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  • Merle

    Huh? Where is this going???

  • Q is someone. Or something (A.I.?). But I’ve been paying attention.

  • Too Tall

    Well played, Chris. Well played, indeed.

    It takes a rare mixture of chutzpah and deftness to address the topic of “Q,” whoever he may be.

    Word play and all, you may have provided the most coherent and logical explanation to date. It is also an explanation that works on many levels.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I haven’t been reading “Q”, but I’ve heard about him, and the shit that he stirs. I’m all for him/them, as long as they can expose the rot in Mordor-on-the-Potomac.
    I wanna see perp walks. I wanna see “silver bracelets”. I wanna see trials. I wanna see heavy sentencing for these arrogant elitist authoritarian sons-a-bitches, male or female.
    (I don’t ask much, do I?)

    • Fox2!

      Gurneys behind two-way mirrors

  • WayneM

    ‘M’ looks almost as tall as Comey… Coincidence, I’m sure…

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

      Nah, not unless Zed is 6’8″ as well, see last frame, same height.

  • Z-man51

    Couldn’t be “Lurch” as the only way he’d know anything about DD is through fibber reports by ex-agent Smith. I doubt very seriously “Lurch” has any positive options about DD considering their conservative ways and his overt support of demoncraps, especially the Hildabeast.
    I doubt Zed and the others would consider inviting “Lurch” to a DR BBQ for any logical reason. In fact, I strongly believe “Lurch” would take a “helicopter ride” or be “eaten” by the Dawgs seconds after stepping on the property unless he was heavily protected.

    • TomZ

      How did former secretary of state John ‘I served in Vietnam’ Kerry get into the discussion?

      • Z-man51

        LOL! Sorry, Lurch is the label our group (mainly retirees/veterans of the military, LEOs and FF/EMS) gave ex-fibber head Comey due to his height, p!$$es-off look and limited “Me no-like Trump” vocabulary.
        Our label for the ex-sos is highly obscene and physically impossible.

  • David M

    The IC is my customer. All of it. I’m not a big shot by any means, but in my fairly active life on Twitter I disbelieve Q. I believe it is someone like me with some access, yes, but largely speculating and making educated guesses. But I specifically do not follow them, partially due to tracking prevention, but mostly because I think it is “Just a guy” maybe higher up than me (would not be hard to achieve that). Again, I’m nobody, not claiming to be deep inside, just a sales guy covering the entire IC & avidly reading politics on Twitter…

    • 1.”Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”
      9.”The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

  • Old Codger

    Something occurred to me Friday. I offer it here for your consideration/comment.

    If “To a hammer everything looks like a nail.”
    Would not “To a racist everything looks like racism.” not be equally true?

    • Ragutis


    • PaulS

      And if you are not racist, ya just don’t see it everywhere, in fact you actually see the real thing clearly and it’s really not that common, just noisy, and always accusing others.

    • NanGee

      Yes. In psychology it’s also called “projection”.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Here is a young, clean, well spoken (Isn’t that what Biden said about the Obama?) Aussie-USA dual citizenship holding half breed. She speaks well most of the time and is a fresh look at what a funny sounding Aussie-USA accented person is having to put up with in free speech impaired Australia these days.
      She deserves the exposure. Sydney Watson in: You aren’t racist for hating multiculturalism (Run time 9:08)

  • Halley

    One does occasionally read things that sound too “inside” to be mere speculation or opinion, and one does, occasionally, find anonymous online comments later coming verbatim out of the mouths of the famous and powerful. Who knows who is, and who is not, reading this right here?

    Speaking of inside and outside, it made my week that Shania outed herself, despite the needless “apology”. Perhaps more MAGA celebrities, not just rappers, will be emerging from the dark shadows of the ThoughtPolice.

    Would Candace Owens make an impressive DayByDay cameo? Yes, I believe she would…

    • NanGee

      Kanye would be more impressive. The problem with Kanye is whether or not he’s sane when he supports The Donald.

  • JTC

    The context may differ and the methods evolve, but there’s always been those willing and able to be Deep Throat…frustrated periphery player yearning for some intrigue and infamy. There is no patriotism or magnanimity here; quite the opposite. What drives him/it is the same as what drives mass and/serial killers.

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

    Yeah I’m totally lost on the real world “Q” thing, some sort of pro Trump inside guy in the IC? Damn single letter nom de plume makes it hard to weed thru the chaff in my googlin’

    • John

      Which, of course, is the point. It would be too easy if google did all the work.

  • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

    Never mind, found a page at Newsweak of all places that pointed me in the right direction, time to do some catchin’ up.

    • JTC

      At first I read that as Newspeak.


  • Bill

    WTF?!? Who? He or she or an it? We’re going to need a cartoon to explain the cartoon.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I, Q?
    Aye, Q!

  • S'aaruuk

    The real question being which one? “Q”, the genius gadgeteer who supplied James Bond with all those fabulous toys, or “Q” the immortal pain-in-the-ass who’s only decent contribution was to drive Capt. Jean Luc Picard to near distraction?

    Inquiring minds minds wanna know. 😀

    • Chris Muir


    • TomZ

      He also bothered Sisco ONCE.
      He also bothered Janeway quite a bit.

  • JTC

    M’s really gotta be something to poke Zed like that and get such a reserved and respectful response.

    My first real job at 18 was in a mill as helper to a grizzled (he was probably only in his 40’s but he seemed grizzed to me) ex-Marine welder who was truly an artist with a torch and an electrode. Within about a year under his eye I was as good or better than anyone else on the crew…except him.

    He often called me Mullet, don’t know why. It drove me crazy, but I let him do it. Had occasion recently to do a little oxy/acetylene torch work and arc welding on a little motorcycle trailer I was rebuilding, and forty years on I could still hear Johnny’s voice, “slow down Mullett!”, and I did a pretty damn good job.

    Something very similar happened when I left that work at 24 to go into the pawn/gun/jewelry/coin antiquities biz under another old grizzled dude, this one a French Jew from NY named Bergeron who knew more than anyone in Palm Beach County about all those things; again within a year I was pretty good too taught. He had a name for me also which he occasionally used, which I won’t mention here but which I let him do. That one went on to give me a pretty good forty year career.

    I thank both of them in my mind pretty often; other than my Dad -he who taught me to do a gut-check and a mirror-check every morning “if you can look into your own eyes you can look into anyone’s eyes without fear” , no one had such an effect on me or earned my undying respect and gratitude so much.

    Might be something like that but on badass operator steroids with M and Z.

    • NotYetInACamp

      You were lucky.
      I had libraries and obtained books as my main mentors. Books contain so much.
      I taught myself much from there on. Friends helped.
      For some parts my father was a genius, but now I see that he was horribly damaged, and I long knew that only some of his ideas had value. His scientific and mechanical and engineering knowledge had value. He had some friends of value and some of great power. He married my mother which was the best move he made in this world.
      I believe that I was offered jobs and mentoring by people whose values I could not follow. Such were turned down. Sort of like Old Man Potter offer of buying out Jimmy Stewart’s character in the famous movie. Due to the attacks, I got the horror of the no zuzu petals, but I have destroyed the powers of many Old Man Potter’s in my time. Most had no idea where truth came from. I can look into my own eyes and anyone’s eyes without fear and …..
      I still have 30 good years left by family history. And these are very interesting times.

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