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  • JTC

    According to the archives, I said that Skye did that on 7/14/16. 😉

    Curiously absent in this run-up is the shameless appeal to the *other* drive that drove that one…but we’ll “get there” anyway.

    • JTC

      Well hell, another review of back then shows I was wrong, imagine that. The appeal to “that” drive was more reward than enticement. Rather Redvolutionary marketing strategy, but quite effective, that 4th wall did get “busted” as it were, even something there for the ladies.

  • WayneM

    Sometimes breaking that fourth wall is very effective way to build connection with the gentle (and not-so gentle) readers of DBD… especially when done with flair.

    Oh, Skye… the “are we there yet” stage is indicative of your emotional age (pre-teen) and here we thought you were growing up!

    • eon

      Actually, I think she is growing up. She at least now seems to be out of the terrible twos.

      clear ether


  • Halley

    And Mexico is going to pay for the Fourth Wall, too!

  • Interesting travel arrangements.

  • David M

    I miss the ability to go back to yesterday and read the comments I missed (Added after reading the first time) There is often much relevance in the comments which is of additional educational value and the new interface seems to have lost this. the archives are all minus comments… Honestly I come here for the politics, the rest is all gravy (danged good gravy too)…

    • Eric F

      Once you click on the previous date, click on the comic itself and the comments will appear.

    • JTC

      Yeah it’s a little clunky to navigate which Chris has said will improve after the drive is finished. But as David said, clicking on any date in the calendar and then on the toon or its title will bring up the comments. For past months in the archives click on the month and that whole month comes up in sequence, also comments are brought up by clicking on the particular toon.

  • MasterDiver

    Hey, Chris. Just donated another $100.00. Had a dive trip canceled due to weather, so I found another good use for the gas money. Hope you get good mileage out of it.

    Zar Belk!

    • JTC

      (scribble scribble figure figure…)

      So last year’s drive ran 44 days; by that measure we are on track with average per diem of the total needed as this drive is 38 days in with 13% to go (2.27% per day x 6 days remaining = 13.6%). HOWEVER at this point last year only 7% remained, so take a cue from MD and toss in a few extra $$! I’ve said I’d personally like to see the finish line by 7/26 for sentimental tribute reasons and to that end I’ll be adding another 50 to my original 175 on that date…any who can please do the same…

      And maybe to that end, so that the occasion next week can be more somber Chris will rearrange his regular marketing methods and instead of a celebration at the end there’ll be a major nekkid bleg starting this weekend to kick the “drive” into “overdrive”. Hmmm? 😉

      • Pamela

        Just kicked in an additional $25. I don’t need to get my pedicure done this month.

  • Unca Walt

    Good on you, Master Diver.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      (that’s what SHE said)

      • MasterDiver

        Damn RIGHT she did!

        Zar BELK!!

  • Ian Innes


    • JTC

      Dang it II now you’ve got me seeing and hearing B. Davis:

      “…it’s going to be a bumpy (ride)”


  • NotYetInACamp


    They are having a nice drive.

    Aside from my avoiding the nations that i mentioned on an earlier day, I have fastidiously avoid the District of Columbia and Criminals. Add to that New Jersey due to gun laws. Actually several states for that.
    Then there are the states being ruined by Democrats such as explain in this little missive. More reasons to avoid Kookifornia and New Jersey, or to just flee them.
    The chaos desired by Communists and others desiring the destruction of the USA so they can put their power in place is vast and extreme efforts have been made to make the chaos occur.
    Many of Hillary and Bill’s crimes they were never prosecuted for would be reduced to misdemeanore.

    They are now in a using all methods available including total surveillance, to create the chaos and shackle us all.
    If Hillary had won, remember that many of us chatting on here would not be able to do so now. Maybe jail / camps would have been involved. Civilization may have fallen so much farther.

    But we can still road trip, as Hillary and the Globalists were trumped. We are talking world control and the constant flow of hundreds of trillions of fiat cash. They will not give up. Expect the war to continue. Just a thought. Have a nice day. 🙂

  • NotYetInACamp

    Maybe many in the White House and Washington are taking a road trip soon. Spicer resigned. Maybe the White House palace coup by the patriots is starting. Deep State war stuff.

  • Pamela

    “No breaking the Fourth Wall”
    Is there a swimming hole to be had on the way…

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I wouldn’t expect privacy…..

  • NotYetInACamp

    I don’t see any Russians. Where are the Russians? There needs to be Russians if a serious fund raising drive is traveling down the road. Get some russians. Hillary knows how to drive the money out of the Russians. So does Bill. Bill gets the bill paid by the Russians when he quid pro quo’s. And he covers it with talk.
    we want Russians.
    Learn from the experts on how to extract extreme funding out of the Russians.
    Trump is a piker when it comes to any collusion or funds from the Russians. Rank amateur. No experience. Trump sells them real estate or a room, or just has a meeting where nothing is exchanged except legitimate conversation, so it looks like.

    Get some of that Russian money like the prez trailer park liebarry has. Queen Hillary would have shown us some real getting the Russians to pay her bag man foundations. And she never would have had to drive.

  • Too Tall

    Um, where are Skye’s children?

    • Nursery at the DD

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