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  • Fronk!

    Crumbs… Says everything we need to know about Pelosi and her constituents doesn’t it? Sadly, Pelosi and her ilk will continue to shower contempt upon the common sense of ordinary people with impunity and we will all be lowered as a consequence.

  • I’m enjoying the Q positions here. Speaking of “Q”, been paying any attention there? Could that have been the inspiration for SuzyQ?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Q is an interesting phenomena.

    So is that Q putting out reports on the war.

    • S Hooks

      What if Q isn’t even human? What if Q is a sophisticated AI computer program that the Deep State/NSA/etc. is using to “stir up” their opposition and study their responses for future “action”.

      Q’s cryptic, disjointed pronouncements could be viewed as providing a convenient stimulus to provoke responses that might illustrate/reveal the direction and extent of the ideas that opposition might be capable of for resistance.

      Or, it could just be the spooks are having some fun and the whole thing is one big joke.

      • StoopidKat

        Or, following Occam’s Razor, Q is totally legit and the war on the deep State is full on. Trump was recruited, by loyal military officers, to run against Hillary. Criminals will be exposed, tried and imprisoned. The Rule of Law and Constitutional governance will be restored to the people, if we can keep it.

    • Old Codger

      Would someone please post a link to reports by this mysterious “Q”? I am having absolutely NO luck with any of the searches I’ve tried.Sounds like interesting reading.

      • I’m kinda curious myself.

        • Bob's Your Uncle

          Ok, ladies and gentlemen. Rather than me posting a link that might get filtered for one reason or another, use DuckDuckGo and search for “the-book-of-q.pdf”. A link to the Nov. 2017 edition should be near the top of your results. Interesting reading, for sure…

  • WayneM

    You can be sure if Pelosi and her ilk are able to wield power again, they’ll roll back DJT’s tax cuts with interest…

  • TB. , NC

    Crumbs they may be, but Pelosi didn’t want to give us even that much.

  • Olddog

    And she doesn’t even need the Botox.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Just because SuzyQ can speak Full Pelousi, hopefully she doesn’t go Full Pelousi with the mini strokes and utter stoopidity.

  • Bill

    Gotta keep those dentures in somehow.

    • lurking

      Botox and JB Weld.

      • Pamela

        I don’t think either are working very well.
        Same with what ever Meds she’s taking.

  • JTC

    I was going to give her the benefit, that Sam said SuzyQ *speaks* Pelosi, not that she *is* Pelosi.

    But then Q herself went and fucked that up, right into Redbeard’s face; *Full. Pelosi.*

    That is chilling on several different levels. Red (either one) might have to kill her.

    • Just means she’s joking that she can copy pelosi’s mannerisms is all

      • JTC

        Well good, in that case speaking an alien language is very useful for a spook. Glad they won’t have to croak her, I like her and the possibilities for summertime swimmin’ hole antics are enhanced.

    • John

      I agree wholeheartedly.
      The trick here is the word Progressive. It has been hijacked.
      I think the right approach is to use the word often used on this board.
      Use it at every opportunity and with gusto.
      Eventually people will adopt it for the accurate term it is.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Yer face twist all up too?” (translation: may I have a kiss?)
    “Full. Pelosi.” (translation: yep)


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