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  • KenH

    Can you please just convert her to something useful? Like Soylent Yellow?

    • Atlas Unchained

      “Soylent Yellow” – Love it.

      I’m not sure I would eat Skye in any form though. Would probably come with some serious indigestion.

      • syvyn11

        Eat Skye? Yeah…. Oh, I was thinking of another kind of “eating Skye”.

      • Pamela

        Can we say possible social disease is any type of consumption of Skye…

        • Bill M

          Possible or certain?

        • pyrodice

          consumption wasn’t technically a social disease, but… πŸ˜‰

  • xdcpd085

    Where are her sleeves?

    • syvyn11


    • Unca Walt

      I got stopped for a sec… it looked like Jan with Skye’s head.

      • Chris Muir

        I’m too tired to put ’em on…

        • Pamela


          If I could , I’d pull you onto my lap and rock you to sleep.

        • JTC

          You gotta be running on fumes, Brother…ever hear of taking a day or ten off? I promise you nobody is going anywhere.

          Except maybe you; that offer of Pamela’s might be worth a road trip; platonic, but some of that hands-on curative Redhead hugging, rocking, singing, and home-cooking sounds pretty good.

          • Pamela

            While the thought of meeting the lot of you is intriguing, a tall hunky studly Artist in need of healing showing up on my doorstep would make my insides do the flip-flop.

            Chris- time is your friend, sleep will come, the exhaustion will gradually abate.

          • JTC

            Yeah, I might have been projecting there juuuust a bit.

            Avatars should stay on the page and out of meatspace. But Chris’s crossed through that fourth wall in a big way in the last few weeks and grabbed us all by our hearts as we tried to soothe his. So he is special, largely because he goes out of his way to make personal contact by email and phone with his supporters and that goes both ways, I have said here that I am close and would go to him or give him whatever help I could. But that is another dimension entirely and I’m guessing he would be unlikely to ask me to come to him…or for him to come to you.

            But what about one of those phone calls? In my few short phone conversations with him I found CM to be affable, self-effacing, and totally real. You don’t need to talk Chris in off a ledge, but your success in listening indicates a special gift from God, closed doors notwithstanding, that could do some good.

            Maybe I’m projecting again, but in his ragged state I have to believe a caring, experienced voice on the line would seem pretty close to a hug. Couldn’t hurt. IMO.

            Sorry to have stepped over any line, but like I said Chris and DBD have become special to me; you too there, Pamatar.

  • JTC

    Freudian slip or naked truth?

  • WayneM

    I’m surprised Skye has that level of awareness. Usually progs like her believe money is an infinitely expanding and exploitable resource.

    • Grunt GI

      You mean it doesn’t grow on trees? Well hell, I figured that’s were Dems like Hillary always got their money to pay for free shit…OH, wait, they just print more…

      • syvyn11

        Or take it, by force, under the tax laws.

        • Bill M

          Which is why the Hildebeast called for increasing taxes on the Middle Class today.

      • UndeadPhysicist

        Technically, not on trees, but cotton fields πŸ˜‰ Since that’s what “paper money” usually is made of. Probably even in those renegade colonies of yours …

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Yeah. Clinton accidentally spoke the truth….

    • B Woodman

      That’s one in a row.

  • Pamela

    So in the said raising of taxes on the middle class, Hildebeast will reduce us to the same level of those on govt assistance. What’s next? Total confiscation of everything not nailed down? Because people who don’t do squat have a right to it ‘cuz they say so?

    • doc

      When one takes the benefit of work away, people will stop working. There will eventually be no one left to tax

      • Pamela

        No one left to tax. True.
        Plenty of people to enslave for the good of the state. Also True.

  • B Woodman

    Hellery’s Freudian slip is showing. Except she doesn’t wear a dress.

    • interventor

      Just modified Mao suits.

    • Kafiroon

      The Mao Suit should read about what a disaster for China “The Great Leap Forward” was. Not that I would ever believe that she would understand the implications. IF, if, she did she would ignore them anyway.

      • Bill M

        Their standard reply is: “They didn’t implement it right. We, being infinitely ‘smarter’, would do it correctly and then all would be flowers and unicorn farts.”

      • interventor

        Mao holds the record for the worst mass murderer in history.

        • JTC

          All we are saying, is give Hillz a chance…

  • Jon

    Someone please “water” the witch before November.

    • With “trace metals”?

  • Pete231

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups….

  • She didn’t really say that, if you listen closely. This is playing into their hands, by stressing something that isn’t true it makes those who oppose her look bad, and makes valid criticisms look less likely to be accurate.

    • larry

      CptNerd is right, and wrong. She did actually say that she would raise the taxes on the middle class (so it may have been a Freudian slip) but if you listened to what she said before and after you see that she didn’t mean the middle class for the tax raise.

      Don’t get caught up in the hype that both sides put out by taking something out of context or saying its impact will be far greater than it really is.

      • MasterDiver

        She may claim not to have meant it, but imagine the same situation if Trump had said it! Th MSM would be blaring it from rooftops 24/7. The Trump campaign should jump on this and plaster it on bill boards, video/audio spots and web ads. Keep her campaign spinning and distracted trying to stomp on it like a berzerk whack-a-mole.

        The middle class is all she has left. The 1% are her social buddies and CGF fund source, the welfare cases are her base, and don’t have any money anyway. The middle class are the true source of revenue, but they do not (as yet) form an organized economic/political base. Defend your 2nd Amendment rights!

        Zar Belk!

    • NotYetInACamp

      The big money is in systems. Like the bond market dwarfs the stock (equity) markets.(Don’t even consider derivatives in which they have hidden nations and the world).
      It has been demonstrated many times that draining all of the money (or wealth) of the top 10% will run the economies and deficits of the world or nations for a short period of time (year, 2?, 3?). So, too, Hillary did mean it in her real internal intentions when she said it. The context does not support her saying it. But she said it. The facts that the middle class part of the system is needed to be taxed to support he stated goals is supported. (That cognitive dissonance Sass Sunstein always says should be used to win in politics again.)
      You do point out where the base of sucking taxes and power and energy out of the system still is in the USA. It is the massively already diminished middle class.
      The resident of the white house who now claims the name Barrack Hussein (An EVIL name to even say during Obama’s first pres campaign) Obama, stated that he was going to fundamentally change America during his campaign. So Hillary has said that she will tax the Middle Class.
      So she will do. So she must do. Context be damned that it did not support he use of that word. I expected her to say that she would tax the rich (1% or ?) in the context of her little speech there. What are the effects of her brain injury when she fell while secretary of state?

      many votes are won by feelings. Her campaign usually keeps her crowds and many people feeling good in some way about Hillary.

      The crowd showed its unthinking following of the leads of the speech and applauded wildly (as much as a Hillary speech gets wild) for whatever the speech calls for applauding wildly.

      Many, including those on the video, Hillary supporters would applaud wildly for a ham sandwich. Which maybe is what Hillary is? With a side of vegetable. (My injection of an emotive content.)

  • tomstockton

    I may be in the minority, but Skye without the “ink” is even more pleasing to my eyes. If it were up to a vote, I’d vote to “bare” arms!

  • Bill G

    She didn’t mean to say that.
    Any bets she didn’t mean it?
    She’s saying, now, that she’s not against the Second Amendment.

    • eon

      And like Bill, Hillary lies as naturally as she breathes. Their entire political career has been one of saying anything to get elected, and then going “HA-HA! FOOLED YOUUUU!!” once in office.

      The only time they ever tell the truth is when they are pandering to the far left of their own party, which is where they feel “at home”. This is why Sanders’ challenge was doomed; how can you get farther left than a Trotskyite?

      So when she says she wants a 25% sales tax on firearms, a “more reasonable” (i.e., military & police only) interpretation of the Second Amendment, and higher taxes on anybody or anything, that is about the only “truth” you will ever hear from her.

      Because that’s the far left’s wet dream made flesh. As part of the road to the hecatomb of “undesirables” they want as the foundation for their Utopia.

      clear ether


      • Badger

        Not sure she breathes; I think her slips come when her DC battery pack drops below 7.9 Volts.

      • JTC

        As I said downthread, it makes one wonder if an effective truth serum was applied to her, could we handle the truth about what she is and wants?

        Maybe it’s better as someone said to assume every word is a lie, even on the gun thing, she doesn’t want a 25% tax on them, she wants a 100% ban on them and 2A. And when she gets a scotus pick -maybe even when she gets zero’s pick- she will get her way with 2A finally meaning in the eyes of the law what it has meant in the eyes of the elites forever; providing her a nice militia to protect them but nothing for you to protect yourself from her militia.

        That, for sure, is what we face under the beast. And that, combined with an open invitation to the embedding of muzzies that zero said last night we should welcome as our friends and neighbors, until they can get them trained up as homegrown “lone actors and small cells” who will kill your ass when they get the word. beastie will double down on that, and deny you the means to kill them back.

        That’s the truth of a Hillary administration. If we can’t handle that truth, maybe we better do everything we can to be sure there isn’t one. Or two; yeah if we so far gone that she gets in now, a second term is a slam dunk. If, you know, we’re still here.

        • JTC

          I’ve said it’s a two-issue race, immigration and guns.

          Not sure if the Donald is up to the long-term task of potus. But at least we know what he says about those two. Without them we’re done and the long term won’t matter.

          When we discuss Israel it is mostly about us supporting and/or protecting them. But we should be looking to them to see them as a microcosm of what we face here; if there was unfettered access across the border into Israel can you imagine the carnage? And even with tough controls the evil gets in as evil always does. But is Bibi calling for his people to lay down their weapons? Uh, no he advises them, defacto requires them, to arm and protect themselves. Because, you know, after so many years and so many struggles, he wants his people and their homeland to survive. If Hillary said that, it would only be because she didn’t get her truth serum that day.

    • Kafiroon

      Anything she says that may help us ranks right with “If you like your doctor, you can keep …”

  • There is a war on the middle class, and Hillary is a five star general in the attacking army!

  • Secret decoder key: EVERYTHING she says is a lie.

    Even knowing that, it’s difficult to implement for honest people, making it a deceptively brilliant code; apparently.

  • JTC

    Near the top of comments when I rhetorically asked “Freudian slip or naked truth?” the “or” meant “and” and the “?” meant “!”.

    Because she didn’t mean to say it but she sure as hell meant it.

    Makes you wonder what the effects of a truth serum would be on her.

    Never mind. Like Jack said, I don’t think we can handle the truth.

    And we sure as hell can’t handle the naked part. (GAG!)

    • Pete in NC

      “And we sure as hell can’t handle the naked part. (GAG!)”
      JTC, watch your mouth (keyboard?), or I’ll bring back the baby pachyderm! πŸ˜‰

    • PaulS

      “Makes you wonder what the effects of a truth serum would be on her.”

      Instant death.

  • interventor

    For the last 7.5 years, the average GDP was 1.3 percent. For the last 6.5 years it was 0.6 percent. We are flatlined. Any more taxes or costly regulations and it’s a downward spiral.

  • GnomeKing

    And so I just got another 2000 rds of precious metals in the mail today.

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