Day By Day


  • Chris Muir

    …I got better.

    • JTC

      You heal up quick! Took Dr. Pam’s advice eh? Just remember that sippin’ whiskey can mask the pain, and the 18 year old can make you feel young again. Both are temporary though so go easy, OG. 😉

      Glad you and Sam are both okay. Little worried about the doggie though, for a minute I thought those were his guts on the table!

    • Delilah T.

      A long soak in the tub with bubble bath, a good book (preferably a romance novel with hot and heavy stuff…. er,… uh, okay, just some really good… uh… oh, never mind.

      I can write the stuff. It just is not something the kids should see. 🙂

      • Pamela


        A hot soak works and someone to try out what you read or wrote about makes it even better. My grown kids still get a bit unsettled with some of my writing.

        • Delilah T.

          I might drop it in here one day, if Chris wants to use it on Zed. 🙂 Naughty me.

    • Grunt GI

      Good to know you’re not dead yet…and haven’t been turned into a newt.

    • Ozymandius

      “a newt?” glad to see you’re better.

    • Stephanie Osborn


  • Merle

    glad to hear it! sometimes old folks heal up quicker than expected!!!

    now then, those aren’t engine or transmission parts – they are rear axle parts.

    is the Cuda having more troubles?

      • Delilah T.

        Weren’t the Chrysler and ‘Cuda interchangeable on certain parts?

        • Z-man51

          Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler parts were fairly interchangeable during that time period and similar models. Same with Ford, Mercury and Lincoln, and GM, Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile and Cadillac.
          Back in the days BI (Before Internet) most dealers and junkyards had a large thick book known as the interchangability guide. It listed every part that interchanged between makes, models and years. For example, I had a 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator with an eight inch rear end with a 3.51 ratio. This book would tell me that parts from the 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 rear end with 4.11 gears in the yard would interchange with mine.
          The Plymouth Barracuda had basically total interchangability with the Dodge Challenger (minus bodywork, but even some of them interchanged). While Chrysler didn’t have an equivalent to the ‘Cuda, there were interchangeable parts between years and models.

  • Spin Drift

    “Dog Day Afternoon” for the win.


    PS: Glad to read you are feeling better.

  • Shooter 2.5

    Whew. I”m glad you’re ok, Chris. As far as today’s strip goes, I’m relieved Sam is alive although I have no idea what any of it means.

  • JTC

    But oh man! All those well wishes and miscellaneous missives are gone! Scared ya with that quip about no post being more popular than a real one huh? Just a joke, you know this would all devolve into a circle jerk/diddle without the Main Man!

    • They are all appreciated

      • -VERY much appreciated!

  • JackDeth 72

    Those parts on the table are entirely too clean….

    And Alpha just wants you to play “Fetch!” with him every once and a while, Sam.

  • Alex J

    So glad that Chris is feeling better!

    So, did the “Old Cartoonist Down” post and 70-some comments just disappear down ye old memory hole?

    Rest and recuperate, Sir!

  • Dread

    LOL. Had me going.

  • Pamela

    Is that a limited slip dif…

    Good to know you are recovering

    • Delilah T.


      A nice massage with the right kind of oils will do a lot for sore muscles and such things.

      Stay well, Chris.

  • Big Jim

    I was guessing either Alpha or Tabasco– very glad alle est gut!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Dawg ex machina.

    And as most times, little to no appreciation for what Dawg did. Or was that Dog? Or is there some dyslexia in this comment?
    The dyslexic spent the night contemplating the meaning of Dog.

  • Kafiroon

    Dawg can snark about engineers, but by the looks of it, drivers side stand collapsed. Then by the height of lift on the passenger side, it was the dawg lifting. So maybe dawg caused the over weight onto the collapsed jack stand? AI maybe not so smart or “Garbage in, Garbage out.”
    Glad you recovered fast. Now I need to go workout.

  • WayneM

    I’m glad you’re back in action, Chris…

  • Bill G

    Glad to hear you’re OK. Keep on taking care of yourself and Sam.

  • Mort

    Mighty fine drawing of what looks like a picture of a ring and pinion, pumpkin,
    bearings and races, yoke, bout all of the third member.

  • Unca Walt

    Jayzus! What a car-savvy crowd!