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  • Kafiroon

    How about the Secret Service just shoots all them invaders as a threat while President Trump visits?

    • Kafiroon

      Well look what showed up.
      Fresh from internet limbo.

  • Delilah T.

    Oh, the things I could say…. Nah, too much energy required.

    Doesn’t know about building codes
    Thinks we can just huddle and keep warm and eat frozen stuff
    etc., etc., etc.,

    Keep a watchful eye on her, She really is a puppet. And a change is coming, but it will not be what she expects it to be….

    • Punta Gorda

      You’re kidding right? You really think she’s EVER going to change out of those crusty panties?

  • John M.

    Deja vu all over again? ( 😉 ) Seems like I saw this strip, or at least to top two panels, for just a minute or so yesterday

    • JTC

      Dang it John M. you stole my Yogi!

  • Big Jim

    Stupid has no limits. Dems lead the downward spiral to the precipice, like lemmings….

    • nonncom

      According to Einstein there are two things that are limitless…..the universe, as far as I know, and the stupidity of mankind… exhibited by AOC….

  • JTC

    There it is…it’s like deja vu all over again! That’d two Yogi quotes in two days!

    But with an addendum that wasn’t there before; is it an afterthought or was the ‘toon not finished at this time yesterday when it was inadvertently posted?

    Either way I’m afraid that last balloon, indicating an actual conscience on the part of the leftist machine, is but wishful thinking. Not only did they create the monster, but they see its evil as a means to justify their ends…even, or especially, if it is a ruse.

  • Calvin

    Useful Idiot!!!

  • kadaka

    But at least these socialists will make those trains run on time, although their “fellow Democrats” might not like their eventual destinations.

  • John Block

    Her one saving grace (for her) is she’s not worth the powder and shot it’s take to put her in Hell…. Unless the dumbness is an act….

    • Ozymandius

      It could well be. Can anyone really be that stupid without working at it??

      • Punta Gorda

        No. Not at all. She is and always will be, the Jar-Jar Boinks of the DNC.

        • John

          Now there’s a handle for the POTUS.
          Jar Jar Cortez!

    • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

      Hell with “waste”. I’d be willing to expend a round, out of my own pocket change, to save the Republic.
      Consider it a “low hanging fruit” warning.

  • cz93x62

    AOC–Charles Manson eyes & Francis The Talking Mule dentition.

    • Advo

      There’s a song there, I think. “She’s got Charlie Manson Eyes”

  • WayneM

    I know this won’t be a popular opinion but I think CrazyEyes is crazy like a fox.

    I’ve no doubt she’s got where she is with significant help of handlers but she’s too good at playing the game, too glib & slick to be an idiot.

    The freaky part is how easily she’s normalizing radical leftist talking points. As long as the legacy mainstream media continues to fawn over her, she’s getting those messages through to those who still watch tv.

    Be afraid.

    • NotYetInACamp

      It’s bigger than her teeth and crazy eyes. She won the casting call.

      Here is where a Democrat radical group is primarying everyone. This is where AOC came from. These are those who cast her in the part and she won. They won the Congressional seat
      They are radicals.
      They have a plan to take over Congress. Then the Presidency. Then the USA. Some believe in world conquest by them.
      They won many primaries.
      They won 6 or 7 races in the House. AOC was one.
      They are enemies of the USA.
      These are the Brains behind AOC.

      The speaker wrote a book about a similar situation years ago, and now he sees it go live. Then he explains what he researched and found out.

      You are correct. Be very afraid. Then deal with it. Defeat them. Defeating them starts with truth.

      • FC in NH

        But the radicals only won seats that were safely Democratic, like hers and Omars. The radicals did not take any seats from the GOP. The seats that switched parties went to much more moderate Dems, not these sophomoric puppets. And they are puppets.

        AOC seems to think that she and her cronies are the only ones who can have a “list.” The older, cannier Dems may be keeping one as well. All these campaign finance issues may have a different source than AOC thinks. There are members in the upper echelons of the DNC who remember George McGovern.

        • NotYetInACamp


      • JTC

        That was the lesson they learned from the one aptly called the Zero…that the beaming charismatic well spoken empty vessel was/is their ticket to ride. And was a nearly universally accepted perfect Manchurian candidate. And unlike what FC believes the method is not limited to territory already held by them and damn near worked for a total and complete takeover in Florida.

        They see the efficacy of the plan for so many of their purposes both obvious and hidden to serve their ultimate agenda and have found a ready audience groomed by their prior efforts, their media, and their academia.

        Yet we still do not know who/what “they” are as they hide so effectively behind these consummate actors who deliver their lines so well that half the electorate believes the story just as they do all of the product of hollyweird, which itself is still just a tool but not the godhead.

        Until we identify it and kill it it will continue to tempt and lure the support and critical mass it needs to survive and grow until it can kill us instead…and the only reason that hasn’t happened already is the rise of the Deplorables and the efforts so far of PDJT.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Well put.

          Draining the swamp is one part of the needed activities.
          We see things when the swamp waters recede.

      • Pamela

        Who ever thought there would be a Casting Couch Congress.

    • Old Codger

      Thank you. I’ve thinking the same thing for a while now. People as stupid as she appears to be do not, as a rule, successfully matriculate from BU (BC?) any more than people as stupid and incompetent as the press consider the President to be become BILLIONAIRES.

      Yes, she is not terribly articulate (WAY too many verbal pauses) and actually constructing an intelligible sentence would appear to be beyond her capabilities but that could merely be the result of growing up in our wonderful, world-class education system. I suspect a good bit of her dingbattedness is as genuine as Regan’s alleged penchant for napping.

    • Roland Deschain

      I agree! A first timer already figured out how to scam $1 million out of her campaign funds? That usually takes a few terms to reach that level of thievery.

      • Redleg

        I credit her chief of staff.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Sum mor deja vu all ovah agin fer ya JTC.
    So ya thought Airplane was a parady of those other serious movies. No way.
    We lost an hour, so here is Zero hour, to show how an Airplane can do it all over again. I have a better opinion of these now.

    • JTC

      Surely you’re not serious that it’s plagiarism? 🙂

      I would prefer the Hitchcock flight into the past flick, make it about 1945 please.

      Or maybe into the future would be better; either America wins and all is well or we lose and it’s all over, skip the suspense and the suffering.

      • NotYetInACamp

        They bought the rights to Zero Hour beforehand for $2,500.
        Good investment. I’m serious. Serial.

        And don’t call me Shirley!

        I really liked that Hitchcock one.

        We must win. And win. And win again all over again as long as we have to. We make the future.

  • Pete231

    Ms. Occasional-Coherent is not the seeing-eye dog of the DNC as much as she thinks. I believe she’s close to the end of the restraining rope (as in Foghorn Leghorn). San Fran Nan has drawn the limit line in the sand and she’s just about there. Listen for the loud yelping screech soon to be apparent…….

  • Jerseygirl Angie

    AOC – the “face” of the new McCarthyism .
    The evil soul of Joe , and the brains of Charlie .

    • Pamela

      I guess she will be going after Communists behind every door and shadow. After all, Socialists and Communists hate the other side.

  • GWB

    BTW, Chris, I’m getting this from the sidebar, between the “DBD Topics” and the tag cloud:
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/webs/daybyday/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-category-tag-could/classes/wpctc-widget.php on line 207
    A whole bunch of those.

    • Bill

      That’s the secret message from Q.

  • interventor

    I remember Charlie as a dapper, fairly observant fellow (Charlie McCarthy, the woodpecker’s pinup boy, to quote W.C. Fields). Crazy Eyes Cortez acts more like Mortimer Snerd.

  • Jim B

    We are seeing the results of pampering kids through multiple generations. Everything has been provided by parents. Education provided by government. Employment in many cases provided by or assisted by taxpayer dollars. Makes it seem…well, unfair to ask them to pay their own way.

  • markm

    AOC’s base isn’t very wide. She became the representative for 711,000 Americans and immigrants by winning a primary in a district where the Democratic candidate couldn’t lose if he raped babies on live television. Less than 17,000 people (out of maybe 400,000 legal voters) voted for her in that primary. Basically, she won because none of the opposing D candidates could inspire anyone to bother to vote, but she inspired less than 5 percent of the voters in her district. And it’s a district with lots of college students and minorities; in most of blue America, she’d have done worse. Short of a one-time takeover of the Democrats by the worst radicals like in 1972, she won’t be in the running for higher office – and the Democratic establishment still has the capability of rigging their national conventions that they established to protect against another 1972.

    So wait until the 2020 primary to get worried. The question is what the Democratic establishment is going to do about her. If they want her gone, they’ll persuade some reliable establishment Dem with a bit of charisma or name recognition to move to her district, and put some money behind that alternative. I’d be really surprised if that doesn’t end her political career, although she might have a few decades as a TV commentator/comedian. Or they may decide to leave her in that seat as a lightning rod and a distraction from their less obviously radical leftist policies.

    • NotYetInACamp

      She gets her retirement cash for life which is a way lot (she understands those words) more than her waitress income (She has no clue on that word) would ever have been unless we get Wiemar or Venezuelan inflation, then only the numbers would be more, not the buying power of her fiat dollars. ( I would keep confusing her. Her staff, who wrote the great new easy peasy green deal, would have to explain to her while they were still federal employees and would talk with her.).

      • MAJ Arkay

        That’s a long debunked load. No congress critter gets a retirement of any kind after one or two terms in the House. Members elected since 1984 are covered by the Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS). As it is for all federal employees, congressional retirement is funded through taxes and the participants’ contributions. Members of Congress under FERS contribute 1.3 percent of their salary into the FERS retirement plan and pay 6.2 percent of their salary in Social Security taxes.

        Members of Congress become eligible to receive a pension at the age of 62 if they have completed a total of 5 years of service. Members who have completed a total of 20 years of service are eligible for a pension at age 50, or at any age after completing a total of 25 years of service.

        No matter their age when they retire, the amount of the members’ pension is based on their total years of service and the average of their highest three years of salary. By law, the starting amount of a Member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final salary.

        Under the current law, which requires at least 5 years of service, members of the House of Representatives would not be eligible to collect pensions of any amount after serving only one term, since they come up for reelection every two years.

        It’s way past time for people to learn the facts and stop spouting the drivel. There are far more important things to be upset about than a totally fake meme.

        • PaulS

          Oooooo Kayyyyy…… LOL

          Let’s just settle on it’s far more than they deserve, and since I’m the captive contributor for their salary including their “contributions and taxes” for the entire term they get it, I claim the right to be as angry about it as I want to be.

          So there, Nya! 😉

      • interventor

        Congressional retirements for those elected since 1986 isn’t as good as it used to be. Three legs — Social Security, thrift savings plan (401(k) with 5 percent matching), and a small pension (after 30 years, about $12, 000 annually).

  • Precision270

    Can I be frank? Sure I can here.

    She is quite a pretty wrapper, that face is nice to look at (in repose) and for those of her ilk, the crazy eyes are a bonus not a drawback.
    She is young and energetic, her crowd likes that as they “relate” on age.
    Her ideas make sense to those who have no mooring or sense themselves.
    She has a great set of tits and a fun looking body, the demonrat betas think they have a chance with her and thus…work themselves to a frazzle to virtue signal to get her attention in hopes of…

    Others are more mercenary and just want to share her limelight enough to catapult themselves into cushy arrangements.

    The fact that she is a black widow in politics and likely in real life as well, is completely lost on that whole contingent

  • Spin Drift

    I just found out my Special Snowflake hates PDT and is supporting Kamala H. At least that is what she told her mother. Now this carbon unit snowflake has got an off the chart IQ. (perfect GPA in Engineering school and is now in law school) and I thought I taught her well to question everything, observe your AO, check your six, keep your powder dry and always be thinking.

    She may just be goofing/shilling on her mother but the comment came spontaneously while they were on a girls weekend. Or it may be indoctrination in law school that is causing this. I’m telling you this because if they got to my daughter then they can get to any of the special snowflakes. Occasional Cortex is just a vector of the disease of Magic Unicorns shitting out an unending stream of wonderful stuff. Red pilling young-uns should be job one.

    This ain’t the Matrix, it’s going to get worse.

    • MAJ Arkay

      Spin, suggest you ask her to show what she’s learning in law school. Specifically, ask her to provide hard evidence that ol’ Kamala has any position that’s based upon facts. Advise her that the word “feel” is not a word acceptable in court, and that she needs to be the prosecutor before she can be a defender, if she actually wants to be a decent lawyer, which Kamala certainly was not. All the very best lawyers do their jobs by looking at their work through the other side’s eyes, so they can find the holes in their arguments. If she’s supporting Kamala, she’s failed to do that.

    • JTC

      The indoctrination was/is way deeper/wider than her current training for a JD…witness the stories of “teachers” and academic functionaries down to primary grades removing maga hats, openly shaming, even outright abusing any child who dares question them or introduce their at-home training.

      There is only one way to avoid that immersive debriefing/debunking of the input from you and its replacement with their party line…and that is to control those with access while the control is still yours to exert.

      If she is now already under their spell and outside your sphere of influence then only the harsh real world (ala Skye) can change that…and even then no guarantees as the whole MO of leftism to to deflect/defer said harshness until she is truly one of them.

      Prayers to God to forbid it to be so in her case…and yours.

      • John

        Here is a tip you may use.
        Recently Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has been giving lessons on deprogramming people on what he calls the Charlottesville Fine People Hoax. It is one of the keystone features of Trump Derangement Syndrome which has convinced so many people that Trump is a racist.
        You can find his Periscopes on YouTube.

  • Halley

    I find it inexplicably inexplicable that no one, not even on the more intellectually brave/honest wing of the GOP, will call out people like AOC on their obvious Marxism. How is it, in these MAGA times, that we are still not allowed to challenge their vaunted “patriotism”, even when they nearly parrot the Communist Manifesto verbatim? Left = Marx. No ifs ands or cute(?) AOC butts. Make them own it, instead of this ludicrous charade.

  • kadaka

    Huh. They now have “proof” that if you don’t sign up for AOC’s Green New Deal then you’re part of the racist white supremacist conspiracy against minorities.

    Study finds a race gap in air pollution — whites largely cause it; blacks and Hispanics breathe it

    They looked at the PM2.5 particles, 2.5 microns or smaller. Barry’s EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson testified to Congress in Sep 2011 that they do cause premature death. That same month there was a report published where EPA from Jan 2010 to Jun 2011 experimented by exposing 42 people up to 10 times the EPA’s safe limit to see the effects (there were none except for one woman with known heart problems who had an atrial fibrillation episode). The EPA was certain PM2.5 kills and tested them on humans to see what happens.

    These are the same PM2.5 particles that weighed so heavily in Barry’s calculations of “the social cost of carbon” used to justify killing coal.

  • Tagg

    We do live in interesting times.

  • Kafiroon

    Listen to the insanity coming out of the usual suspects mouths.
    Including in our congress!
    Truly we are now strangers living in a strange land.
    Or, We have meet the enemy and they are us.

    Apologies to Walt Kelly

  • Pamela

    You know there are a whole boat load of people alive because of just the tip 😉

  • 14,000,605.

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