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  • Kafiroon

    Her head would show, say in an ultra sound taken of her lower belly.

  • John M.

    An MRI of her cranium would show a smooth sphere with minimal convolutions.

  • WayneM

    SanFranNan has aged like rancid ice cream… maybe worse…

  • Pamela

    I wonder how many injection sites would show with all the “freshening” she has done. Then maybe a Tox screen. The amount of stuff floating in her system must have a cumulative effect of damage. Might warrant a few changes as far as her fitness to serve.

    • Too Tall

      Lee Majors in The Six Million Dollar Man was a fantasy. Sham Fran Nan is the reality. Sometimes it’s not Better Living Through Chemistry (Engineering, Medicine, etc.).

      Mary Shelly could have told her that in 1818, 113 years before Boris Karloff got into the act.

      Come to think of it, Boris needed extensive makeup to play the monster. Nazi Nan does not.

      • interventor

        About 15 years ago, called to the Hill to brief, a Congressional aide pointed out the man with a small black bag, with the magic needle on his way to Pelosi’s office. I suggested that natron might be a better option. A few months later, he saw me at the Mayflower lounge. Called me evil, while smiling. It worked quite well for the Egyptians. King Tut’s looks a thousand years younger.

    • nonncom

      I hear if she has another face lift she’ll be sporting a beard….

      • Pamela


    • John

      Well, Botox _is_ a nerve poison.

      • epilitimus

        NP is way past botox. More like embalming fluid.

        • interventor

          See Natron.

          • John M.

            Natron the mineral or Natron the compositing software? Either could apply…

  • I’ve always felt that the botox got to what little gray matter she’s got….

  • Ozymandius

    She looks like Lon Chaney as The Phantom of the Opera.

    • Pamela

      Lon looked healthier

      • MasterDiver

        And he could take the face off at the end of the day!

        Zar Belk!

  • Longslide

    I wonder how often she shaves her goatee.

  • Bill G

    So many of the leftists are showing no caution at all about their overreach or elitism. Are they that out of touch, or do they know something about the cheating they expect to do in November that they feel makes them invulnerable?

    • Precision270

      I think embracing the magical inclusive nature of “and” will get you close to correct.

    • Too Tall

      Feel is currently the operative word.

      Fell will soon be the operative word.

      Hubris is the diagnosis. The prognosis is classic and literally one for the ages.

      Hopefully the massive construction projects on the inner circles of Hell can keep up.

      • John M

        Have you ever noticed that Rock singers talk about a “Stairway to Heaven” and a “Highway to Hell?”
        Is that defining anticipated traffic volumes?

        • Pamela

          Climbing Stairs takes effort and persistence.
          Highway is twists, turns and cliffs with some off ramps to get off and turn around.

        • JTC

          The former is up and the latter is down.

          Laws of physics and human nature.

    • DogByte6RER

      They all exist within their own echo chamber which is as hollow as Joe Biden’s and/or Nancy Pelosi’s skull.

      The unAmerican Left in government hire their own butt-kisser staff and are followed with adoration by sycophants infesting the media, academia, entertainment, K-Street, law firms, and Corporate 500 firms.

      All of these sycophants and butt-kissers filter out the cares and concerns of the average red-blooded American, i.e., “The Forgotten Man.”

      • John

        Call me “slow of mind” but aside from my personal preferences I was mystified until recently about just _why_ the MSM was so rabidly down on DJT.
        Then I discovered some very interesting coincidences.
        First, DJT has had it in for China for decades. I won’t go into the particulars here.
        Second, I discovered the Corporate Elite sold their souls to Beijing in exchange for Chinese Slave Wages. It made them wealthy (well, wealthier anyway) and allowed the Democratic Party to become the Party of the Rich.
        The Corporate Elite _owns_ the MSM (Fox being one of the few exceptions until Rupert Murdock sells his shares) and the CE just had to return Beijing’s largess by serving as their “running dogs” (to borrow a term from Mao’s lexicon).
        Sorry for the rant.

        • interventor

          Not, just wage slaves. But, the real thing in Laogai camps.

        • NotYetInACamp

          tariffs were intended to even out costs among nations goods and wages. We had no income tax. Government ran on tariffs.

          The wealth of the nation was stripped by means of those slave wages. There is more, of course.

  • Too Tall

    Based on the arc of the storyline, can I assume that Naomi (and by inference ‘Toly) have yet to fly back to Argentina with the kids?

  • Badger

    Love the reference to a tumbril. We’ll need lots of them.

    • Oldarmourer

      Maybe not, you can build lots of tumbrils or a few delivery carts…
      ‘Guillotines-r-Us’ yes, we take out the trash right at your doorstep

    • JTC


      Efficiency and safety demands it. And a terminus with a drive-in furnace.

      Virus schmirus. Imagine the malignant filth that infects their hearts and minds. And based on those mentions of various chemical preservation, possibly highly flammable/explosive.

      Burned to ashes. Turnabout is fair play.

    • interventor

      A couple of Army 5 tons, outfitted as troop carriers.

  • My Pop’s favorite saying was “when I get to be King, it’ll be off with their heads”. He passed in October ’13 and is with the real King now. The ‘tumbril’ reference makes me wonder just how much influence pop had….

  • Old Codger

    What I’d like to know is just what the unholy hell she was expecting to accomplish with that video. (and no I haven’t seen it)

  • Comparing Marie Antoinette to Nancy Pelosi is as unfair to her as comparisons with Michelle Obama were.

    She was a godly woman, whose last words were an ap0logy to her executioner for accidently having stepped on his foot.

    She never uttered the words “Let them eat cake,” or anything similar. That phrase was attributed to “a certain princess” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in a book that was published when she was still a little girl in Austria. The phrase was picked up and attributed to her by the CNN and MSNBC of the day, the Jacobins.

    She is perhaps the most unfairly maligned woman in history, although Melania Trump is becoming a strong contender.

    • interventor

      Marie, in her mature years, was no longer a flibbertigibbet, but a responsible decent woman, Most likely, if she made the cake reference, she was referring to the stores of well refined white flour rationed to French civil servants.

    • Jefferson A Selvy

      Her or Elisabet Bathory as the most maligned.

  • Halley

    Halley’s Famous Ultra-Easy Ice Cream

    into the blender:
    juice of 1 large lemon
    1 cup sugar, 1 cup milk, 16+ oz whipping cream
    1+ pound berries (fresh or semi-frozen)
    (raspberries my favorite for this, strawberries or pitted cherries good)
    blend until blended

    pour into the electric ice cream maker, 30 min later:
    spoon into containers, then into the freezer

    Guaranteed 100% better than anything in Pelosi’s fridge

  • Sam Jackson

    Nancy Antoinette needs to become intimately familiar in the application of the cucking stool, as it applies to women such as she.

  • Pamela

    SanFranNan paid $48,000.00 for a fridge. My house was $56,000.00 when we bought it in 1982. How many people could live in the packing crate that fridge came in…

    • interventor

      Might ask them.

  • Polly Cy

    As a political scientist I understand what’s wrong with these people, but honestly, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! Like Cuomo saying to people who want to go back to work, “if you need money get a job where you’re classified as essential.” I mblame it all on Dr. Spock. Clearly, these people weren’t spanked as children.

  • Morgul Lord

    From your mouth to god’s ear…


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