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  • AlphaMike

    “Pussy marches” would have been an apt term were these jerkfests composed solely of cucked men. Their majority female composition, however, makes for the much more apt label of “rancid riot.”

    Instead of the streets, I look forward to such riots taking place, in the near future, behind prison walls. Rot behind bars, traitorous sows.

    • noncom

      Yes, the left does so love their pussy marches, don’t they….the women, too….I know I love me a good pussy march, but I don’t think it’s quite the same thing….

      • Doggo

        I love pussy all year long, don’t limit it to March.

  • NotYetInACamp

    They would both have a better time if they would play around / work on the two fine machines they are that they have right there.
    Be human. Practice. Practice. Practice. Eventually you have somebody to join you in working on stuff.
    Maybe later.

    Working on the ‘Cuda with Naomi sounds like fun.

  • Merle

    UMMM, that’s not a 1969…….

    • Chris Muir

      Thanks,corrected.I grew up in a 69 vette and charger, that year sticks with me..!

    • Kafiroon

      Heh! Had one of the last GT350’s from the ol’ Chicken Farmers Venice shop.
      He said the configuration was very close to the full race ones with a interior.
      He showed me it could beat any of the few 428’s (He said there were.) and most of the 427’s. Which it did. At a St. Paul MN ice carnival we met a year later, and he said he should have kept that one.
      SO. I really ignored the cudas, including the hemis. Like Shelby said 306 HP. Yup! Shore Is! Then he would laugh.
      Love ALL those OLD Muscle Cars!

      • Lucius Severus Pertinax

        I wish I still had my ’72 Olds Cutlass. ;(
        455 cubic inches and I used them all!!

        • Pamela

          I had a 76 Olds 455. I was sorry to see it go. I could beat anything up the hill from a standing stop.

      • Mort

        I lived in El Segundo in 1965, and ‘Air Research’ was just across
        Imperial Hwy. and there would be anywhere from 5-10 Cobras,all
        Black, lined up by the hay bales they ran slaloms around at the
        South end of LAX.
        I thought they were neat, but didn`t really know much about them.

        A couple years later while putting on my HD, a Cobra pulled along
        side of me and offered to run for ‘pinks’, by then I knew enough
        not to take him up on that.

        • Mort

          As I recall, in 1965, one of the ads for Cobras was that
          one could go from 0-100-0 faster than an XKE
          Jag. could get to 100….probably most all else
          too, and some still with the 260.

          • Pamela

            I love stick shifts πŸ˜‰

          • Kafiroon

            Two friends were POed. at the speed my GT350 had and one bought a 67 GTO Convert. the other I told was crazy because he traded off an mint looking Mercedes Gull Wing Coupe for a 70 Olds 442. They hated to let me drive them because you start spinning the tires to redline and then shift through all 4 gears and haven’t really gone anywhere. Heh1 The GT 350 was still faster than both of them
            Love ALL those old muscle cars!

          • mort

            Those old muscle cars are the best, especially, when
            retro moded..I had a 65 fastback that I worked on
            for 4 years, the usual bodywork, and then a paint,
            The 289 was shot, so, I put in a 302 I happened
            to have.. toploader, 9 inch,31 spline, 3:91 traction,
            boxed unibody, and it did ok;… (good thing about
            TMI, you can ignore it) anyway, my son asked me
            for it, he lives a long ways a way.

            Ok I`ll shorten this: He put in an automatic, and gave
            it to his wife.

            He wasn`t supposed to do that.

  • Patvann

    I love you, but I also love cars…As rendered, her’s is a ’70, not a ’69. πŸ™‚

    • Chris Muir

      Yup! πŸ™‚

  • Grunt GI

    Ummm…words fail me…
    I’ll be in my bunk

  • JTC

    You trollin’ me Sam?

    An engineer gear-head knows the difference between a gussied up Valiant, aka gen. 2 Barracuda…and a purpose-built hotrod, the gen. 3 ‘Cuda.

    Okay, okay you got me.

    • Pamela

      Does that have a bench back seat or buckets?

      • Kafiroon

        Pamela: In the day, I would loved to show you what the interior of that 350 would do. Back seats fold down. Hatch to trunk, opens up. A proper sized piece of 2″ foam from back of front seats goes all the way to the tail lights.
        I LOVED that car!

        • Pamela

          Kafiroon- I did not know you could do that with a Barracuda 350.
          I must say it would be an enjoyable way to view the stars at night deep in the heart of Texas.

          • JTC

            I think he means his Mustang. Don’t recall if the Cuda had the folding back seat feature, I do know there wasn’t a 350.

            Stargazing for me meant pulling the blanket from the front trunk of my ’61 bug and spreading it so to speak, for a bit of splendor in the grass. Or as I’ve mentioned borrowing Mom’s ’69 Fury III for the drive-in; no folding needed for that back seat, which I’ve always credited for my early fatherhood.

            But I think Zed’s double entendre of “working on the cootah” is irrespective of make & model. πŸ˜‰

          • Kafiroon

            Wash your mouth, Girl! Shelby GT350! There was one that I think I remember being a Barracuda Fastback style that did that too about ’68’ or so. It was big and very slow.

          • Kafiroon

            And JTC, as I recall, working on or in the car was a full time occupation! I think Pamela, among others, helped.

        • Pamela


          Oh, I thought you had done an engine swap from a 273 slant 6 to a 350 Chevy. That would not have been cost effective with the transmission and the rear end needing to be also swapped out. According to the specs it could take a 440 or 426 Hemi with Edelbrock Carbs. I can see Sam and Naomi doing that to Baby.

          Let me guess. You and your then girlfriend (now wife) were in that last three rows at the drive-in?

          • Merle

            Ummm, another trivia. A slant six was 170 or 225 CI, depending on the year and what it was installed in. A 273 was a small V8, more or less the ancestor of the 318.

          • Kafiroon

            The only swap I ever did was a 331 Hemi into my friends 63 chevy PU for the dead 6 cyl. The rest of the time out with the future wife frequently Was the last three rows um laying in that fast mobile camp bed watching stars.

          • Pamela


            I went back and checked. The 273 was in a ’65 and ’66 Cuda and the Slant Six 225 was available in the ’70.
            What I want to know is what 3×2 bbl carbs were used with the 440 six pack. Skinner Unions or what? Did they require a Uni Syn…

  • JTC

    Well shit, corrected. I liked my explanation better.

  • JTC

    Throwback to yesterday’s discussion:

    I really hate the word “reconciliation” as it pertains to politics; it just connotes so much the same as the weasel word “compromise”. And I really *really* hate the WaPo because, well you know why. But it seems in this case the word has meaning and the messenger presents it clearly:

    There is a method to the madness of DT’s support of OC Lite, as I knew there must be, as the artist of the deal creates another masterpiece.

  • Spin Drift

    Love me some ‘Cuda and I’ll be working on the Jag tonight. The Prince of Darkness lives, even in the newer ones. About $800 for a fuel pump.

    Yeah, its got a Hemi.

    • Kafiroon

      Condolences on the Lucas. Been there, done that, too many times.

  • Wulfenite

    I never owned a car. Just had trucks and motorcycles. Never saw the need for a car – can’t see out of them, can’t haul much and way too low to the ground.

    • Old Codger

      That looks more real than the obvious fake the Obozo crowd put out years ago. Where was this Malik fellow 8 years ago? Protecting his brother is my guess. Remember the quote from his grandma about being there when he was born?

      I wonder if him being ineligible to be prez and “serving” (as if he ever “served” anybody but himself) anyhow constitutes fraud and what the stature of limitations for fraud is. Who-wee! But that’d be a mess! If proven, it’d HAVE to throw the validity of every bill and EO he ever signed into question along with every appointment and every action by every appointee. Bucket or worms my ass! That’d be a whole olympic-sized SWIMMING POOL full of worms? I’d be satisfied to see him “served” – served up to the gen pop of a supermax prison. My luck he’d enjoy being serviced. Packed fudge, anyone?

  • Southpaw

    Mother of the year nomination dept:

    IN 1971, my 16 year old HS classmate’s mother bought him a ’69 Dodge Super Bee (used, frugal, practical!). In deference to her child’s safety (and that of his passengers) she got him the modest 335 HP 383 with a Mopar 4 speed. If I recall, it got 8-10 mpg, but what the hell, gas was 32 cents.

    In a nutshell, he was getting a ticket a week, and at the rate he was going, if he lost his license, he wouldn’t get it back until he was 37. Accordingly, he only had it 2 or 3 months before he sold it.

    It attracted more two legged white tail deer than a salt lick. How I both started and finished my glorious summer riding around in his ‘Bee as a virgin is a testament to my own incompetence with the opposite sex.

    Ah, memories of youth, wasted on the young.

    • Ah, memories of youth, wasted on the young.

      Indeed. To a point. Unless you were that long haired hippy motorsickle freak. πŸ˜‰

    • Kafiroon

      Must have been the moniker “Southpaw”. As a Viet Cong that worked at a job in FL. would holler: “You Do It Wrong!” Yha car should have scored for you. Nice Car!

  • Then you have the memories you wish were current events. *AHEM*

    • Southpaw

      Perhaps it was for the better. To project myself back into my 16 year old body, knowing what I know now, I probably would have gone from virgin-to-virgin during my Super Bee summer, to virgin to father of 4.

      Soooo…let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Halley

    Sarahcuda would love this strip. Hope she’s reading…

  • tomstockton

    Chris, you’ve got your skills of drawing Sam down to an art. Nicely done, sir!

    Tom Stockton

    • Doggo

      What I can’t figure out is how Zed can concentrate on that book when Sam is sitting there like that. I realize that as a sniper he was trained to ignore distractions, but…damn!

  • Norm Glitz

    Zed seems to be having a difficult time with words. Is he just distracted, reading his book?

    • Chris Muir

      Those are the new multi-gender pronouns in fashion.

      • JTC


      • NotYetInACamp

        Snowflakes should have gender Zit.

        Or am I being too realistic.

  • WayneM

    Anyone else find the whole women’s marches and parades rather amusing?

    They shout and scream… wave their little flags and signs… all to no end…

    • Pamela

      My .02 is they all need to get their eyes crossed, toes curled and brains well and truly boinked out from here to Alpha Centauri. At least twice.
      They are just all cranky wanky from the lack of really good nookie.
      Toys and electronics do not count. Even thought they can stand in momentarily to take the edge off.

      • JTC

        Eww. Have you seen them? Not likely many volunteers. I even feel sorry for the toys and electronics.

        • Pamela

          Really good sex can be transformative. Might take a lot for some of them. It is a sad state when a human being has only hate to keep them warm at night and no hope of being loved by someone.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Been there. Done that. They get clingy and won’t go away. Then all of their girlish dreams come to the surface. Not all of them are canines. There are some very beautiful physically leftist useful idiots. And in college we are supposed to be all carey scarey wanna help everyone addled.
        Some liberals can bake great cookies.

    • Old Codger

      Saw a piece yesterday about the DC “demonstration”. Apparently it was organized and run by a guy. How’s THAT for a statement about “feminism”?

      • Mort

        I heard George Soros bankrolled the Women march.

  • John

    455 HO Trans Am – OMG FAST!

  • Old Codger

    I’ve heard a lotta pet names for the little furry critter but I never heard it referred to as a “cuda”.

    I don’t much care for “whale tails” m’self. Prefer to see dimples without ’em. Let’s me imagine she’s going on a commando raid. πŸ˜‰

  • My first car was a 1966 cuda convertible.

    I still miss it

  • KenK

    No Barracuda convertibles before 1967

  • JTC

    Cooter, or in n’hamsha or ol’ south vernacular…”cootah”

    Guess that’s what Zed heard; his mind was not totally in the book.

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