of the trees that grow the free shit.

  • Leave it for Обама to leave that job to his fellow педик!

  • B Woodman

    She lost me at “my comrades”. Soviet era communist agitprop. (PTUI!)

    • Pamela

      No amount of Vodka can wash out the foulness

      • billf

        Pamela,re your comments yesterday,I would like to know more about you.Chris,do you have a way that your readers can contact each other?

      • Too Tall

        Regarding your comment yesterday:
        Deeds not words…powerful.

        Ladies and Gentlemen,
        Unaware, We entertain an angel among us.

      • JTC

        Yes’m, regarding yesterday…”Does this answer your query…”

        Confirms what I “knew” of a Renaissance Woman who likes big guns of *all* types, makes everything in her kitchen from scratch, probably including the kitchen itself, and can get right bawdy at times.

        And she has a direct line to God; that I “knew” too, though of course it is Him with the “remarkable healing powers” delivered through one of His earthly angels, who’s a redhead.

        Not that the Redhead component doesn’t have curative powers of its own, as intimated in the tease and in my response. Beautiful. Like I said, renaissance woman.

        Much like Sam. I believe that one is about to segue from helping heal Zed’s heart and soul, into a nice application of those Redhead curative powers. Beautiful.

        • Pamela


          My heartfelt thanks for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me. After 10 years of service, a door was closed to me. Here is to the Boss Man finding something better through a new open door. I’m going to make some raisins now.

  • Ken

    “We’ll let President Pantsuit handle it.”, sez President Sockpuppet….condolences on your recent loss Mr. Muir

  • Ovomit v3.0.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Will the wench EVER learn, Chris? Tell us there’s hope…

    • Doggo

      If she learns, then we’ll need a new, hot, (please!) token lib. Jan can’t do it any more because she has grown enough to use logic instead of emotion most of the time. There has to be some dramatic tension or this will just be a skin cartoon, which is still worth the price of admission, mind you.

      • Doggo

        But, yeah, it is frustrating.

        • Pamela

          Some people are just written in bad code.

  • eon

    “Après nous le déluge” (“After us, the deluge”).

    As to how Hillary will “handle it”, I suspect she will gladly jump at the chance to emulate Robespierre.

    clear ether


    • S Hooks

      re: emulating Robespierre

      Unfortunately, this is not not mere online hyperbole, but rather a sober, rational assessment of observable trends, and supported by the historical record. Whenever fanatical totalitarian ideologues gain complete control, they always opt to eliminate their enemies. Saying “this is America, that can’t happen here” is just whistling past the graveyard.

      • eon

        Hillary + BLM + new “homeland security” measures + “a more rational interpretation of the Second Amendment” + “enforced civility”= tumbrels.

        Once the citizens are no longer legally able to speak out or defend themselves, the mob is loosed and the “authorities” stand by to back them up if needed.

        The Fearless Leaders stay “above the fray” and “view with sorrow” what the “reactionaries” compelled “right-thinking people” to do in their name.

        The reason progressives resent the American revolution is that it didn’t turn out like the French one. They’re determined to make up for that “shortcoming” as soon as possible.

        And Hillary will laugh.

        clear ether


        • Old Codger

          RE: tumbrels
          I don’t reckon all (many?) of the ones Hildabeast will want hauled off in those little carts will just meekly hop aboard. Nor, I suspect, will they meekly board the trains. I reckon more’n a couple of the “only ones” will be needing a tumbrel, don’t you?

          “And Hillary will laugh.”
          Anybody know if she plays an instrument? Violin maybe?

        • Ron

          Do you think Hillary might put BLM in charge of Homeland Security?

          I think more of you will be coming here to Canada. At least the worst thing BLM has done here is a sitdown blockage of the Pride Parade.

    • Unca Walt

      “…emulate Robespierre”??

      Hmm… as in: being guillotined while screaming incoherently because her lower jaw is shot off?

      Not bad, not bad…

  • htom

    That was a stunning elegy, Chris, most, most very well done. My condolences to you , yours, and all who loved him.

  • syvyn11

    With a mindset like that and we still can’t stop our own circular firing squad from wiping ourselves out.

    LET’S GET IT TOGETHER! It’s either Trump or Hillary…. CHOOSE!

    • Grape

      That is not a choice. That is a mandate!

      Trump the bitch.

    • Bill

      Dr. Thomas Sowell put it quite well in an article he wrote that got titled “It’s the Supreme Court, stupid”.
      With Donny Boy it’s a roll of the dice as to what he would actually do.
      With Cankles, it’s Russian Roulette with a 1911A1.

      • JTC

        @Bill, I used to love me some Dr. Sowell to the degree I pondered him for potus…until he signed on to the National Review lynch mob effort against the Trump nom. That seemed purely in support of the gopes and against the wishes of the people, so I wrote him off in a similar way and for similar reasons as I turned against Cruz; once you put your mouth and your self and your lust ahead of the preference cascade, trying to control it rather than define and explain it, you’re done for me.

        So this quote attributed to him got my attention, as it is accurate and a guaranteed vote for Trump by any conservative or pragmatist. I would like to like Sowell again, if I see it is possible by his return to his deeply conservative, thoughtful, and beautifully expressed pre-Trump self.

        But a google search of the co-opted and edited expression in an article title turns up one but it’s this one, written by Hugh Hewitt, another columnist who has tried to substitute his own judgments for that of the cascade, but seems to have come around somewhat and makes the scotus case well:

        Still would like to see Sowell’s piece if you could link it…but the google search (page one and done) only links his National Review page, which after a litany of his bonafides has as his top two articles one titled “Two Awful Candidates…” and a support piece if you can believe it, for BLM.

        I did enjoy his logic and reason and writing and would love to do so again, but it looks like he’s lost me for good.

  • Bill G

    Oh, blast. I’ve posted twice now as ‘Bill’ rather than Bill G and the items are awaiting moderation.
    Sorry for the slip-up; it’s early A.M. and there’s too much blood in my caffeine stream.
    This perfectly rendered pose of Obola always reminds me of the words of Louis XIV, “Le etat, c’est moi”.

  • MasterDiver

    Thrust the pResident to make the mess then leave it for someone else to clean up, even if it’s his own party. Shows how much real respect he has for PIAPS. I wonder, will Hill and her posse start screaming “It’s all Obama’s fault?”

    Zar Belk!

    • eon

      They’re already doing it

      Her message now is,

      “President Obama made a mess of things, and the only cure is to elect me to do more of it, bigger, harder, and more expensively, and with even less civil liberties for everybody I don’t like any more than he does”.

      If she isn’t full-on schizoid, she’s doing an incredibly good impression of being so. About at the level of Andy Serkis as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, in fact.

      clear ether and light landings!


  • Dread

    What’s sickening is how the American news media reports it all. We have to read Brittish, French, and German news to get anywhere near the truth. As citizens, our pawnmanship level has passed the alarm trigger and moved into probably will never recover territory.

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