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  • merle

    I’m lost who was it that got her own room???

    • Don D.

      Jan when she was a youngster.

    • Carmen,Damon & Jan’s daughter

      • merle

        Ok, thank you.

    • Allen L Treco

      Isn’t that Mia?

  • Shonkin

    What is Kimiko saying? (Looks something like “Sayonara.”)

    • Stephen R Miller

      I think Chris was going for a literal translation of “Damn right!” but he missed by a bit. “Chikushou” (the first 5 characters) does correlate with “damn” as a mild curse word, but “mugi” (the last character) is “right” as in the opposite of “left.” 確かにの! (Tashika ni no!) might work better to convey Kimiko’s emphatic agreement.

      Sorry, Chris, I’ll stop nerding. Merry Christmas, brother.

      • Stephen R Miller

        Erg. “Migi,” not “mugi.” *Now* I’m done nerding.

    • David Wright

      My guess is it’s supposed to be “damn right”.

      Pronunciation would be chikushou migi.

      • Chris Muir

        Yup. Ah, well.

    • James McEnanly

      According to my hand held translator, it is “ChiKusho Right”

  • Chip in Florida

    I got my beautiful wife. Yes its the same gift I got for the last thirty years and its the one I look forward to the most every year.

    • I proposed to my beautiful wife 40 years ago, right after Midnight Mass.

    • And as I know I’ve mentioned but still can’t quite get my head around, this is my 50th Christmas with my girl, having gotten married just exactly one week before, both of us 17, and let’s just say Mary wasn’t the only one who was “with child” that Holy Night. Crazy, but worked out better than I had or have any right to expect or even pray for.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    What do you have?
    What would you trade it ALL for to get?
    That is what it is Worth….

    • JTC

      A provoking observation.

      Related, the tag line at the old dead Pawnbroker blog is “Price. Cost. Value. Not the same things.”

      Shocking how many just do not grok that. A great many of them are politicians.

  • cb

    Got… content to be content. Oh, and a beer : )

  • the chicken of depression

    wait, what happened to the old DB4GT??

    • Aston is making 15 brand new 1964 DB4’s at 3 mil a pop.

  • JTC

    Just an awesome job Chris…

    I’ve got things I could say about every panel but I am just dazzled by it all.

    So I’ll just say that among all my gifts from God and Santa, of course that all three children and their children came home for Christmas, and that all are happy and healthy is at the top of the list.

    But right near the top one of my favorite gifts is the humor, discussion, entertainment and education that I get right here every day. Thanks for that.

  • RHT447

    Got promoted to Grandpa this Christmas.

    I have a mission now–to be around long enough to tell the little guy about those who
    went before him.

  • Pamela

    Christmas Eve 1982 I conceived our Son

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Time displacement quantum field.
    Saaaaaay. Is Javier working with The Doctor?
    Call it by whatever name you want, sounds like a TARDIS to me.

    • Punta Gorda

      She’ll be able to slap you before you grab her butt.

  • badger52

    So much goodness. 🙂

  • Whiskey Mike

    Great set of panels. Warmed my heart.

  • Robert McCloskey

    Did I miss Jo?

    • John

      Covid/SARS is now endemic worldwide.
      Having a proper reliable effective vaccine won’t stamp them out, but it will prevent excess deaths in the future.
      I’m afraid bioterrorism is the new normal, and we had best lay plans to cope with the cycle of personal isolation-until-immunization to at least keep some semblance of civilization.
      And, by the way, hang the bastards that use this as an excuse to deprive us of our Lives, Liberty, and Property.

  • Todd

    Sometimes a shot is all we need. A couple of nice Christmas strips Chris. Thanks.

    • John+M.

      “Sometimes a shot is all we need.” Make mine Jack Daniels, please!

      For the Missus and me, no more needles! Just like with the “annual” flu shots, when we stopped taking them, we started getting thru the winter without getting sick.

  • Barbara

    What JTC said, Chris. 😉

  • Johnson L. France

    What’s your source for reliable Colt Huntsman magazines?

    • Shooter 2.0

      Gun Parts Corp. Manufacturer: COLT

      Model: S FRAME

      Product #: 1573770


  • AC

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination with us Chris. Have a merry Christmas, both you and yours and oh yes your marvelous strip characters.
    Best for the New Year.

  • WayneM

    Merry Christmas to all and Let’s Go Brandon…

  • Gary

    Blessings all around… Merry Christmas, Chris!

  • Rick

    Wait, *I* want a Colt Woodsman. Arggg… I settled for a Browning Buckmark Micro Bull Suppressor ready 😉 Yeah, it’s ok. Hope someone got a Woodsman for their holiday holster.


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