Day By Day


  • WayneM

    Conceived, perhaps, but not born in a barn… Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I was conceived in a …..

  • JSStryker

    Chris you are a master at word play between your character!

  • I second what Stryker said — the wordplay in today’s installment is nothing short of brilliant.

  • Pete231

    A roll in the hay while getting the lay of the land…….

    • Vince

      In the land of the lay.

  • Tagg

    Brings back wonderful memories, of bar-b-que, and hay lofts… And learning to know.

  • Very cute, for sure.

  • JackDeth 72


    Everyone loves Pyrotechnics,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there an ex[plosive “incident” involving high heat and a pressure vessel the last time the loft was used?

    • Kafiroon

      Not the most recent previous time, as I recall.
      (Not enough coffee yet.)

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Yes, yes Zed is bad. Bad to the bone.

  • GruntGI

    Well, if Travis does it right, Suzy will be looking up at the heavens and screaming, “Oh, God, Oh, God Yes.”

    • JSStryker

      Save a Harley ride a biker!

  • JTC

    Q the soundtrack and cover the babies’ ears…

  • Old Codger

    Been reading “The book of Q” Fascinating reading. Also reading the original thread. Equally fascinating. Wonder if Q is still working at 600 Penn. Entrepreneurs tend to hire and fire rapidly; seeking the optimum mix.

  • Pamela

    There is a first time for everything and I need something to eat…

  • NotYetInACamp

    Turn up the ambient music, or start up the band.

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