Day By Day


  • Epador

    I wonder if trichloracetic acid would help?

  • Epador

    Perhaps laser surgery?

  • Kafiroon

    Large generator, very thick cables, airfield constant demand regulators, bare ends wrapped around R100 and any records/memory will be up in smoke.

    • MasterDiver

      Forget seeing me come if you want to live!

      Zar Belk!

  • JackDeth 72

    Did Javier’s R-100 just fib with its “Absolutely, Ma’am”?

    Also curious as to how many of ‘Asimov’s Rules For Robots’ the R-100 may be bending or breaking?

    • pyrodice

      If I understand where that tracker went…
      Just number two.

    • That would depend on the definition of “human” I have seen stories where a traffic computer defined as “human” only the vehicles traveling on the roads.

    • Old Codger

      Late in his life, Azimov admitted it would be impossible to code those rules. Several stories have been written demonstrating both the impossibility of encoding those rules into a functional automaton and the likely consequences of trying to do so. The iron law of unintended consequences is completely unaware of Azimov’s Laws.

  • JTC

    Whole new level for Artificial Intelligence…Artificial Prurience.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Nah. Just good programming.

      • JTC

        Prurience on the part of the programmer then..
        Programmed prevarication too I guess. Not good.
        Javier is a genius but still a pubescent adolescent.

  • epilitimus

    Bet she never worried about what her iPhone saw…and passed on.

  • Blackrifle081

    That drive’s been wiped. “…like with a cloth or something…”

  • Times when you do have to wonder how far AI really will go…

  • WayneM

    I’m fairly sure there’s an inappropriate pun or two about the tracker, the memory hole and/or that FBI agent’s keister but I’m too tired to write ’em up…

    For those who admired Number 6’s famous Lotus 7, the licensing rights and designs were snapped up by Caterham. Various iterations of the Caterham Super7 are still being manufactured with a variety of engines and configurations… including left-hand drive for those of us who drive on the right side of the road…

  • John T. Block

    NEVER trust a smiling Terminator…. Sam better get Javier to re-boot that sucka…..

  • nonncom

    “If it’s any consolation, Maam’, you were ravishing…”

  • Kafiroon

    I think a few of the really bright boys, Yes Boys, as I have not seen any articles by women on this yet, have decided real AI is too dangerous. Any pure AI would have to see people’s affect on the planet and decide were are a virus.
    Skynet ! Heh.

    • JTC

      Hmmm. Can there be a pure AI? It’s a real chicken/eggs thing.

      And some of those bright boys, notably Hawking and Musk, are anything but pure, subject to their own partisanships and prejudices.

      They may be right. Uncontrolled AI might kill us but self-interested HI definitely will, and I do not trust the latter to make preemptive decisions about the former.

      • John

        To date there is no Theory of Intelligence, so achieving the Nightmare by any means other than pure accident is simply fiction, and it may be impossible.
        The best we’ve been able to understand about our own intelligence is that it is an agglomeration of cross-talking inherited talents stitched together by experience and not all of which are possessed by every individual.

  • Pamela

    Will R100 dream electric dreams of his own silvered Lady Fair


    Sam’s so hot she even gives R100 an erector set.

    • JTC

      ewww…you know where that thing has been right?

      • Pamela

        Er… I don’t think even a flame thrower would do a good enough job of decontamination. Well maybe for some of the less than fastidious members of congress and clandestine services it would be all fine and dandy.

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of deplorable!

      My 20 dollar weed burner from Harbor Freight has about as much “flame throwing” power, its really more of a torch than anything else
      , wonder if it will support mapp gas?

    • JTC

      The difference between a torch and a flame-thrower is the throwing.

      Torches burn fuel at the nozzle while flame-throwers throw a stream of ignited fuel that burns at point of impact. The former is like Bob’s weed burner or the rosebud welding torch attachment we used to heat metal gears etc. at the mill. The latter is like a bad-ass war game.

      Still Musk’s toy like all of his toys, is a cool feat of engineering and an object of visceral desire…I like it.

      • Grunt GI

        HA, imagine what Sam might do with a toy like that…be great for varmint hunting…two legged or four legged…..

  • Swansonic

    Our President is rocking through the SOTU speech. I hope the finish is as great as the start!