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  • JTC

    “A mother worries.”

    Add dads and grand dads to that worry list.

    And justifiably so. That land or that million or those billions ain’t worth squat if you can’t use them for your own benefit, in peace, with tranquility.

    Yes there is interest and interests. And we had best act to protect ours.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “A mother worries”.
    Yes, and so do fathers. But differently.
    It’s built into the parent DNA, since God created Adam and Eve.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    Sam, all I can offer is this advice, “Bring up a child in the way they shall go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it”.
    Or, another, “as the twig is bent, so the tree inclines”.
    And from what I can see that Chris chronicles, you’re all doing a fine job. Not gonna stop you from worrying, but I think the future will be ok in the children’s hands when they mature.
    Never stop being you, Sam.

  • Ultracon

    I would expect them to be their mother and father’s daughter and son. No trace of the evil sister……..

  • kadaka

    “when we’re old”

    The “Democratic” Socialists think you’re already too old and it’s all you old peoples’ fault that you haven’t fixed anything and left this mess for them to clean up. Bad adults, bad!

    And you don’t NEED all that land anyway, no person does. There’s a lot of people whose ancestors never got their 40 acres so you’re going to be made to surrender your share of that bill now due, just as soon as the DSA takes over from you fossils. It’s coming!

  • WayneM

    A big part of the reason why the EU is swirling the bowl for a number of reasons and one of the main reasons, in my humble opinion, is the number of national leaders who are childless. As such, they don’t look beyond the here & now…

  • Punta Gorda

    Runter en den bunker.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Beware the lawyers.

  • kadaka

    Important Narrative Update!

    Dayton shooter used a gun that may have exploited an ATF loophole

    Even though it looked like a rifle, the gun used to kill nine people and wound at least 14 more was likely classified as a pistol, skirting around laws restricting short-barreled rifles.

    Will the device on Connor Betts’ weapon, called a “pistol brace,” become the next bump stock in nation’s gun control debate?

    Another “gun loophole” has been discovered. The stabilizing brace is the next “bump stock”. Plan accordingly.

    • GWB

      Not surprising. The issue of pistol “braces” has been problematic for a while. It was fairly recently where several products were ok’ed by the BATFE as within the guidelines. I expect those guidelines to change now.

      It should be viewed as unconstitutional to allow the executive branch to define things like that.

      • PaulS

        Hey, “If they can deem it okay, they can deem it NOT okay.” All part of their plan.
        If only they would read,More guns, less crime.
        And what the hell, this wasn’t much worse than the usual DC, Detroit, Chicago week, not to mention Baltimore. Without those in the stats the US looks like Sweden for gun crime.

        • The 300

          If their push for gun control had anything to do with crime, they might get something out of reading More Guns, Less Crime. Unfortunately, their push for gun control has nothing to do with crime.

    • Norm

      So it was technically a pistol, not a rifle. Pistols typically have more restrictions on their purchase than rifles. Not much of a loophole, says this shooter. More of a “technicality”.

      Just got back from the nationals at Camp Perry. I made the “President’s 500” in rifle. I used to make the President’s 150 in pistol when I could hold it still enough.

      PS The joke is that the match is called the President’s 100. We had over 1300 rifle shooters this year.

  • GWB

    Dangit. I was hoping for a follow-on from yesterday’s strap-dropping.

    • WayneM

      Yeah, there is that…

      • JTC

        Instead we get beefcake. Ew.

        Well I guess that makes some people happy.

        Thanks a lot Pamela!

        • Pamela

          Now that I’m done cleaning the screen, you are most welcome JTC 😉

  • JTC

    Speaking of interest, the excellent little basic AR platform S&W Sport jumped from 535.00 to 667.00 overnight at Bud’s. The generally higher PSA is unchanged so far at 599.00 both ship free and both are non-taxed to out of state buyers so still a solid deal even with your FFL’s fee added. But it is another example of the same old same old rhetoric of lefty grabbers; they never learn that they just increase sales (and invite a little opportunism from suppliers) every time they open their mouths with their pretend concern that masks their true motives. Can you say “unintended consequences”? Idiots.

  • Spin Drift

    Trump just saved the gun and ammo industry. Another day, another game to play, welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. This time don’t give an inch, their will be gnashing of teeth and wailing of breast in the MSM but the Cabal will sacrifice the masses to achieve their goals. And that goal is to thin the herd, remove those that would oppose enslavement, kill those that still stand for liberty and rule whats left. Resist and understand that they brought this fight to your door, you did not go looking for it but it your solemn duty to end it. Better you than your children.

    “If they mean to have war, let it begin here.” Col Parker

    • Punta Gorda

      “$%%$# damn look at all the Indians!”

      —George Armstrong Custer.

  • kadaka

    Narrative Note: Besides the stabilizing brace, which is pictured without the arm straps thus arguably not usable as intended, the weapon used an Anderson lower. TV news had a closeup showing logo and serial number. The murderous leftist had only bought the lower. And I think I recognize the $299 PSA build kit.

    Since only Kalifornia afaik requires specifying what it’s for, another “loophole” is declaring the lower “other” on the paperwork. As it could become either pistol or rifle, “other” hampers gun tracking efforts, which is needed to enforce registration and confiscation.

    For those of us not in the anti-2A areas with insane handgun restrictions, we should follow the rules. Build a pistol lower, carbine gas, even scribe “pistol” under the serial #, take pictures for evidence. Then you can swap buffer tubes for a standard stock, always have an upper at least 16″, and use your legal rifle. By “first built as” you’ve preserved the pistol option and can switch back.

    • JTC

      How deep and effective is the innoculation for the “common sense” measure of universal background checks/closing the nonexistent gunshow-internet loophole? Here’s a good example:

      Today I met my Israeli transplant American citizen wholesale and refinery broker at my office to take advantage of a big recent spike in gold spot price to liquidate 32K of old estate jewelry stock. He had finally decided to obtain a decent carry weapon, got his CCW (CWP in Fla) with no problem and went to his friend pawnbroker FFL in Lauderdale to buy a new single stack Glock 9. With a flawless history other than coming from Israel he expected no issue on the NICS but he got a hold. And that was in frickin’ April; with three follow-up contacts by the dealer and himself, they have still not lifted it or changed the response to approved. Now it’s been a while since I was on the other side of the glass but it used to be there were three possible NICS responses, A for approved, N for non-approved, and C for conditional approval if they could not give final determination in three days, but with the caveat that if it came back later as a non, the feds could contact local leos to come to his house to take back the gun and/or haul his ass off for improper acquistion, presumably depending on what the N was for. That might be different now because he is under the impression that there is an unlimited hold period. But either way he is not at all anxious to take the chance on having the cops come to his house if it came to that. So he still waits.

      Now this is a guy that leaves the downtown Miami jewelry district every morning after the Brinks truck comes with 100K in cash in his satchel to make his statewide rounds of his dealers who mostly insist on and need cash settlement for their operations, and then the cash is replaced in the satchel by 102K in gold including their margin of 2% plus or minus. Think he might need a tool of deadly defense?

      Anyway he had never been told of the historical and Constitutional exemption of private buyers and sellers (unlicensed persons in ATF parlance) so I told him about the National Private Armory (NPA) and his totally legal (for now) access to it for just such a situation as his plus the huge side benefit of these transactions being effectively immune from the “registration and confiscation” threat that Kadaka mentions above.

      And even after all of that explanation he said he thinks all transactions should be vetted through a dealers FBI NICS process. Why? Because he knows he is legit and has nothing to hide and figures because he has had it pounded into him that anybody who chooses to assert these rights must have something to hide, is a stolen gun runner, or a gang banger looking for an untraceable hit piece. Unbelievable, and yet he is not alone even among those on our side who have bought that whole reasonable restriction BS hook line and sinker.

      All of which is my way of telling you that although nothing otherwise substantive is likely to come of this latest “national conversation on gun violence” blood dance, this cherished and invaluable right is at great risk for just those reasons…even, sadly, likely to be something that PDJT might be likely to toss like a bone to the hyenas, thinking (and not totally wrongly) that even his supporters would favor it.

      I sure hope we don’t let that happen. The NPA is the last bastion of private commerce in this critical and protected right. Defend it!

      • kadaka

        “might be likely to toss like a bone to the hyenas”

        Example: These “stabilizing braces” were theoretically meant to be strapped to the forearm, but you don’t see people do that since you’re inconveniently strapping the gun to your hand. Instead they “occasionally” shoulder the brace. If it looks like a stock and is used like a stock…

        So instead specify a brace must look like a brace, like with a forearm crutch with a cuff that you slip or snap your arm into for extra support, that you can quickly release from. It serves the specified purpose, and if it seems bulky and can’t be shouldered then no big deal, assistive technology frequently is that way.

        What’s wrong with that?

      • Pamela

        And if your friend were doing business in Israel, he would be carrying heavier armament with no worries.


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