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  • Merle

    AHHH, that mystery is solved! 🙂

  • JTC

    Apparently being alive is not prerequisite to sitting on the court, or running for prez. Not that it matters much when scotus has Roberts and potus has media.

    • Calvin

      I recall an instance, though not the name, of a nominee for the Supreme Court over 100 years ago. I guess in those days if you got nominated you sailed through the process automatically. Anyway, this newly minted Justice was on the train to Washington when he had a stroke. He was pretty much reduced to a near vegetative state. He peed, pooped, was fed soup, and he drooled but he was on the bench until he died a few months later. Could be an urban myth but I have heard it more than once about how someone can cling to a Justice seat.

      I wonder if RBG and HRC have interchangeable parts for their animatronics

      • John

        The very thought of camouflaged HRC sitting on the bench gives me shivers.

  • JTC

    And could Jo not complete the ensemble with a sexy little maid outfit?

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Jo would still give you the “cold shoulder”. (rimshot)
      Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.

      • WayneM

        Try the brisket… and please remember to tip the wait staff…

    • Punta Gorda

      With that hip-waist ratuo? Not needed at all. Sometimes fluffy just hides the good.

  • kadaka

    You mean Root Vader Ginsborg?

  • Delilah T.

    Ginsburg’s days are numbered, so what is the point to picking on her? Not defending her sillier pronouncements, but she doesn’t have much time left, and she will have her own demons to face at the end.

    Biden is throwing his hat into the ring. Should be – uh, interesting. Will he keep his hands to himself – EVER?

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Krazy Drunk Unkle Joe has more hands than an octopus.
      Or as my (still living) mother used to say about us children as teens, “Russian hands and Roman fingers”.

    • RBG’s days are numbered? You mean in the negatives?

      • Punta Gorda

        Look at where she is plodding on the actuarial table and get back to me….

    • TomZ.

      Under current precedent, if she resigns next year a replacement will not be considered until 2021.

      • Willie k

        That is incorrect. The Biden rule is being portrayed as an election year thing, but in fact it applies to a lame duck president, which Trump will not be until midterm 2022

  • CPQA

    I could comment that the fact that we could have a very interesting philosophical debate on sentience and the nature thereof, but the quality of debate nowadays makes Neanderthal seem eloquent by comparison. So I will leave it, with the thought: She is sentient enough to recognize she is not “alive.” Does this realization, in itself, make her sentient?

    • Calvin

      I’m pretty sure that Jo could past the Turing test. Have a lengthy conversation with a machine and be unable to distinguish between the machine and a normal human.

      • kadaka

        There are already chatbots that pass the Turing test. And personally I’ve found telemarketers who don’t.

        “Is XXXX there?”
        “Did you want Senior or Junior?”
        “He’s been dead over 12 years.”
        “I’ll try again later.”

        • John

          I sometimes wonder if Alan Turing realized just how many full fledged humans couldn’t pass his test.

  • interventor

    Love the rear (window) view of Sam and Jo. Those scrawny, little things like Ginsberg can exist for an astonishing period of time. The only thing she and I share is preferring Sapphire gin.

  • kadaka

    Tonight Show promptly brought in Katy Tur of MSNBC to discuss the Cohen testimony, she’s done and it’s only the first ten minutes of show.

    Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress today is comparable to John Dean’s congressional testimony in Watergate.

    While discussing the impact, she reminded Jimmy Fallon of how so many voters stayed home in 2020 it led to Hillary’s defeat.

    She’s heavily pregnant and complained about being on her feet all day. The DNC owes her a bonus for the PR work under strenuous conditions.

  • WayneM

    I’m curious why Sam asked if Jo was hurt… what kind of hurt?

    • Punta Gorda

      That also infers that Jo has easily crossed the uncanny-valley and is perceived as a fellow human.

      A similar observation was made about Ramona in Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near.

    • “[W]hat kind of hurt?” From the look of the first panel, I would say “butt hirt,” butt that would be too easy….

  • Tagg

    But who did she touch to pick up the maid’s structure? The maid, or perhaps the Don?

  • JTC

    The weasel Cohen says he fears there won’t be a “peaceful transition” if DT is ousted from office.

    That might be the only truth that escaped that POS’ mouth in a long time.

    All depends on the method and circumstances of the ouster.

    • LowKey

      “The weasel Cohen says he fears there won’t be a peaceful transition if DT is ousted from office.”

      Actually I believe he said he feared that there wouldn’t be a peaceful transition if Trump lost the next election. My suspicion is that Cohen is trying to set the stage for when Democrats to go all out with voter fraud in the next presidential election, any challenges or objections from Trumps camp will be labeled as a power grab and create a Constitutional crisis.

      • JTC

        In his typical weaselly language he is trying to protect himself from any retribution for what he knows he is doing, adding to the lies of his new lords to give them ammunition to take down Trump, as expanded on below any means necessary is justified…a lot like muzzie law ain’t it? He is scared and hoping they will protect him, ha!

        Anyway, what the current push for impeachment is all about is continued obstruction for the balance of this term and creating out of wholecloth the tools to steal the election in ’20, so correct that is the ouster he is speaking of.

  • Halley

    “Would that I were a woman, Lazarus!”

    (couldn’t resist)

  • Ray Van Dune

    The Democrats have clearly gone batshit crazy. I don’t think enough of them realize:
    a) how they are burning their brand to the waterline even among the Lo-Fos, and
    b) how it will be SHTF-time if they drive Trump from office. I try to be a non-violent man, but that would be a bridge too far for me, and wayyyy too far for many others.

    They are playing with and don’t even seem to know it!

    • JTC

      As I referenced above, Cohen told them that flat out. They should listen to “their” lawyer. Or former lawyer.

      But to them and their limited grasp of history and reality, that end would justify any means…unaware of whose end it would mean.

      • John

        Historically speaking “The end justifies the means.” is the whole operational philosophy of the Democratic Party. Rules and Laws are just a means to an end and defying them is as well.
        The DP is a coalition of overgrown children and abusive adults, both intent on having it _their_ way and to hell with civilization.

  • Ray Van Dune

    I meant to say the Dems are were playing with “Fire”, and used a little flame emoji, but it did not show up in the text when I posted.

  • interventor

    The Democrats are so desperate to find a Russian under every bed, that Adam Schiff ordered twin beds. His wife, not only agreed, but suggested separate bedrooms to increase the odds.


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