Day By Day


  • Fox2!

    ZZ-Top shirt, indeed.

    • nonncom

      Eliminator,,,,,,that was a while ago….’82-83′?….

    • eon

      I’m reminded irresistibly of the first part of the Architects sketch on Monty Python (the bit just after the Gumbies, that is);

      I’m assuming the entire building is heavily soundproofed.

      clear ether


  • JTC

    Gotta be a one-eye one-horn purple-party people-leader wearing a hot rod XX tee of course. Instant icon.

    • JTC

      ZZ tee, but on the girls, XX hot rod works too.

      • JTC

        ZZ Top Eliminator to be exact…

        Seems appropriate.

  • Kafiroon


    Early ZZ Top.

    • Kafiroon

      Now that I am awake: Later ZZ Top.

  • Pamela

    Politics might be hard though congress critters are in doubt. Unless BIG pharma is involved.

  • Lon Mead

    “…. she might out a nightstick
    And hurt me real, real bad
    By the roadside in the desert.

    It’s got me under pressure!…”

  • WayneM

    I hear Bernie Sanders ended up being hospitalized for cardiac issues… two stints inserted etc… Although I disagree with his politics and, well, everything… I’d rather he went sulking back to New Hampshire in good health. Best of luck, Bernie… I wish you a long healthy life so you can continue to see the USA remain the beacon of liberty and safely NOT socialist… Speaking of which, did you fly to Cuba for the heart surgery?

    • eon

      Considering that just two weeks ago, Bernie was plumping for voluntary human extinction to Save the Earth, I was wondering if “Somebody Up There” replied with, “OK, you first“.

      clear ether


      • MasterDiver

        Bernie, just retire to your nice little $600,000 lakeside cottage and spend the rest of your miserable life complaining about you property taxes, like the rest of us in VT.

      • Sounds quite reasonable, HE has a way of doing such as that.

    • Bill G

      Too bad his metaphorical heart atrophied, as all socialists have had happen.

  • Punta Gorda


  • Browncoat

    “They’ve got legs, and know how to use them…”

  • SteveC

    Did we change characters between Skye and Jo going from panel one to two? Or did Skye’s shirt grow extra fabric to cover her shoulders and cleavage?

  • Henry

    What happened to Skye’s top, there?!

    • GWB

      Is that Skye? Or Jo and she shifted between frames?

    • Chris Muir


    • nonncom


  • DonS

    “One-eye one-horn purple-party people-leader”
    JTC wins! Now Chris, the logo?

    • JTC lost points for leaving out “flying”. All candidates and their mascots must fly because all candidates must pledge to reduce fossil fuel use and reducing heating demand by global warming works well with individual participation.

      And the best mascot choice is obviously the purple kitten, symbol of resistance and strength. With an alliterative and arguably musical nickname, great things are to be expected from the Purple Pussy Party.

      • JTC

        Nah, doesn’t work, ya gotta sing it, party takes the place of flying.

        No on the purple pussy too, thst’s gotta be red around here. 😉

        • It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple party leader

          Works for me.

          Why has the poor overworked artist now “corrected” himself into a different dress style for Skye between panels when the first panel still doesn’t match the previous day? Is he distraught and distracted since GlobalClimateWarmingChange will make his toilet back up?

          • JTC

            Well now that effs the whole people eater/leader homophone don’t it? Man said I won the internets today so suck it up buttercup… 😀

  • GWB

    BTW, is Travis wearing a large bottle cap on his noggin?

    • Punta Gorda

      Side effect of beer goggles.

    • Pamela

      Is that a Boonie hat…

  • Old Codger

    Why would the building need to be soundproofed?


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