Day By Day


  • Too Tall

    Tucker, check six.

    You and Travis appear to be standing in a minefield in the middle of a kill box.

  • Dayum! Oh shit!

  • JTC

    What the hell is that girl nearly wearing?

    Not much coverage so she’s gotta be cold. But she is absolutely hot.

    The Texican gal, not so much. But likely a lot safer. So good choice Trav…I guess.

    • JTC

      I meant Tuck. See, Chris ain’t the only one can’t keep his characters straight. 🙂

    • interventor

      She’s nearly wearing swim suit, that’s popular now. OK, popular with me, for certain.

      • JTC

        Just looked back, you’re right, still with the swimmin’ hole outfit…which must mean Sam is still in that Dicksie I mean Dixie micro bikini…

        Can I get a Rebel yell??

        • John D. Egbert

          Yee-e-e Haw-w-w-w . . .

        • Too Tall

          She cried, more, more, more…

    • JIMV

      Heck, and I was going to say she was overdressed!

  • Aaaaand, what happened to Tucker’s ‘stache? I got this “posting comments too fast” message. No “edit comment” function.

    • Dang I forgot it!

      • RBMcCloskey

        Chris, do you have a list of who is who?

        • Chris Muir

          Click the About button top right of the page.

        • Too Tall

          Missing data:
          Zed’s mother died at birth, and his father Wade, a former member of the 101srAirborne and U.S. Marshal raised him by himself.

          Sam’s and Skye’s father was a red-headed Irishman who abandoned them and their mother Kimiko. After the girls were grown, Kimiko married Jan’s father, Don Luciano de la Portago, the richest man in Argentina (“he IS Argentina”). He bought Iceland out of bankruptcy and gave it to his granddaughter Kavanaugh as a present on her birth. His grandson Javier is, like his father Damon, a coding whiz, but has far surpassed him. Javier is responsible for the Terminators, Dogs, and other high-tech in the strip.

          Naomi was a Colonel in the Israeli Defense Force, who served as Zed’s spotter early in his career as an Army/CIA sponsor. She is the only woman in the strip who has ever intimidated Sam.

          (Dimitri) Anatoli was a Russian helicopter pilot on Zed’s final mission in Afghanistan. A wounded Zed saved ‘Toly’s life with his last operational shot as a sniper, taken from the door of an H-60 Blackhawk helicopter. Zed’s callsign is “Cockroach” because he is viewed as nearly impossible to kill.

          Travis and Zed were former colleagues. Travis became an FBI agent, as is Suzy Q. They left the FBI over the criminal abuses of the prior administration and the Deep State.

          Zed’s former boss at the Agency is the “Godfather,” and is godfather to Sam’s and Zed’s twins Mari and Kiko.

          • Just Joe

            Nice job on the details TT, thanks.

          • Chris Muir

            I used that excellent summation,TT-it’s now on the about page!

          • Too Tall

            Need to modify it to read “Zed’s mother (Catherine?, I never get her name right) died while giving birth to him….” instead of “at birth….”


        He looks even more like Burt Reynolds now

    • Saaruuk

      I dunno…..with that ‘stache Tucker looks a lot like Burt Reynolds.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    MORTOR!!!! INCOMING!!!!!!!!

    • John M.

      Mortar, or Mordor? All in all, I think I’d rather try to destroy the One Ring than have two women “upset” with me at the same time in the same place.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Been there. Done that. Lived.

        • Too Tall

          Yeah, but how much scar tissue?

          • Pamela

            Do you need a kiss to make it better?

          • Too Tall

            An offer you can’t refuse….

            A scar is just a tattoo with a better story.

          • NotYetInACamp


  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    I’m surprised that Travis’ Shiner isn’t too hot to hold.

  • Kafiroon

    Dunno about those two, maybe too many Shiners.
    Self preservation inspired me even when a few sheets to the wind in my young and foolish days of girlfriends.
    Especially too many at one time.

    • John M.

      Too many Shiners, or too many girlfriends?

      • Too Tall


        • Kafiroon


  • WayneM

    Skye, you had your shot at Tucker and you messed it up. Getting mad ain’t gonna change that… but feel free to keep stomping off.

    • “I hate to see you leave, but I looooove to watch you go”.

  • Pamela

    That look from Skye is cold enough to freeze sperm.

    • Too Tall


      In providing a property description of a waterfront house that a few single F-18 pilots rented near us, I casually mentioned that it came with “hot and cold running blondes.”

      That earned me THE look from my beloved wife, as she asked: “Which were the cold ones, and how did I know?

  • One Hurt Locker, comin’ up.

  • sgtcpt

    The Chinese character for trouble is derived from an older pictogram representing two women under one roof. I would display the better part of valor gentlemen.

  • PaulS

    Fire in the Skye!

  • Larry

    That’s a nice outfit Skye almost has on.

  • Old Codger

    Somebody needs to tell Travis that the reason beer bottles have necks is so you can hold ’em there and not get most of the beer warm. Necked beer bottles are a feature! Who knew?

    Thus endeth the lesson. Tomorrow the Old Codger will explain why glass ketchup bottles have such small necks and thus why ketchup is so damned hard to get out of the bottle.

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    There yah go, Travis: Yah stepped right in the product Texas is best known fer.


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