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  • Kafiroon

    Oh Yeah!

    • Pamela

      Yikes. Gives new meaning to bat-shit crazy. I don’t even think the boys in gitmo would tap that unless drunk. Screeching Hawg is off the menu even in a pinch.

  • WayneM

    My bad… the name is Trigglypuff… although she certainly jiggles… ugh…

    • B Woodman

      “she/he/it” has certainly undergone some name changes lately. And gained some well deserved notoriety due to “its” antics.
      I just HAD to go and read “it’s” personal page. And no, I won’t post any links. I don’t want to get my DBD friends angry at me for subjecting them to such mindless confusion, drivel and garbage.
      (now, where did I misplace my mind and eye bleach? gotta lot of brain scrubbing to do)

      • WayneM

        There is a subReddit called “EyeBleach” for a reason. The internet can be a dark and horrific place. EyeBleach helps to make folks feel better.

        • B Woodman

          Thank you, Dr Wayne, for the Rx. I’ll keep it handy, “Use as needed”. Maybe I should get two refills in advance. 😉

  • Grunt GI

    Glad to see Zed is truly a real American man. Anyone seeing Sam naked should stand up and salute. Hard target indeed. He seems to have recovered from the cold hands. -/:)
    Nice artwork. Really nice artwork

  • KenH

    Y’know, one of these times, you really should put that blunt out in Boingo’s EYE

  • Ed Woods

    All that I’m seeing is the top half of the first panel and the comments.

    • capn

      Ed Woods
      When that happens to me I refresh the page and sometimes it takes three or more refreshes to finally get the page to load properly. IN my case it is the background scripts running that consume the bandwidth and slow the main images. I am on a dial-up connection and downloading a “blazing” 28 Kbps.

      If you are not on a (slow as molasses) dial up then grab the free copy of NoScript and it will free up a bunch of bandwidth by blocking the background scripts.

      On this page you Definitely want to view the bottom five panels.

      stay safe,


  • Fox2!

    Zed is glad that Sam “feels like a woman! O, yeah”

  • Pamela

    Oh is there going to be some wet wall action in the shower…
    Gives new meaning to steamy hot and slippery

    • Grunt GI

      Goodness, I do like the way you think. Hot and soapy can be fun.

    • Grunt GI

      Oh, and I forgot to mention it’s ecologically sound to save water by showering together!
      Everyone’s gotta do their part to save the planet. I think Zed will be happy to go green. Or red, as it were.

      Oh yea. And those morons at Target just lost a significant customer. My wife loved shopping there instead of Walmart. No more. Even though our local Walmart resembles the UN and almost none of the employees speak English, I hope Walmart is smart enough to stay out of the LGBT wars. Ah hell the loony left hates them anyway, so I hope they are smarter about not pissing off their customers with SJW crap.

      I doubt Target will find 1,000,000 trannies to replace those lost customers, hmmm?

      • Pamela

        Target could put single shacks out back with a catalog for reading material etc. Some Guy comes in the Ladies and it will not be pretty.
        Why aren’t Men getting upset with the idea of Females coming in the Gents?

        • B Woodman

          I’m guessing, because most men don’t have the fear of a Fem-to-Male tranny assaulting them, as might happen with a male-to-fem tranny in a women’s bathroom.
          I’m also guessing because even the wimpiest of men know what to do around a Fem-to-Male tranny. Either ignore it and leave, or if “it” becomes too irritating, knock it down, then leave.
          Oh, and splash some water on the floor before leaving. If any assault charges are filed, point to the water, say “it” slipped and fell. (repeatedly – hehehe)

  • JTC

    Wife loved Target; we don’t have one in town so our occasional Sunday drive would often involve a nice dinner and a visit to one of the three Target stores within about an hour; bonus attraction was that they were distinctly not Wally, two supercenters of which we have within ten minutes. So much for that.

    They had not recovered from the data breach that nearly took them down, inventory and selection was suffering, and now this weasel acquiescence to the confused gender crowd and their supporters/enablers, instead of avoiding condemnation has brought it down on their heads from what WAS their ideal “target” market, my wife. Whether through purely stupid blindness to the perversion and danger that this effed up uni movement represents, or willful embrace of it, they have lost her and she won’t darken their door again. Sad.

    Nice shower scenes Chris, balanced hetero appeal…but that boy got no butt.

  • armedandsafe

    It might be a hard target, but Zed is a sniper. He can put it in there.


  • KNO3

    Gina “mine spill” Mccarthy getting an award? It’s the new nobel peace prize!

  • billf

    Nice art,Chris.It’s amazing that you can get such detail so as to put a ‘smug’ look on a cartoon character’s face (obama).
    Also,have to mention Sam looking good!

  • GWB

    I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed in Sam’s hand placement in the next-to-final frame. 😉
    Nice juxtaposition of a proper multi-gender bathroom and the Target version, Chris.

  • JW

    uh… I forgot what I was gonna say.

  • Randy

    Target lost my business long ago when they openly became a “Gun Free” or should I say “Criminals Welcome” zone.

    • B Woodman

      That, and a “Salvation Army Bell Free” zone.

      One has to wonder about the leadership at the top of The Target. What are they like? Their upbringing? Their politics? Their lifestyle? I just find it so remarkable that any one small group of people can, in such a short time, spiral such a large and profitable (=giving the people what they want at a reasonable price) organization, into one that is both bankrupt and reviled by a majority of Americans.

      Wait. . .what?. . . . I just re-read that. .. .are we talking about Target, or the US Gruberment?

      Chris, you need to design a new logo. The US Great Seal American eagle, but instead the US shield over the chest, the Target logo over the chest.
      I leave it to your fertile imagination what to replace in the eagle’s claws (used to be laurel branches and arrows), and which way the head faces.
      Maybe in one claw, a smoking “choom”?

      • John D. Egbert

        A multiple-choice question. Answer: (D) All of the above.

  • Warrant-wielding sheriffs arresting thousands of deadbeat dads in a twisted commemorations of Father’s Day have always been largely unfair. They are particularly unfair this year during the recession.

  • B Woodman

    Sam. . .. what can I say about Sam?. . .. in brief, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

  • NanGee

    Target in Pasadena California yesterday had an employee posted in front of the women’s room directing male customers to their own restroom at the other end of the store. There was no sign that I could see inviting all genders into the ladies room. It would appear that the message has been received by Target, at least in Pasaena.

  • Ron

    Thank God Target already tanked here in Canada. We already have enough PC shite here in Toronto the Silly to deal with.

    • WayneM

      Yes, you certainly do… It seems like Toronto has more regressive lefts per capita than any other Canadian city.

  • interventor

    If Trump wins, Canada may see many more.

    • Ron

      No Whoopi,….please, no Whoopi

  • Bill G

    Zed’s looking at the target.

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