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  • JTC

    Art ain’t easy, or it wouldn’t be art.

    • kadaka

      Art like Piss Christ which won a prestigious art award in a competition we paid for through the National Endowment for the Arts.

      There are many things that are said to be good art and other things we are told are good deals, thankfully we are not yet mandated to believe the same.

      • JTC

        Though much has been said before and after, I subscribe to Stewart in this instance, “I know it (pornography/obscenity) when I see it”.

        Same for art.

        Of course your example is more recently and exactly defined in Miller as the former, implicitly defining by exclusion what is the latter.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    There are the four boxes of democracy.
    The soap box
    The jury box
    The ballot box
    The cartridge box

    Conservatives in the Republic are being hammered in boxes 1 and 2.
    The third box is becoming very iffy.
    Time to pick your targets, lock and load.

    President Trump is doing his best, but he is only one man, and the entire Mordor-on-the-Potomac swamp, all three branches and both wings of the uni-party, are against him.
    Pray. Pray now, long and often, for the guidance of the Republic.

    • Greg B

      Considering how votes were “harvested” in my county of Orange, in CA, that ballot box is well and truly dead.
      First time OC has gone blue in decades.
      Only one box left now.

      • GWB

        Mind you, the other boxes are still useful. After all, you need something for the enemies to stand on underneath that street lamp……

        • Old Codger

          Even at $2/round (.308 Win at Academy), ammo is cheaper than rope – even if the latter IS re usable. Plus for some of us watching that blood flower bloom center of mass is somehow more satisfying. Although there is a certain entertainment value to watching an improperly hung executee kicking and jerking (dancing) at the end of a (his) rope. 😉

      • Pamela

        Hey Greg… My family has been here in the O.C. since the late 1880’s.
        We got caught flat-footed with the harvesting scam. God knows how many ballots were changed or not turned in to be counted.

        • Mogrith

          My family has only been here since 1900s Great grandfather built one of the buildings on the Orange Circle. Dad was a soda Jerk at the drugstore there in the 50s. Sis lives in house g’gran D built near the park.

    • Jak


    • JJ cooper

      Now I know why you have added “toxic” to your “nom de plume”. Things are getting pretty toxic now.

    • John

      I council patience.
      It’s true that things look grim if you posit a straight trend line, but straight trend lines are rarely accurate. The Loony Left is divorcing from reality so fast they are transitioning from imaging castles in the sky to living in them, and the body politic will soon cast them adrift.
      Actually our biggest challenge in the future will be coming to grips with our myriad options. For instance, Blockchain technology promises to change the very nature of both money and bureaucracy. Just think about all the chicanery that goes on in dealing with term-to-term money and resource allocation in any corporate organization, be it business or governmental, and what would change with the advent of immutable (and publicly available) record keeping. The ungodly waste, and the parasites it supports, can at last be eliminated. Perhaps this is too optimistic, but it’s damn well worth a shot.

      • RegT

        Hell, it’s damn well worth at least a _magazine_ or two.

  • John Block

    Trump is just a man, with many known faults I’ve been pleasantly surprised when he’s done well, but please, guys, don’t make the error of thinking him infallible. Hell, he was a Democrat in good standing for a long time…. The Man is not a doctrinal conservative, as Reagan was, it’s more instinctive for him, as he’s aged ….

    • GWB

      He’s still not a conservative. All the “conservative” things he’s accomplished would have been Democrat moves back in the day. It’s just that the Overton Window has moved so far left, he’s like a breath of conservatively fresh air.

      I’ll take it, and support him for it. But we need a LOT more if we’re going to keep our beautiful Republic, and our freedom.

    • WayneM

      Like John Block, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how conservative Trump appears since he was/is a New York Democrat for most of his life… but it makes sense when you consider Trump’s priorities.

      He’s a businessman, first & foremost… The most effective means of doing business is a meritocracy… pushing aside the political correctness and dogma in order to focus on actual results as opposed to virtue signalling.

    • Brent Dotson

      But remember Reagan started out as a Democrat also. He is famous for saying that he didn’t leave the party, the party left him.

  • kadaka

    Let’s Make a Deal has 3 doors. We need 1 wall.

    • John M.

      …and 7 riflemen…

    • JTC

      “We need 1 wall.” Not really, no.

      We need immigration/invasion control. A wall/fence/barrier to the south (paid for by Mexico…of course it already is being so). Other types to the north where illegals from the south go to easily infiltrate. And of course virtual and/or military ones against every point of entry.

      This deal has many doors. And slamming them will take many deals.

  • Halley

    “The Fart Of The Deal” – by Alexandria Occasional-Cortex

    • Punta Gorda

      Put her ass back on the street.

      Cheap trick bitch.

  • eon

    “He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.”

    -Paul Muad’dib.

    It works the other way as well. The more control socialists have, the more they can destroy.

    clear ether


    • Norman

      The power to tax is the power to destroy.


  • MikeS

    I hope that Sam has a phone in her hands, it almost looks like shes praying.

  • JTC

    While I hope she IS praying, as all who believe should be. As stated in a previous dsy’s comments, DT has proven to be a strong proponent of our will, as we seek to carry out His will…there is only one The One.

    BTW not a damn thing wrong with having once been a Democrat, as I was until along about 1982 (took me a while to see the light of a pure heart.

    I see that pure heart again now, along with the human frailties, in PDJT. But make no mistake he is NOT a Republican per se, the party is just a vessel. He is a Pragmatist, seeking to do what is necessary to carry out our will, and His. As am I.

    That doesn’t buy him a lot of support from either party, but does earn him quite a lot of obstruction as those creatures fear the draining of their comfortable swamp.

    It would be so much easier on him, his family, and his fortune to acquiesce, to give in to the forces on both sides who only seek to protect and perpetuate their own best interests. He is old and it must be difficult and dispiriting. That’s where the purity of heart and soul come in, and I pray for his. Like maybe Sam is here, for his.

    • JTC

      SSL Chris…this iPhone keyboard is getting a little easier; still, where is that damn Apple Air Son?

      • kadaka

        He might know you too well, and grown hesitant to drop that much on something with a keyboard that can’t be pounded on.

        • JTC

          Heh, that could be…although he is about as strident an anti-leftist as any 35 Y.O. you could meet. And the old HP is actually functioning somewhat now with a new deep McAfee sweep.

          • JTC

            Not quite that spendy anymore…


            Four decades as a firearms/metals dealer pretty much ensures prep both on-hand and within a loose coalition of like-minded including several long-time customer/acquaintance old-school LEO’s.

            OTOH with the type of metals you are speaking of there could never be too much esp. if you bust up a few hundred now and then as you should.

            But with tube access pretty much mandatory for everything we do anymore, and increasingly the only method and means of real news/communication/entertainment, if this thing is a substantial upgrade and less subject to issues, then not accessing it is a false economy.

            Definitely prioritize, but that like everything is relative.

          • kadaka

            JTC, the reviews lead me to believe that is either “new old stock” or possibly refurbished. “If it looks too good to be true…”

            For myself it’s easy enough to find better spec’d gear I know is new for less cost. Except I prefer out-of-warranty stuff I can open up and play with.

          • JTC

            Not refurb, but one generation old meaning no retina crap, a feature not a bug for me, also 13″ as opposed to 15″, again a positive as it will go with me often…and at 2.5 lbs with 12 hr active battery life it seems about perfect for me, as my son says it has been for him. We’ll see. Good thing about Amazon is anything can go back with no quibbles. Bad thing about Amazon is, well, it’s Amazon.

  • Lyle

    “Pure heart” is a pretty big term, especially as applied to a politician. Maybe DT has one (who knows what dwells in the hearts of men?), but it would almost certainly be combined with mixed loyalties plus the fact of having a lot to lose. Maybe there’s something to discover in this video for everyone;

  • Old Codger

    I voted for a President, not a Pastor or a Pope. I voted for Trump in large part because he wasn’t Hillsabeast. I voted for him also because I figured he knew what would be good for business and what is good for business is good for the economy – AND MY BOTTOM LINE!!! Finally U voted for Trump because he was the one I’d shoot second. (figure it out)

    • JTC

      Pastor, Pope, Church, Believer. One of these is not like the other. And being that is not mutually exclusive of your parameters.

      Also, armed resistance is one thing, assassination quite another.

      If it comes to that, shoot the right one first and there won’t need to be a second. Figure that out.

  • Spin Drift

    Let’s see, it was Anderson, Mondale (I was in MN at the time), moved and didn’t hit residency yet, Bush I, Dope, Bush II, Bush II, Palin, Mittens, Trump. In reality I most likely voted for 1 independent, 1 republican and 7 Uni-party candidates. PDT is the candidate that couldn’t be bought. As a business man he was usually doing the buying and when you get used to buying it is a little chafing when its your turn to be sold to the highest bidder. So he has demonstrated that he can’t be bought and that is driving the Uni-party puppeteers nuts. And this is the best part, he holds a grudge and is a believer in the adage that as Khan said “revenge is dish best served cold.”


  • Pamela

    I think as part of getting elected to any office is that the person must be Drug, Tobacco and primarily Alcohol free ( no more than 3 drinks a week). They need to stay that way until they leave office. How to keep them from being STUPID is another thing.

    • interventor

      Careful there, the men who wrote the Constitution were definitely not exactly free of alcohol.

  • kadaka

    I’m starting to think Socialism is just an aggregation point for idiots.

    Illegal Immigrant Bernie Spox Apologizes After Accusing American Jews Of Outside Allegiances

    Another Facebook user then followed up with Sisa, asking, “Do you think Bernie Sanders has dual loyalty?”

    Then she said “I think I would probably have to ask him.”

    Bernie Sanders’ spokesperson cannot say whether the US Presidential candidate, who has sworn oaths of office to the US, also has loyalty/alliegience to Israel without checking with him first. I would have gone with a hard immediate “Of course not!” but I’m not a Socialist.

    • Coeurmaeghan

      If B. Sanders has any dual loyalty, I doubt it would be to Israel. His past reveals a love of communism so if any dual loyalty exists, I think his first is to the old USSR and now to the new Russia, second to no country but only to himself and his immediate family. I really believe he wants the USA as we understand and love it, to DIE.


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