Day By Day


  • G Baker

    Yep! Fine memories indeed…

    Which is to say when adults are having fun there is always a little crumb cruncher on the other side of the door trying to bust everyone’s groove…
    …or is that the point?

  • Big Jim

    Whoah… quote Bill and Ted…..

  • Chris Muir

    I like this reply better.

  • The other was a little…too informative.

    • Chris Muir


  • pyrodice

    “Is she coming?”
    “momentarily, sir.”

    • Chris Muir

      dammit,that’s even better!:)

      • For some of us, it might be…”Shortly, sir…” 🙁

  • Pete231

    As Mark Twain said : “Familiarity breeds contempt…and children.” Nothing beats home cooking………

  • Bill G

    “Breathing heavily and moaning” would be inappropriate for the dining room.

  • Pamela

    That counter top is stainless steel right? Much easier to clean up when the dish being created is all wet and sticky.

  • JIMV

    I still think the cast is often overdressed for an ‘adult’ club but the politics are spot on.

  • Paladin

    Didn’t for the obvious pun “not just yet….but, soon I would guess.”

  • Freelancer60

    “As soon as possible. And then she’ll be out.”

  • NotYetInACamp

    Aint love Grand!

  • OldBurgie

    The original was just fine…

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