Day By Day


  • JTC

    I’m about 90% certain some of the clowns are onto this; I mean that shit just can’t be real. But in the right hands, imagine the possibilities…

    • JTC

      Heh. Javi is on it… the Loho I mean Holo story on what they call the Princess Leia Project has a Dim debate blurb right in the middle with Kammy and Liz, so they could easily project Hillzabeast there too just as if it were still alive…just please God no slave costumes!

      • Pamela

        Don’t need anyone needing to explain why they’ve gone blind from eye bleach or a gibbering idiot from a melted brain.

  • If we wanted women we could see right through, we could just watch Harris and Warren campaign promos. And wouldn’t that be a fun ticket.

    Now where on the page is the text that goes with that asterisk?

  • cb

    A ‘holo’ eh, well ok… but can she make a samich?

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Sure, she can make a sammich. Over there.

  • Kafdiroon

    In the ancient past, I had a few relationships with females that were not all there…

    SJ Whiner declaration: I also knew and married a female that was very All there.

    • JTC


      Bet that little extra stroke hung you up in the queue for awhile! 🙂

      • If this goes right through, like I suspect it will, comments are approved by email address. How your buddy Hoax Nagmark slips through, gets one or two bland things through then changes the name.

  • Cliff47

    Poor deformed young thing…

  • Javier is scarily bright, and far beyond his years.

  • John M.

    Looks like Javi needs to do a little dimensional tweaking, a la “Weird Science.”


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