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  • interventor

    I remember her response when she produced a pistol before they were married. Wish to keep myself intact.

    • Unca Walt

      I absolutely LOVE the question the new guy asked. Funny as hell, Mr. Muir.

  • Kafiroon

    “So kill me Sam”
    Locked, loaded and Stacked! Not to mention down right deadly.

    • Old Codger

      I seem to recall – many moons ago – Gordon Liddy used to put out a calendar of hot, not-overly-dressed chicks holding various guns. IMS, he called it “Stacked and Packed”. The “models” weren’t exactly in Sam’s league (but then how many are?) but they WERE hot. Damned nice calendar, IIRC.

      (you folks too young to remember G. Gordon Liddy can google him. I reckon he’s on wikipedia.)

      • billf

        People’s opinions may vary,but G.Gordon Liddy was a hero of mine.He had the stones to do what it took.Legal and illegal may change with the times,but right and wrong never vary.

        His book “Will” is still one of my favorites.

  • Jeff Talbut

    There are some questions a gentleman should just never ask a Lady.

    • B Woodman

      “Ain’t nobody gonna to ask where her damn gun came from?”
      Sam is like a force of nature. You may question if you want, but don’t expect an answer.

  • rickn8or

    Kafiroon, what is there NOT to love about Sam??

    • WayneM

      Only one thing… she isn’t my partner in crime…

      • JTC

        Don’t do it! You’ll be down the rabbit hole for hours!

        Fun though…the art has, shall we say, matured. The sharp, wry, wicked humor, thankfully has not. 😉

        • RandyB

          Even the humor has improved with age – which is quite an accomplishment.

    • capn

      Ah Yes that’s our Sam. Well Done Sam Well Done indeed.

      WayneM may have hit on the only fault I can find. Well that and she is a ‘toon but man what a ‘toon.

      Makes a guy wish for the frns to convince Chris to draw him into the strip even once.
      We’d need a decent (Not a Skye type) single woman of course.
      Ahem … Chris ? (hint – hint )

      • Cliff H

        “I’m not bad, they just draw me this way…” – Jessica Rabbit.

      • interventor

        Makes a man wish to play with finger paints, or words to that effect — Roger Rabbit.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Works for me.

    On target.

  • John M.

    Travis doesn’t know not to ask yet, but I remember from a long, long time ago, back in the beginning of the strip…

  • Noelegy

    Aww, I love a happy ending.

  • mnemos

    OK – I’ll bite – translation for the first frame? All I find is something about Hindu…

    • Chris Muir

      devil woman

      • wanweilin

        Thanks Chris. Couldn’t find phrase with Google.

  • Pamela

    Only pistol whipped? Ah shoot.
    Looks like the piggies are going to go hungry.

    • jackdeth72

      Who didn’t really see this coming?!

      Which is why I sometimes prefer a 6″ K-Frame Smith.

      Brava, Sam!

      • Pamela

        True. That’s one reason I like my Model 27.
        Why did she leave them with teeth…

        • JTC

          Okay, maybe a gentleman shouldn’t ask a lady this question, but just where in hell do you conceal that five-pound N-framed monster?

          • Swansonic

            Were I looking at the incredible Sam or the incredible Pamela the last thing I’d notice would be a weapon, concealed or otherwise…

            Too many other things to distract the eyes and be noticed first…

          • Pamela

            You don’t conceal it.
            Shoulder holster leaves a bruise and ankle carry throws off ones gait. Think Zoe in Firefly.

          • hecate

            Thigh rig. I’ve done it with a CCO 1911.

          • Swansonic

            Exactly. Sexy and ready for a bumpy ride…

    • capn

      Too many witnesses.

  • Spin Drift

    Bada Bing Bada BOOM! Slap some crap out of a muzzie ‘toon.

    War Damn Eagle
    Molon Labe

  • Crotalus

    ??? She didn’t shoot them with bacon-greased bullets??? I am le dissapoint!!!

  • KenH

    They look too @@#$% good


    She should have just shot them in the face…

    • Pamela

      Further down. A round of Radical vasectomies delivered at what velocity?

  • JTC

    Y’all be sure to click on the ‘toon…it links to a news story confirming what we already know; that Zero has decided as his last lame duck gasp to bypass the Constitution with his backdoor gun control initiatives (we don’t need no steenkin’ legislative and judicial branches), and to flood his muzbro peeps into Mexico to exploit the longest and most porous walk-in border in the nation.

    Mock Trump if you will, and criticize his motives and fitness for other aspects of the potus job, but if he can do what’s necessary to slam the door shut to the invading hordes, he’ll have earned my gratitude and respect. Because if we don’t do that, nothing else will matter. Stopping illegal immigration, by any and all means required, is job one…maybe even the only one.

    Trump/Cruz ’16

    • JTC

      BTW, it should be noted that in tonight’s debate Cruz has also pledged to secure the southern border, and that he will collaborate with Trump to do it…that is real progress and real promise.

      Trump/Cruz ’16

    • MasterDiver

      Tom Clancy saw this coming years ago. Read “Teeth of the Tiger.”

      Chris, what TC was for print, you are definitely the equivalent for cartoons. Keep hitting them, mano, right between the eyes!

      • RandyB

        Urban Legend?: After “Hunt for Red October”, Clancy got assigned a “handler” to provide him with info for his books, because what he put together from public sources for “Hunt” scared the crap out of TPTB.

        • H_B

          To be fair, he goes inside a soviet submarine reactor and mentions specific parts breaking in sequence, beginning with a simple valve coming loose, in order to cripple the power plant. I pretty much freaked when I read that myself in the ’80s. It’s also rumored he was “debriefed” by (insert “CIA”, “FBI” or “The White House” as you like) after he wrote that book.

        • RCO

          Clancy did ‘good’ research. For “Clear and Present Danger” he came to the US Army Jungle School in Panama. Our boss wasn’t happy and assigned the school XO (a not so great, SF major) to escort him around. It backfired … in the book, that XO almost became a hero.

          Clancy did walk some training patrols with us, kept up pretty well for an old man. Regardless, I love his books.

  • armedandsafe

    You should have warned me BEFORE I clicked on that link, over an hour ago.

    • Combine Pilot

      Sorry about that.

    • Unca Walt


      Me too.

    • JTC

      Warned you yesterday, right after I fell into that black hole myself, lured by that “innocent” link, damn you C.P…and thanks. 😉

  • B Woodman

    “Kebabs”. . . . an apt non-PC name, but an insult to the cuisine. I still prefer “muzzies”. . . which pisses off my sister-in-law (and other Libtards). Anything to rile up the Libtards, the RINOs, and the Islamists. In other words, almost everyone. (hehehe)

    • Iconoclast

      Mr. Woodman, I’ve adopted many & find myself principally applying the terms ‘jizzlamic / jizzlamist / jizzlam,’ ‘koranimal,’ koranderthal’ & najusa (which I’ve been told is the Arabic term for human waste products). Usually with some qualifying adjectives suggesting the terms as written are just a bit too diplomatic. BTW, Any day spent fishing or infuriating progturds is a good one; have fun needling your dolt-in-law. ;-D

      • Bob

        I prefer “sand monkey,” but I kind of limit the circumstances.

    • Peet

      B Woodman,

      You could also adopt Ann Barnhardt’s “musloid“…

    • Cliff H

      For many years the aproved terminology for these people was “Mohammedans” as it more accurately described the cult status of their so-called religion.

    • Jorge_Banner


      • RegT

        I started, a long time ago, replacing “PBUH – Peace be unto him”, the response whenever a muslim mentions the “prophet”, with “Piss be onto him”. Not that I mention mo-ham very often.

        • interventor

          Even Arab comics use FBUH — fleas be upon him, when sure of their audience.

    • Old Codger

      I’m trying to get people to switch from “Muzzie” to “Moe”. It recalls their alleged “prophet” (from what I’ve read, there is no historical evidence he even lived whereas there are near-contemporaneous references to Jesus of Nazareth) plus it likens all of them to Moe Howard – i.e. one of the three stooges.

      If you guys insist upon using “Muzzie”, how about this for a T shirt?

      Too stupid to live
      Illegal to hunt

      • Pamela

        Since when are they on the endangered species list?
        If you truly want to address the situation, consider the spread of the disease being carried. Rape- Murder-Wipe Out all Humans Domination
        Y. pestis islamplague. It is not cured with tolerance, money, clothing changes, kind words or turning the other cheek.

        • RegT

          Amen. I have been trying, in my own small way on various blogs and FB, to get exactly that message across. If these sub-human, less-than-animals were actually infected with Ebola and swarmed your country with the stated intent to infect and kill your loved ones, even some liberals would see the need to drop them where they stand.

          They are worse than that. Consider the product of their “radicalizing” (should be “orthodoxizing”) large numbers of people, or forcing them into dhimmi slavery is the same as turning them into zombies. Only head shots will do, but think of all the lives saved if we head shoot the muslims _before_ they can infect with islam or slavery.

      • Brasspounder

        Moe. I like that. Woob-woob-woob!

      • RegT

        There is also no evidence he was _ever_ in Jerusalem, yet the entire world lets the muslims cum lay claim to the Dome of the Rock as the place mohammed (piss be onto him) “ascended into heaven”.

        And the muslims/so-called “Palestinians” have been destroying Hebrew archeological evidence and antiquities under the Dome and elsewhere in Jerusalen under their current control, to erase evidence that the Jews were there – FIRST.

        And our damned government has been refusing for years to acknowledge Jerusalem as part of Israel and the capitol of Israel for many years now. They refuse to give or accept passports giving Jerusalem, Israel as the place of birth for Jews and others born there.

    • Brasspounder

      I’ve always been partial to Col. Cooper’s “goblins” myself. Allahu FUBAR.

      • RegT

        His “goblins” applied to _all_ bad guys, not just muslims.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Active groups of men are forming across Europe.
      The people are rising to protect.

    • B Woodman

      I couldn’t read much of that BS. So loaded with emotionally slanted words, “allegedly”, “asylum seekers”. Even in the midst of a real, in-their-face emergency, the BBS can’t help but fall all over it’s leftist Libtard “progressive” self.

    • GWB

      *THAT* is what a “culture war” looks like. (It goes with that great story out of Russia the other day.)

    • KathyP

      I do wonder, though, all those pictures and videos of migrating “refugees” include so few women and children. Did all those “refugees” leave them behind to fend for themselves? That’s a rhetorical question. It’s nothing less than an invasion. Soldiers of Odin patrols was inevitable.

      • H_B

        There is actually a specific term in arabic for “religious invasion via waves of immigration” – Hijrah.

  • wanweilin

    Devil with the red dress, red dress on….Devil with the red dress on.

    • Pamela

      Devil with a Red Dress could always dance on their graves.

  • B Woodman

    Okay. We’ve seen the Prelude (yesterday), and Act One (today). What’s on for Act Two tomorrow?

  • Iconoclast

    Thanks for the education, Chris. Hadn’t heard the term ‘kebab’ used as a pejorative for the koranderthal savages before. Always glad to expand my vocabulary. Seriously … and a delight to have another term that will irritate them & their domestic enablers.

    • H_B

      “Koranderthal”, that’s about as good as “rapefugees”.

    • gafling

      ‘koranderthals’ – I like it!

      ‘koranimals’ has been around for a while …

  • Remember my read from last night? Yeah. Not Travis in on this.

    • H_B

      A great old comic book.

    • Beat me to it, and with links. Well done.

  • Bill G

    Whupped up on by a woman? Uh-oh, they just lost all their sand dune cred.

  • m225

    Panel 4, about the sweater, well done. The Progressive’s/Liberal’s/ Dem’s are all about making others feel they are wrong and the reason. Look at Europe and how the heads of state are saying there fellow country people offend and must change.

    Well done Chris.

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Like Sam’s red halo . . .

    • PaulS

      Like Sam’s red everything!

      Oh, and some vocabulary building:
      Islameists, mooslames, shehadis

  • RandyB

    I like “Sand people/Tusken Raiders” as a variant. Time to go Anakin on them…

    • RegT

      The people (Fremen/”Freemen”) Paul Atreides allies himself with in Dune are meant to emulate Bedouin tribes. The story of rebellion was fun, but glorifying these barbarians is not. At least he didn’t glorify islam, just the Bene Gesserit cult, which (IIRC) did not seem to have much in common with islam.

  • Mudslimes works pretty well.

  • JTC

    In keeping with what’s going on in this ‘toon and real world, directly addressed by Cruz via Trump last night, and deriving from the pejorative for Mexicans who have taken up residence and taken over residents of parts of Tejas…it’s gotta be TexMuz.

    • H_B

      I…did not understand a word of your explanation of the provenance of “TexMuz”.

      • JTC

        Can’t help ya with wordplay comp skills, but TexMuz is the new TexMex.

        • capn

          Nope Sorry

          TexMex (Notice the order in which they are placed?) is a proud label for the mixture of Texas and Mexican cultures here in Texas.

          OT: Half of the defenders of the Alamo were of Mexican descent.

          Tex Muz means absolutely NOTHING to a Texan.

          Now Muz-invader on the other hand …

        • H_B

          That much I gathered. But I did not follow your cruz-via-trump (??) allusion sequeing into the comic and somehow relevant to a perjorative that got mentioned somewhere in there? If it helps, I didn’t see the debate.

          • JTC

            Sorry, I was being a bit willfully obscure and thought you were being willfully obtuse. Yeah, Ted commandeered Donald’s “I will build a wall” mantra and said he had someone in mind to do it while glancing sideways at Trump who wore his signature cocky smirk. I think that signals a new understanding and alliance…I certainly hope so.

            Cap’n, having grown up and worked with first, second, and third gen Cubans in Lake Okeechobee sugar country, no one knows better than I that immigrants can melt into the pot and become productive Americans. That doesn’t mean that there is universal appreciation for the fact that Cuban culture now dominates So. Fla., and the same is true for Tejas border towns. American-born Cubans who are by and large quite conservative and wear their heritage proudly, they are not very happy with the harm done to their identity and reputation by Marielitos, etc. Slang for them can be and is both endearing and pejorative in the same way that descriptors for blacks are used.

            So, TexMex? Good people by and large, but I’m betting there is a fair amount of resentment among some that culture, politics, etc. is dominated by them in good portions of Texas just as in Miami. And the tidal wave of illegals does nothing to help that attitude and in fact endangers all of the good that has been done by native Texans of Mexican heritage.

            But that harm will pale in comparison to what is to come if the relatively accepted northerly flow is hijacked by the Muz that their dear leader so desperately want to assist in their quest to overtake and overwhelm American culture and hospitality. He is using our embrace of Mexican culture against us, by forcing acceptance of huge waves of Spanish illegals from Mexico and from throughout Latin America to camouflage the influx of the muzbro, and their presence and influence and danger is being heralded right here at DBD in the Falafel Kebab by its patrons that Sam had to educate…and there’s going to be a lot more educating needed. That’s why what looks like a 21/2″ Mo. 19 Smif in Sam’s hands is the focus of the 0’s other prime goal…he wants your guns to prevent what Sam did, and he will and is using whatever methods he can to do that…and the Beast will make his efforts look like amateur hour.

            Not my intent to offend good Americans from another culture, just a bit of wordplay as I said earlier, as was the little alliteration of “taking up residence and taking over residents” of parts of Texas, just as was done in parts of Florida.

            Our best defense and offense is Trump/Cruz ’06. IMO.

      • capn

        Me either H_B.
        How did these invaders become Tex-anything?

        To JTC – Huh? Say What? Mande? Take your pick.

        Why give them ANY legitimacy on any level?
        They are invading my homeland with the permission of the Imposter-in-Chief only.
        IF any Texan gave them permission they would be progturds from the pustulent sores on Texas’ back namely Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Known hives of progturd do-gooders. ( spit )

        Translation: You Might want to clarify your statement there JTC.

        • RegT

          Wish it were the Imposter only. It would have been stopped at the start. In reality, Congress (probably 90% of it) is assisting him in this treason, instead of resisting/stopping him. And they _could_ stop hjim, if they wanted to, simply by denying funding to ANYTHING he wants to do until he stops it, or does something Congress would like him to do. Instead Boehner – and now the traitor Ryan – give him EVERYTHING he wants.

          • Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

            “… Congress {…} _could_ stop hjim, if they wanted to, simply by denying funding {…} Instead Boehner – and now the traitor Ryan – give him EVERYTHING he wants.”
            = = = = = =

            Almost makes you believe in the notion of a “Uni-Party”, with one sub-flavor marked “D” and another marked “R”, eh?

            Or maybe Codevilla’s notion of The Ruling Class — marked by its contempt for Those Icky Smelly Lesser Beings out there in the hinterlands… The Elites can’t imagine rubbing shoulders with the unsophisticated untermenschen (“Ugh – those people have dirty hands and clothes from actually WORKING.” One can almost feel them shudder at the very notion.)

            All they want from us is our votes, every two, four, or six years. As far as Our Duly-Electeds are concerned, those votes are “Certificates of Legitimacy”, allowing them to finagle, extort, and plunder –legally and guilt-free– for their entire term of office.

            BIG QUESTION:
            How to get rid of the lot of them, while staying true to Judeo-Christian values and Rule-of-Law? As somebody said, “It’s too late to vote them out, but too soon to hang them all…”

  • Turk

    A buddy of mine is a Border Patrol Agent. He has personally SEEN, and talked with other agents who have founds prayer rugs and Korans out in the desert. And this goes back almost 10 years. The Jihadis aren’t coming folks, they’re HERE.

  • Ed Sherrer

    Nope, we’re not overrun in Amarillo. Our esteemed city council tried so we voted them out for this and many other discretions. The Texas Panhandle is hangin tough.

    • Chris Muir

      Thank you, Ed, for that insight! Readers, take notice of that! 🙂

  • RegT

    Ed, any figures on how many muslims have been allowed – or snuck in to Amarillo? I know there are some in Boise, ID, of all places. (I was born in Houston, BTW.)

    • Pamela

      The Redoubt is being used for the relocations. It is not going well.
      Conservative areas are being inundated. Luckily most of the locals know how to defend themselves.

  • RegT

    Chris – I realize decorum requires Sam’s hands to be strategically placed in frame #4, but – SCREW DECORUM! Enquiring readers want to (“know” Sam?) see. “Yeah, Mom. I’m a pervert too.”

  • Spin Drift

    We had (pancreatic cancer got him) an across the street neighbor who did two tours in ‘Nam who called them sand chiggers. Of all the quotes that Clint E is famous for and the one that applies the most to the mooselimb invaders is “now get off my lawn.” Given from the barrel of a Garand.

    The only solution is to round them up figure out who is who and send them back to the hell hole they came from. The legal ones have nothing to fear and the unlegal may leave of their own accord if they know whats good for them.

    And if they are captured in the act of committing a crime then they are to be treated as invading enemy combatants and given a fair trial bu a military tribunal and then hanged by the neck until dead, rubbed with bacon and buried.

    If they mean to have war, then let it begin here.
    Pork a Jihadis in the ass tonight

    • Old Codger

      My son, who was in country so quick for Desert Shield/Storm that he helped unload the FIRST SHIP, :0 refers to them with a term similar to “sand chiggers” but the beginning sound for the 2nd word is somewhat further back in the alphabet than “ch”. Please note that my son is nobody’s bigot (he was raised to be very much kin-centric) has cousins with ancestors from Africa and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. The “n” word can apply to any person who is lazy, shiftless and generally of no account. Please note also that when I was growing up (50s & early/mid 60s) the “n” word was just the term that was commonly used to refer to those. It was NOT (so far as I knew) used as pejorative.

      • Spin Drift

        Jake the Neighbor used the other term too. He had a 22-250 that was zeroed at 1/2 a click and an AR-15 clone that was for closer work. A 1911 for closer still and a Bowie for up close and personal work. A true Amuirican who called them as he saw them 10 years before the great invasion started.

        Molon Labe

  • JTC

    Another triple-digit comment performance by the DBD gang?

    • JTC

      All signs point to YES!

  • B Woodman

    So. . . .is it time to make those “sand chiggers” that are out after dark to . . . . ummm. .. “disappear”?
    Once again, think the Four Esses, guerrilla style.

  • capn

    I bring this back up for only one reason TexMex does NOT refer to humans but to cultural influences and objects.

    There can be TexMex foods, stores (selling Mexican and Texan products), music styles and even clothing styles but a human is a Texan or a furriner.
    Illegals are called either “wet backs” or “Illegals”. No one in Texas uses TexMex in the manner you suggest.

    Notice some of the names of the towns in south Texas. They were named that Before the advent of the Republic of Texas or of the State of Texas.
    My personal favorite is named for an original family of the village and is well known for a particularly patriotic statement. Gonzales, Texas, 1835 “Come and Take It”.

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