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  • The new motto for our resistance;

    “We Can’t Breathe!”

    It’s perfect. I love it. How will it go over?

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    the Double Bowl Holley carb. Simple in Design, easy to work on, but pretty terrible at accurately metering gas, For the Street, the Rochester Quadra-Jet is a better choice, IF it is set up right.

    • The Real Paul Bunyan

      If i remember right, the jets in the Rochesters were not peened in therefore easier to swap out for efficiency or power

      • Lucius Severus Pertinax

        When I built that 455 for my 72 cutlass, years ago, I used the carb off the 350 it was replacing. It was a simple matter to replace the stock jets and control rods with ones specced for a 500 inch Cadillac.

        One weakness is the plastic cam that operates the air valve over the Secondaries.. mine broke
        I glued the pieces back together and used it as a template to fabricate a NEW one.. out of a Nickel (it was just the right size and thickness) Worked like a champ 😉

      • Bren

        Rochesters didn’t use jets. They used metering rods. IIRC. Been about 40 years since I had to modify one.

    • Kafiroon

      Big If.

    • Bren

      –and you stay at the altitude you tuned for. Don’t set up a quadrajet in Tampa and expect it ro run in Denver.

  • Sam, I would re-phrase just a bit…

    “White men only run on the hi-test ideals of the American experiment.”

    It’s a little change, but big.

    • KenB

      Good catch!!

  • interventor

    The Scottish Enlightenment reconciled religion and science. Then, the Scots proceeded to invent the modern world, Whereas, the French enlightenment left Europe devastated from Spain to Moscow.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The Scottish always seem to be sensible as a whole.

  • The Real Paul Bunyan

    I’ve always wondered why the flag of St. Andrews is more appealing than the tr-color.
    At first glance it looks like Sam and Naomi are about to lip lock….

    • NotYetInACamp

      I saw mind lock. What you thinking about? 🙂

  • NotYetInACamp

    Plans to achieve their clogging have been legion. From the Plan of San Diego in 1916, through the League of Nations, Islam as a tenet of Sharia, Senators, Ted Kennedy in an immigration bill he ramrodded through the Senate in between drill women and leaving one to drown put that in place on the body of his assassinated brother, through current UN committee conclusions and papers to place 300,000,000 non Americans into the United States by 2050 or after. There are so many references online. You don’t have to check libraries for that stuff anymore, or people that you knows personal collections from the international groups they are a member of. Those millions Obama brought in you can see some of them in Minnesota doing their things. No longer a Scandinavian liberal socialist paradise, they are there. This violates the Western nation concept which was formulated into an agreed concept of sovereignty and non interference by the concepts and agreements surrounding the Westphalia Treaty and Peace. Susan Rice’s ‘Duty to Protect,’ was a enshrinement of violating the right of state national sovereignty. We always can choose to fight inhumanity and crimes against humanity, but not as a duty, except a personal choice. By making it everyone’s duty it slips into no ones duty. No one does it as it is now the all state duty, which results in nothing. If everyone is oppressed or a serf, there is no one to remove the oppression and serfdom. We all are not archers, warriors, and yeomen who can do such as William Tell did in his part in Swiss independence. There are so many examples around the world about where the power of moral groups is crushed, there is no one to assert rights. We are all slum dwellers then. The in ground wealth here would be exploited wherever it is to spread the wealth among those of the world who need it and to the cooperative power wealthy who get production done. Strip mining the Grand Canyon for the riches there is one. California protected the rare earth metals there by regulating mining away. How will that survive 500,000,000 new slum poor demanding the now their USA feed their starving children.
    Those are easy numbers to reach.The Europeans already destroyed their demographics by saving the world and not having children to use its contents. That was a successful Perception Management campaign.

    We will own nothing. And be happy. They will get the first part right. Your happiness means nothing to them or to the equation.. To paradise by any means necessary. It is OK to lie to the other. .Promise them anything. All is fair in war. Power wins.
    That is them.Those are who are/were behind barbed wire in DC.
    The past and preserving anything of it means nothing to them unless it can be exploited.
    Books could be written on this as well as movies. It comes don to how they will take and spend accumulated capital. They have never yet sustained a capital wealth production system for a long time after grabbing it by the throat.
    We require our culture to sustain our culture. It takes members of the community, the tribe, the nation, to believe and act in certain moral ways. Those that befoul it d not fit. A plant in the wrong place is a weed. A field of weeds does not feed the population. Bringing the world here does not make them of this culture. It only brings employees/serf for a few, and votes for consolidation and continuing the power of the evil participants in the Nov 3, 2020 coup.
    Enough for now.

  • Buck

    I have that same thought every morning waiting for my first cuppa coffee…

    • NotYetInACamp

      Yes. It is so obvious, isn’t it?

  • Halley

    Uh, is Sam planning on talking with Damon about this?

    • Bren

      Damon is a textbook case of somebody who embraced the American ethos. Sincerely doubt he’d be too upset.

    • Dan

      Not sure why it went from “western enlightenment “ to white men. Those ideals work for anyone.

      • Chris Muir

        The only demographic of any significant numbers since day one to vote for the way America was founded have been one: white men.

    • JTC


      That is precisely the reason for my suggested rephrasing upthread to what I know Sam actually meant.

      Exception proves the rule.

      But her point as to the history of the modern world is spot on.

  • Bill G

    Only a few of any race; and it’s mostly white men working to tear it down.

    • JTC

      Well, whitish people, not many actual men.

  • My Way Or -->

    Unless you have the offspring of The Beast, someone as ruthless as Stalin, it won’t work.
    Once upon a time. I had an Austin Healy 3000 6-cylinder. Then some very bad driver slammed into my front left fender and it went to the shop. I ended up with a Chevy station wagon. Much more durable. The Healy was fun, but the wagon could Chevy to the levy with loads in the back end.

    • eon

      My ’75 Impala wagon was a draft horse. It could take a load of lumber that filled the back and had the springs down on the stops, and the 350 two-bbl would just walk away with it.

      When it got too old, I gave it to my cousin who put it in a demo derby. He won, by backing into everybody else and using that huge steel back bumper to put paid to them.

      The next day, they changed the rules to prohibit station wagons from being entered.

      clear ether


  • James Gemind

    California Fleein’

    The tax base is down (the tax base is down)
    And the future’s gray (it’s more black than gray)
    I’m now in my car (I am in my car)
    Heading far away (drivin’ fast away)
    I can keep some money (well, at least a little)
    If I run away (headin’ Phoenix way)
    Fleein’ California (ciao California)
    And headin’ Phoenix way.

    Goin’ to Arizona
    Or maybe Texas way.
    As soon as I get there (soon as I can get there)
    I’ll demand they change (I’ll demand they change)
    They’ve must be hip and with it (must become with it)
    Just like California (like California)
    The day I ran away.

    The tax base is down (the tax base is down)
    And the future’s gray (it’s more black than gray)
    I’m now in my car (I am in my car)
    Heading far away (drivin’ fast away)
    Where I can speak English (If I can speak English)
    I’m leaving there today.

    The Author is in The Kratskeller, at Baen’s Bar, Which is BACK IN BUSINESS BABEEE!

    • Punta Gorda

      Hence the problem. They spread like a metastatic cancer.

    • Punta Gorda

      Too spineless to fix their mistakes, but eager to spread their disease.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The Frankfurt School of thought fled Germany and Europe and roosted in a willing Columbia University. Many went to California including Marcuse who roosted in the minor Paradise of Malibu where they had a home near the beach. Yet they constantly wore suits. Their thoughts were dour. Their goal was to destroy what they found. They succeeded. Sotero/Obama was taught at Colombia, that infestation that produced Cloward.Piven, which is an ancient war strategy. Barry continues the war from his enclave 2 miles from the occupied white house.
      May those in the Bar and here and elsewhere re-spread the culture which knows no limitations of skin or physical boundaries. Beauty is in what people do and think.

  • John

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

    John Adams

    The Left is, by its nature, neither moral nor religious. They have been made powerful by a neglect of both. This is made possible by what the Founders might consider to be an impossible prosperity. It allows the existence of hordes of people who have next to no contact with the real world and thus no reason to foster time tested morality and religion.
    So now we have ongoing riots using a bogus excuse to indulge in wanton destruction and looting by people who have no moral constraints and allowed to do so by “government” that selectively enforces the law against their political opponents, meaning that it too has no moral constraint.
    At some point there will be a backlash and I pray to God it won’t destroy what’s left of the Scottish Enlightenment.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The colonists usually spoke three or four languages and many could and did converse in English, French, German. Latin and indigenous languages.
      A culture requires the ability to communicate between members such that ideas are understood. Minor glitches are allowed as long as they don’t sink the ship or cause any other damage. Language is important unless meaning does not change. The intention is good, so long as a disaster or death does not result. Having to hope that what a non Standard English speaker, employee or otherwise, was saying, I have seen damaging glitches. Lots of other ‘discussion’ in other articles. I do not vouch for any of them.

      • John M.

        I’m more thankful every day that I’m in my mid-70’s and won’t have to put up with this crap much longer, but I feel sorry for my grandchildren, that are part of the cogent minority of their generation. Even my granddaughter slips once in a while, and uses structures like “Ima…” in place of “I’m going to…”

        Could you imagine Newton or Einstein trying to express their theories in today’s gibberish?

  • Pamela

    She could run AV Gas in it, No Soy or other Veggie additions

  • NotYetInACamp

    Guilty in the Floyd case

    • JTC

      Bullshit. Manslaughter. Pussy bitches are afraid, and the vicious scum Waters made sure of it.

      Was almost looking forward to carrying out the edict of the the Fla gov and the Polk sheriff, to run down and mow down violent thugs in the streets they think they own.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The goal they desired was a result defined in what the moral Western Civilization desired. The same results the Englishmen and Abolitionists / Republicans desired for the world and the nation. They may have received that result. The form of result is in that of Western Civilizations desires. Hooray for the civilization that has supported the opportunity for seeming fair results for all. A jury trial resulted in a verdict. That is the form Western Civilization supports.

    • JTC

      No sir.

      That jury trial resulted in a verdict based on pure fear.

      Much like the mis-, mal-, and non-feasance of our captive scotus.

      This Western “Civilization” may well support that.

      May God have mercy on us for our mal-feasance if we allow this full-on rule by threat and intimidation to continue.

      • NotYetInACamp

        It took the form of Western Civilization. The reality is that riots and deaths were promised. The former officer did not recieve a fair and unbiased trial. It is no different than mob bosses who bought off jurors with silver or lead, a common cartel method. Appearances and reality often is different.
        Their claimed aspiration was to have a fair trial. All they wanted was to win the way they think the “white man” wins.
        No great victory was achieved by anyone. Fewer die tonight and over the weeks to come at the cost of a fair trial. That appears to be reality.

        • JTC

          But it *is* different NotYet…

          One slug by one thug to corrupt one juror and outcome. Bad.

          What we have here though is the entire “justice” system corrupted for *every* juror and outcome…systemic is the word they like to use, also corrupted by their twisted definition…but we know what it really means and we know it when we see it.

          There can be no justice when the entire justice system is rendered, right up to scotus as previously referenced. as impotent and meaningless.

          Fewer may die tonight, but many many more will die ongoing, because of it.


  • JTC


  • Punta Gorda

    Derek Chauvin Found Guilty On All Charges

    And lynch mob Maxine gave him a perfect reason for appeal

    • eon

      I expect all appeals to be refused by higher courts, right up to SCOTUS.

      This was a Stalin-style show trial. It will not be the last.

      clear ether


    • John M.

      …and now (as of about 7:15 PM EDT) the Pres and the Veep have made certain that no White cop will ever get a fair trial in the U.S.

      I thank God I’m retired!


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