Day By Day


  • JTC

    Visions of Waco…how sweet would that be?

    Oh, the humanity! Oh, wait…

  • NotYetInACamp


    OH PLEASE! Take the VAG. The pink VAG.

    • Pamela

      I surmise Zed is thinking discretion is the watch word of the day.
      Should they take Pinky and should Willy spot it, the Ol’ Boy might just try to have a go at it. Imagine a video of that pairing hitting the
      twitterverse. Any Port in a storm I guess.

  • formwiz


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    • Chris Muir

      check to:

      Indialantic,FL 32903

      • Merle

        Thanks – I needed this info too….


  • Too Tall

    Definitely take the VAG, flying the flag from the Battle of Gonzales (“COME AND TAKE IT”).

  • Fox2!

    Probably rides like, well, an armored vehicle. At least, any armored vehicle other than “The Beast”.

  • KenH

    Take the Tank

  • JackDeth72

    The VAG looks like an up armored. updated and up scaled Saladin Armored Car.

    The Scourge of Protestants during “The Troubles” and Sweet Heart of the Royal Ulster Constabulary!

  • I would say take the Escalade, but the VAG Tank would make a far better statement. Gas mileage would probably suck though.

  • AlexJ

    Think of the children. The VAG is uncomfortable at best. And no air conditioning too!


    Truck it in for running around town.

    • GWB

      A motorbike, a camper, maybe a jeep. But I don’t think an Escalade is up to hauling that thing to Arkansas.
      The APC would be a good way to deter Arkancide, though.

  • Bill G

    Whatever you drive, take one or two of Javier’s drones with a remote link. He can keep watch and freak out everyone else on site.

  • Too Tall

    Rumor Control holds that if we get the red bar to 100% before Sunday, they are driving the VAG.

  • PaulS

    Does that thing have a built in humidor? Slick Willy loves him a cigar.

  • WayneM

    It sounds like Zed is seriously considering going to the Slick Willy Library.

  • Dread

    Looks like they’re going to visit the genuine deplorables

  • Dread

    Yiu would think that Arkansas would ship that over done trailer park to another state or country, like Californicate, New Jerk, or China.

    • Pamela

      Hey! Watch it! Not in my State. It may be totally F’d up as it is, but none of us need or deserve Him/It/That to be inflicted upon us.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The Japanese need to start having more sex again (normal procreative sex), and having more babies. If it could in any way result in more Japanese children (and later more beautiful Japanese women) ship that aluminum crate Prez Repository and Happy Ending Massage Parlour Emporium (tin can is so 40’s) on over there. It can be shipped through Kookifornia with an exhibit, or not. There are many ports along the leftist Coast that could easily handle that package (of cargo). A short term affliction is better than a permanent sore.

      • Pamela

        I’m all for having more sex to sustain population growth and for the sheer enjoyment of having more sex. Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to locally recycle the edifice, since it does not harmonize with anything, melt it down and turn it into beer cans or auto parts?
        Any latent critters would be vaporized at the crucible temperatures rendering disease exposure moot.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Only if bill stays inside.

  • JTC

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch (Arizona that is)…I don’t wish anyone or his family the misery of cancer, but maybe it does explain some of the dementia and turning on his own? Nah, McCain sold his soul long ago.

    Anyway, doubtful he will darken his office again, so what will they do, a special election? So whaddaya think, Kelli Ward? And how soon? Need all the help we can get the soonest we can get it.

    • JTC

      Not a special election, a gov appointment. But she’s looking good, she’s met with Trump and his people, and her competition in the next election would be some Flake who has admitted he did not vote for Trump…sort of a McCain’t lite. I like her and her chances so far.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Juan McPain’s brain tumor and actions would be another data point in the affirmation that Libtardism is a mental disease.

  • Vince

    Is Sam talking lunch? I heard they serve a mean fried chicken across the street!

  • Spin Drift

    Spin is back in the house, just returned from taking the special snowflake to see her grandfather and great grandfather in Calverton National Cemetery. She just stood and cried, I brushed the memories away as it suddenly got quite dusty. Go see your history, it can ground you and yours to what is important.


  • Christopher Cole

    The VAG looks like a Chrysler-Gage Armored Car from the Viet Nam era. Rode in one while patrolling the perimeter of Udorn RTAFB one night back in 1970.

    • Unca Walt

      The one thing I remember about Udorn is getting fargin soaking wet. Everybody was dumping water on everybody else. Folks were going crazy.

  • LowKey

    That would have been the water festival “Sokan”. It’s a blast, and my wife was thrilled when she was able to go back and visit her folks this year at the right time to enjoy it.
    For those that haven’t had the pleasure, imagine a week or so when it’s perfectly acceptable to be out on the street pleasantly inebriated and you can douse anyone with a bucket of ice water or a super soaker without any hard feelings, and likewise get soaked in return. Think of a giant nationwide water balloon fight where everyone is having a grand old time. If you dump a cooler of ice water over the head of a cop who is directing traffic he’ll just laugh his ass off and maybe ask you to save him a beer.

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