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  • JTC

    I always loved the Sunday funnies!

  • formwiz

    He sat there thinking, T”his could be Heaven or this could be Hell”.

    • interventor

      Humans have a miserable record of attempting to make heaven on earth. But, have replicated hell, frequently.

  • John M.

    I’m looking at that sundress Sam’s wearing and I’m thinking “Boy, there’s a ‘brass catcher’ if I’ve ever seen one.” then I remembered that’s a KSG, they eject straight down… still, she’s seen Jan do the “Hot Brass Dance” (as have we) so you’d think she wouldn’t be so open while on the range.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “So how do you teach perpetual children about consequences?”

    You spank them. As often as they need it. As long as they need it.
    Start with using a hand. Then a leather belt. Move up to a wooden spoon as needed (my mother broke a few of those on me & my siblings). My wife used to use a woven rattan rug beater on our chillens.
    Adjust as necessary for the crime committed, and the maturity (or not) of the child. After a few administrations of said punishment, sometimes just the brandishing of the “weapon” of choice is enough to bring the recalcitrant one back into line. With a giggle and a smile.

    • Unca Walt

      Well, my old man used to beat me with a fence rail… or run me over with the Buick.

  • Pamela

    There’s this from Gavin

    I wonder if he’s hoping with the Corona Virus $$$ from the Fed he’ll be able to keep the homeless sequestered out of site until after the November Elections?
    There is also this:

    So Trump says get the homeless problem taken care of or He will

    Timelines Timelines and the LURE of Federal $$$$$. It needs to come with Auditors.

    • JTC

      Perfect “homeless” solution is sailing into the bay right now; cruise ship docks at Oakland Mon. and dumps 3500 infected folks to disperse and spread the joy evenly, and the bright side is that leaves all these great staterooms and luxe faciities for the homeless; stack ’em deep and get 5000 or more in there…I mean when else will they have this chance? Yes, it will likely be sort term, but what are their other prospects?

      Newsome is a genius.

    • John

      Just on general principle _any_ Federal (or State or Local) funds needs to be accompanied by an army of auditors. Just look at Baltimore and the disappearing 5Billion$. Corruption should be taken seriously and oversight should be practiced religiously.
      And Federal law should be tightened to plug the loopholes and jail the thieves.
      I realize that a great many politicians are in government service just for the back door access to the taxpayer, but things have gotten ridiculous.

  • WayneM

    I understand that outside of the urban areas, Calipornia is still somewhat sane but they keep getting outvoted. I know selling and moving doesn’t solve Calipornia’s problem but the life you save might be your own, right?

    • interventor

      Maps of red vs. blue for California, and many others, reveal the sharp divides.

    • JTC

      We tend to say “California this” or “Californians that” as if it is the place and the people themselves that make it so eminently leaveable instead of the truth that paradise was left unattended while the offbeat and then different and then full-on crazy took over the helm and ran the ship aground with the the deterioration of culture and personal responsibility, a mass of dependency bought for “free” with the work of quiet productive others. Until now there is nothing for the latter to do but up and leave and go to….where?

      If we all leave our states that are in danger of being Californicated, some of the main destinations of today’s Calexits are in danger too…my state of Florida came within one commie ass hair from having a governor and senator and a state supreme court full of full-on leftists in ’18 and I said then I would leave if it happened…but again, where? And Texas where so many of the Cali diaspora appear to be headed, has already developed its own version of the California Cancer, right there in Austin, San Antone, Houston, etc…how long before the numbers in those places can wag the dog like Cali?

      I think it comes down to this…if Trump gets another four years we’re good for a while. If he doesn’t we are fucked in so many ways in so many places that there is nowhere left to go until…

      • Kafiroon

        Yup. Right on Bro.

  • Pete231

    All I can say is three words : San Andreas Fault. It starts right above San Fran and goes south through LA. One early morning and it’s “Snap, Crackle, and Pop “! Slip slidin’ away ! Nature’s solution to everyone’s problem of mass defecators, urban blight, illegal immigration, San Fran Nan, smog, Hollywood, Gov. Newsome, over priced real estate, libtards, etc. Earth Mother takes one big dump and the festering ‘roid is gone. One man’s reach should always exceed his grasp, or what’s a Heaven for ?

    • John M.

      Only problem is: That would also take out San Diego, Orange, and Ventura Counties, which are still Republican (when there’s no finagle) and leave Oakland, BERKELEY, and Sacramento.

      • Norm

        The real problem is that the San Andreas fault is caused by the westest coast sliding INTO the mainland.

        • Doggo

          Norm, are you saying the California coast is another unwanted invader?

      • Bohica50

        It also would leaved the vast majority of San Francisco high and dry. The fault travels north and exits land at Fort Funston on the SW side of San Fran..

    • Punta Gorda

      Don’t forget the Mellinium Tower… high dollar residential high rise built on reclaimed land of what used to be a cove in San Francisco bay. It already has a lean due to uneven settling.

      • interventor

        Idiots learned nothing concerning liquification of soil in that area, Especially, during earth quakes.

  • Hopefully it will fall off soon.

  • Halley

    They can stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the Constitution.

  • Kafiroon

    I don’t think polluting the ocean is a good result.
    A nice food, water and TP trucker strike not supplying those third world banana republic cities would help them see the light.

  • I concur with Kafiroon, polluting the Pacific fisheries for 50 years is not an answer…. and leaves Seattle and the nutty Pacific NW as a petri dish…. I was born in Alameda Co., remember how Cali was even before Reagan was Gov… (sigh) I love my birth state, and HATE what the Left has done to it! “The past is another country, you can’t get there from here.” Heinlien

  • JTC

    A majority of appointments to the Second Circuit actually…excellent.

    But don’t you know this flip-in-process in their filthy backyard really grinds Newsome and Nancy?

    The coming election and the next four years will have more effect on what happens after that than subsequent elections themselves, due to the completion of the Trump rebalancing of the federal judicial from now until 2025.

    When people bitch about dJT’s bizarre words and ways, I always remind myself that this and a whole list of other major accomplishments and initiatives are what is happening while the pussies are occupied by the laser pointer.

    • Pamela

      Ah watching them on catnip and other assorted party favors is so much fun

    • John

      The delicious irony of this is that Reid used the Nuclear Option and it came back to bite the Left in the ass. Hopefully it will be generations before the Left can wield the power it once held in the Judiciary.
      The problem now is what can the Right do about the Left’s dominance in information technology. I seem to recall a Google employee bragging that they may have shoved 2 to 12 million votes in Hillary’s direction. One possible approach is to make them get off their privileged position where they can claim both the powers of a publisher _and_ the protection of a common carrier, thus allowing them to do whatever they damn well please when it comes to our information access and their ability to censor their political opposition.

  • ottersmith

    Yes, wash your hands well and frequently.

    Don’t touch things (including people.)

    Don’t touch your face. (The primary infection track seems to be oral or nasal or eye contact with virus containing droplets; wearing a mask [almost any mask covering nose and mouth] can remind you not to touch.)

    Had an interesting discussion yesterday about the “best” alternatives to handshakes, hugs, kisses. Recommendations (in no order):
    Spock divided finger, “Live long and prosper||don’t sneeze.”

    Fist or elbow bumping.

    Hands together, bow.

    Bowing (various other flavors east and west); curtsies depreciated because of knees, allowed but shouldn’t be expected.

    Hand salutes, no interest.

  • Hobomatt

    Part of the issue is that there is a huge “ homeless industry”, giving out handouts that essentially say: “Stay homeless!”. The Visalia Rescue Mission has a good grip on the problem. Here’s two of their PSAs:

    Our local Rescue Mission, here in Colorado Springs, is setting us up for Bay Area problems as well. “Stay homeless!”

  • NotYetInACamp

    Then there is a plan to split the state into roughly 53% urban population, and 47% rural population. New California would be created ala West Virginia. New California would have roughly 85% of the land area. California is in a state of insurrection as we speak due to many identifiable actions, likely including its failing or failed state situation. They need new bonds issued that they can switch to paying old obligations. Their state pension fund will not survive in any case. Just take the actions against the Federal government and against its own people. Other people defined this already. We need a Republican House ans Senate in the Congress.
    California can be declared insolvent, and the already declared itself independent organization of New California can be appointed the new government of California. Then the separation can occur, all following the pathway established by West Virginia and Virginia.
    Two new senators. Two states. The House members will not be subject to voting manipulations and losing all of the Orange County (OC) House Representatives in one fell swoop as occurred in 2018.

    Then apply the law (14th Amendment) and proceed to expel non citizens like possibly Democrat DNC Chairman Tom Perez. He is a Mexican citizen, I say, and the courts could determine who he is subject to the allegiance of.
    An edifice falls down and apart, and a new path is shown.
    End the rebellion of communist California.

    • Pamela

      That bogus piece of dreck Prop 13 to fix the schools…again.. was defeated. Plus the Dams will get fixed and there are going to be AUDITS out the Wazoo for all counties, cities, districts etc to see what $$$$ was diverted elsewhere. Schools will be fixed finally.
      Plus only American Citizens will vote in New California.
      I.D. Required.


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