Day By Day


    • Grunt GI

      Agreed JTC…Happy naked Sam is back…Trump continues on a roll…liberal heads continue to explode…all in all…a good first week.

      Now let’s get back to work at the DDQ ladies…Making Bobbehs Great Again..MBGA

      • Grunt GI

        Watching the RINOs try and suck up to the Donald has been very, very amusing…especially all the military/foreign policy experts, some of whom I have respect for, whine that they aren’t getting called for jobs.

        Well, dumb shits, shoulda kept your mouths shut. I wouldn’t want you in my Administration either.

    • Unca Walt

      How do you say “Oh, shit!” in Chinese?

      Lessee: “Fahn jeela!” might work (I wrote it phonetically, not using the Yale Romanization.)

  • Yawn.

    When you have to constantly hammer the point home, your point is pointless.

    Yeah, yeah, Tootsie, we get it – you’ve had ovaries. Big deal. When you gonna do something about that PMS crap?

    • Vince

      But, but… it means everything to have ovaries.
      On a side note my mother would be wanting to fly out and start hitting a few of these ‘feminists’ about the head and shoulders with her hand bag.

    • Kafiroon

      Not having any… Of what great life enhancing value are they if they are never put to use?
      On second thought… I don’t care.

    • WayneM

      Delilah, if someone found a solution to PMS, that would take away the pain…

    • Thundercloud65

      That was my absolute favorite skit from Laugh In. I haven’t seen it since it first aired. Thank you, Pamela for posting it!

  • KenH

    At this point, don’t you think screaming “I HAVE A VAGINA!!” along with “IT’S MY TURN!!!” should be pretty much beaten to a pulp and buried??

  • Spin Drift

    Another feminazi I would stick with your dick. Jeez would these people give it up already. Nobody cares about your ranting other than the lame stream mediots.

    Set phasers to stun and here’s a red shirt and please go behind that rock.

    • Pamela

      Sheesh. I could say something about the run on strap-ons at the local sex shops when they hit town but that would be silly. I feel sorrow for them. That they will never know love. A life without love is crippling.
      A cold life, lonely home and empty bed is no way to live. Damnable pride.

      • Grunt GI

        Yea. But they assume their cats will keep them warm.
        That and all their Employee of the Month awards.

        • Lucius Severus Pertinax

          ….and then die alone and be eaten by said cats.
          I feel sorry for the cats….

          • Spin Drift

            It’s like I said a few days ago, Soylent Cat Chow. and I want to make a correction, it should have been “wouldn’t stick with your dick.”

            Forget the strap-on, I’d want the battery concession.

          • Pamela


            Most of the newer toys have an internal rechargeable battery and a charger cord. You might want the lubricant concession instead. The really good stuff is expensive.

        • doc

          they have jobs?

          • Thundercloud65

            They probably have government jobs.

            Theirs is like being on permanent vacation.

            The only thing they are very, very good at is interfering with the few people who actually do the work. That and creating red tape for the average citizen to deal with.

  • skoot

    ‘Scuse me, but by her own standard, woman gave us Jack the ripper,jeffery Dahmer,stalin, Lenin, Hitler…………should I continue??

    • Redleg

      Just one more. It was a woman that gave us Hillary.

    • You left out Ted Bundy, the Green River Killer, John Gacey, Al Capone, Jack the Ripper….
      Shall I go on?

      • Crawdaddy Loon

        To me, the real question is “Who didn’t they give us with their 61 Million abortions since 1973!”

        • Who didn’t they give us? Why, they spared us a couple of generations of their clones, of course.

  • JTC


    “Woman” according to God’s plan, gave us, all of us, life. What we do with it, to a greater or lesser degree, is up to us.

    And lately a MAJORITY of us have decided to go in a different direction. That pisses the minority off. And that the direction we have chosen is being orchestrated by someone who talks the talk AND walks the walk REALLY pisses them off…they are not used to that last part.

    So it’s understandable, and mostly innocuous…let them talk and scream and march and lie as they always have. It will be just as effective opposing real change as it was in proposing fake change.

    They can keep talking, and I can keep ignoring them, no matter how loud or obscene they are, and no matter how many celebriturds join the show.

    So if you REALLY want to piss them off the most, ignore them. They hate that, and they don’t understand it. But there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.

    • Chris Muir

      Man AND Woman give life, unless it really is Immaculate Conception.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        For many of these harridin harpies, it really will be immaculate conception. The closest they’ll get to a man is a turkey baster at a sperm bank.

        • JTC

          Not too much difference between the baster method and the dip ‘n go baby-making methods of way too many men. And to place blame where it rightfully belongs, that probably has more to do with this whole “woman, unilateral giver and gatekeeper of life” shit than anything else. Kids need Dads, not sperm donors.

          • GWB

            Of course, that concept was ennobled by the detruction of the family the progs push, along with the welfare state. It’s a vicious cycle that the progressives have put us in.

        • Bill G

          Back a while, I often claimed that Chelsea C.’s family pictures on her college desk were of Hildamort and a baster.

          • Thundercloud65

            A good friend of mine worked at a large hospital as an RN in their maternity ward.

            One day a lesbian couple showed up to give birth to a baby.

            She asked the doctor how they managed to conceive. The doctor told her it involved two gay men, a rubber, and a turkey baster.

            This incident happened in the early 90’s. I’ll bet the kid was probably at the DC rally. The Lesbian couple told the doc that if the baby was a boy they wanted a abortion.

      • xdcpd085

        Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston song from 1966:
        “It Takes Two….”

      • JTC

        Of course, got the immaculate reference, nice slap-down.

        My in-quotes “woman” was because I was responding in particular to the comment by skoot…”by her own standard”…

      • MJ Larkins

        There was only one Immaculate Conception.

        2 if you count Franco Harris…

        • JSStryker

          That was the “Immaculate Reception” I saw that play as a kid watching it live on tv.

        • Paladin

          You ever notice that you always see that clip close up, ball half way in the frame? It hit the ground! The referees were afraid the would not get out of the stadium alive.

      • Parthenogenesis usually only occurs in frogs, fish (e.g., sharks), reptiles and birds.

        It does NOT happen in humans because mammal fertilization requires the TRIGGER (love that word) called gene expression from male sperm. Claims of parthenogenesis have been tested and found to have genetic differentiation indicating insemination by a male partner. Like it or not, these silly bitches still have to have the wigglers if they want to crank out kiddies, and I pity their poor offspring.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      As an alternative to ignoring the harridin harpies of the Libtard Left, LAUGH at them. Three ways…..Long. Loud. Often. I know of no Libtard with a sense of humor. They l take themselves too, too seriously.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    It takes two to tango. Or in the case of creating children, the horizontal mambo.

    • Pamela

      *looks at Woodman over glasses*

      Only Horizontal?

      • JTC

        Ha! The resident author/practitioner of Kama Sutra v.2 won’t take that lying down!

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        That’s the only one I could immediately think of that references to a dance move.
        Don’t try to teach daddy how to steal eggs. (looks back over own glasses, blows a kiss, smiles)

        • Pamela

          I have a lot of recipes for eggs, and I prefer the Tango…

  • Fox2!

    Why don’t Baptists have sex standing up?

    It might turn into dancing.

  • I’m laughing too hard at many of these comments to say what I might. Good stuff!

  • Calvin

    Is it belaboring the point that it was a female who gave life to everyone that is up and walking about? Not some guy who thinks he is a woman, wears a dress, or has had body parts sliced and diced. A woman is a woman and a man is a man for better or worse.

    • Kafiroon

      Unless you are on the snowflake campus grounds of our “elite betters”.
      They are the only ones capable of conceiving of innumerable other genders.

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        Ahhh, but those other genders cannot conceive and have children. It comes down to the basics of two.

        • Kafiroon

          Go ahead. Try explaining that to them. They are the “enlightened ones.”

  • jackdeth72



    “Boom Shakka Lakka
    Shakka Lakka Lakka Boom!”

    • Great, now I’ve got that stuck in my head!

      It’s going to be a long day of ear worm hell!

      • Pamela

        I loved that episode

        • S Hooks

          I really miss good science fiction, especially in light of the absolute hash that J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin have made of Star Trek.

  • Bill G

    Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King…and how many of potential greatness have been aborted in the name of “A Woman’s Right To Choose”?


    • Pamela

      *snicker snort*

      A good healthy attitude regarding the changes it brings does not mean you have to change in heart, mind and the physical enjoyment of life and sex.

      Pity the fools as they are their own worse enemies, and some one else is always at fault.

  • Dread

    Just as males that don’t appreciate vaginas are malforned distortions of a true man, so are females that lack an appreciation for penises, malformed distortions of a true female. Yet, these people are somehow to be admired instead of pitied? Such is the character of all of the distortions of derangement that the left promotes as facts of life and laws of the universe. Liberalism must be the ultimate form of insanity.

  • IsaGuy

    She seems to forget that a male actually provided half the genetic material for each of those people.

    Yeah, “immaculate conception” is clearly her belief.

  • PaulS

    Speaking of dogs, what happened to Bo?

    • Thundercloud65

      Probably the same thing that happened to the Clintons cat Socks. Discarded because it was merely a political prop. The original negative stories about Hillary booting Socks mostly disappeared from the net when she ran for president.

      If Obama boots Bo the MSM will cover it up. It took him months to decide what breed which tells me that neither he or Michelle had any experience at all with dogs in their past.

    • Ah, yes, what dog breed to choose!

      Damn, it just breaks my heart to go to a shelter and see all the homeless pit bulls, homeless because they aren’t aggressive enough to fight, and other dogs that became a PIA because the kids who wanted them lost interest in 15 minutes and didn’t want to walk them.

      What those idiots should have gotten was that windup yapping toy. I think it was a pink plush poodle or something.

    • John D. Egbert

      Rumor has it that the Clintons’ dog, Buddy, didn’t die via accident; he jumped into Hillary’s lap — and froze to death.

  • March Hare

    Minor correction: “Immaculate Conception” means “conceived without sin.” It is not the same as a “Virgin Birth,” which needs no sexual intercourse with a male.

    Question: can parthenogenesis result in male offspring if the chromosomes come only from the mother?

    • Since parthenogenesis doesn’t result in genetic differentiation, the offspring basically are clones of the mother.
      There’s one species of frog that clones itself, and another species that can change sex from female to male at will if there are not enough males in the area to breed.

  • NotYetInACamp

    As she is speaking at an event sponsored by Islam, i suggest that she supports Islam. As such, she is a naked slut displaying her body in public. She is now available to any Muslim that would take her.
    Additionally, get her pussy and all her friends pussies down to the mosque and have your genitals cut off as per current Muslim behavior.
    A repeat of an idea, but I like the English infowars guy’s take.

    • Yeah, but – but – but— oh, I simply can’t answer that with a straight face. I just can’t.

      • NotYetInACamp

        🙂 No. Not really possible is it. They play a great theater of the absurd, and myself, I hand them all of the rope to take care of themselves.
        Once cut off and Islam correct, they can’t bite back.

      • I am waiting breathlessly for the other shoe to drop.

        It’s almost a nightmarish version of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, which was itself an intended nightmare.

        • Pamela


          That other shoe is not going to drop, it has been chewed on for the last eight years and is a distant memory covered in drool.

        • By the ‘other shoe’, I meant the reality smack in the face these dumb broads will get if/when they decide that the snake is what they should follow. Wipe away the drool, and you see the trail of slime the snake leaves… and they’ll follow it… right down the snake’s hole.

    • Pamela

      This reinforces something I have thought for a long time.
      That the progenitor of said snake oil was incapable of satisfying any woman for whatever reason. Since he needed to save face for his lack of prowess, women were required to be clipped from one degree to another for the sake of hygiene. This would prevent them from finding a Man who could make the earth move and the stars explode.


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