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  • Wayne M

    The ranch is getting to be a very lively place. Very lively, indeed.

    The athletic club where I work out has a “women’s only” area but it doesn’t have a “men’s only” area except, of course, the men’s change room.

    Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!! Help, help!! I’m being repressed!!

  • Grunt GI

    Wow..poor guys…Zed, Wade and ‘Toly have no idea how outnumbered they will be….

    • B Woodman

      It’s a big ranch. Lots of room for the men to get away, if needed for awhile.

      • Pamela

        Time for a Pig Hunt then a BBQ..

        • Doug Dean

          I see Maureen Dowd has started reading this comic

  • epador

    OMG, does this mean Iran wants Obama to eat himself?

  • KenH

    It means you have a VIVAK agent handling the bony-assed retard, and have had for a long time….

  • B Woodman

    Yep. The REAL power behind the throne, NOT Moochelle, but VJ (sounds like a sexually transmitted disease, doesn’t it?).
    Jarrett, the muzzie handler for the shadow puppet figurehead empty suit.

    • Doug Dean

      More like VJJ

    • A VJ is like a BJ using the nether lips.

  • Shonkin


    • Unca Walt

      Mebbe SAVAK?

  • Ed

    Old English-style gentleman’s club, eh? I have long held a dream of opening a place somewhat on those lines. Should it come to pass, it will be “The Walrus and the Great White Whale.”


    Sorry, Jan, ‘the won’ is indeed “that girly.” On its better days.

  • Grunt GI

    I am remembering this post…now Jan is going to the ranch…hmmm Sam, Jan, Skye…a six pack to go…and Naomi is there too…wonder where this story might go…philosophy down at the swimming hole?

    Chris Muir
    February 3, 2015, 1:49 am | Reply
    “Hopefully the ranch has a pond suitable for skinny dipping….just thinking out loud.” Gotdamnit, Grunt, stop reading my mind.

  • Ming the Merciless

    Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Persian: وِزارَتِ اِطّلاعات جُمهوریِ اِسلامیِ ایران Vezarat-e Ettela’at Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye
    Actually VEJE…Originally SAVAMA to replace the Shah’s SAVAK…nice people…give Val another couple of years and she’ll don the burka.
    She remind you of WW II Violette Morris, the Gestapo’s car racer and her welding torch…

    • Bill G

      Thanks for the info.

  • Leo AutoDidact

    Given the number of “Expats” in Argentina, I’d be surprised if the didn’t ALREADY have “Gentlemen’s Clubs.

    Hmmnh, probably ‘by invitation only’ wonder why nobody’s ‘invited’ Damon?

  • Bill G

    Love the two-fers, Chris, thanks, and these give lots of room for speculation.
    Who IS Obola’s Grey Eminence?
    Is Skye going to try to dump the kids in Texas and go back to the free-wheeling party girl lifestyle she is sure she deserves?
    Does Damon have the money/connections/cachet to be Socially Acceptable to the Gentlemen of Argentina?
    Who knows what evil lurks in…, no, no, cross-sourcing again, aaaahhh!!!!

  • Ming the Merciless

    When I flew in Argentina in the eighties, the Chileans were the Argies’ slaves, living in places like Bariloche in Tar paper huts, working for food…twenty years later, the situation was reversed, Asuncion’s Paraguayans complaining that Argies were swimming across the river to sneak in and rob their vegetable gardens at night…That should be a lesson for Greeks and Italians…

    • interventor

      Adopt socialism and allow three presidential bimbos to run the place, and wonder what went wrong.

  • interventor

    “At heart, the English gentleman is a barbarian. And, therein lies his worth.”

    A gentleman appreciates a woman with a past. It gives him hope for the future.

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