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    Been bugging me for awhile, where are Zed and Sam’s guns? They had the bar, got wrapped up by homeland, got sprung, moved into the mobile…..Now they are on the Double D. Really enjoying the whole family at the ranch storyline!

  • armedandsafe

    Those two ladies …”Bed, Breakfast and Boomsticks” O. M. G. !!! >:)

  • Southpaw

    “Global Warming” is the pig

    “Climate Change” is the lipstick on the pig

  • John M

    Thought she said ‘broomsticks when I first read it, and I was wondering which witch they were inviting…

    The climate may be changing, but I doubt that it is anthropogenic… look how much CO2 Pinatubo and Chaitan dumped into the atmosphere. Mother Nature is one tough broad!

    • Jorge_Banner

      Lions eat zebras. Climate changes. That’s what they do.

    • “The climate may be changing, but I doubt that it is anthropogenic…”

      There are definitely anthropogenic changes in what might be called “microclimate,” chiefly as the result of phenomena such as hydraulic geoengineering (dams and other impoundments, canals, harbor dredging, quays and breakwaters, stuff like that), “urban heat island” effects, and agriculture, but GLOBAL climate? Climate change on a planetary scale? Get real!

      Especially by way of the “greenhouse gas” effect of a truly miniscule increase in an atmospheric trace component like carbon dioxide which the alarmists attribute to the purposeful combustion of petrochemical fuels. CO2 in such amounts simply can’t do what these quacks’ computerized global climate simulacra have been “cooked” to demonstrate.

      • Not to mention, carbon MONoxide is the by-product of combustion. Carbon MONoxide is the harmful thing. Carbon DIoxide is what plants use to produce the oxygen we breath. Ice core samples show far higher amounts of carbon DIoxide during the days of the dinosaurs. Those bastards destroyed themselves, right? Is this why the government is so busy trying to destroy our educational system?

        • Actually, carbon monoxide is the result of incomplete combustion and can, itself, be burned, resulting in co2. Combustion of hydrocarbons mostly results in co2 and water if there is enough oxygen present.

  • B Woodman

    Love it! B & B & B. “Boomsticks” I wish I had enough land, I’d outright steal that from you, Chris.

  • B Woodman

    As for the cooling trend in the GloBull Warming, The Wrong Reverend Al the Goracle needs to be dragged from his Tennessee Tonnage Cave and roasted over an open fire on a spit. Maybe some of the fat that would drip off his carcass would truly warm things up a bit.

    • eon

      I get a kick out of the repeated cancellations of “climate change” propaganda smugfests due to…heavy snows and blizzard conditions.

      It’s sort of like the old Soviet Politburo discovering that, in spite of their passing a law mandating it, “pi” still does not equal “3”.



    • Paladin

      The Goracle isn’t here in TN anymore, Last I heard he bought beach front in Santa Barbara, cuz of “Coastal Erosion”/”Rising Sea Levels”. I think Tipper got everything in the divorce that was in TN.

  • When can I book reservations?

  • Matthew F.

    We already have reservations! BTW, my retired father knows someone in Florida who hunts hogs with a pack of Kevlar-wearing Jack Russels that bring down a hog for him to dispatch with a blade. The dogs apparently love the hunt.

  • Bill G

    Any bag limits on narcotrafficantes?

    • No, but you have to bring your own shovel and bury the offal.

      • B Woodman

        Good. Practice the Four Esses:

  • fast richard

    Reminds me of another B,B, & B with a cameo appearance in this strip a few years ago.

  • Pamela

    Boomsticks… um, Ash Williams hasn’t made reservations has he?

    This little blue spot in space is on a 30 year total out and back from the sun elliptical orbit. The global warming/climate change ripoff artists forgot science facts 101.

    • cb

      Send the climate change worshippers to Mars, let them perfect their terraforming techniques there at their own expense.

    • Indeed Pamela, there is that.

  • interventor

    My geopolitics professor warned of the cooling cycle to come in 1968. As for the folks from Argentina, remember its summer down there.

    Justice would be a migrating polar bear (escaping extreme cold) in Minnesota mistaking Al Gore for a walrus.

    • rooftop voter

      “Justice would be a migrating polar bear (escaping extreme cold) in Minnesota mistaking Al Gore for a walrus.”

      Quote of the day!

  • JTC

    B, B, & B…Huh. I’m down with the Boomsticks, thanks to Tam.

    But thinking of Double D, I was sure it’d be Boobs, Boomsticks, & Boners.

    • Wally

      …or Boobs, Boners, & Babies.

      • Wayne M

        Wally beat me to it…

      • JTC

        Well then it’d have to go to four B’s…this day and time gotta have those boomsticks for both fun and necessity…come to think of it fun and necessity applies to those other B’s as well 😉

  • Spin Drift

    If all the environmentalists, quack weather scientists, UN bureaucrats, leftist politicians, mooselimb apologists and Rino’s were laid from end to end … and then run through a wood chipper it would be the best thing to happen to mankind.

    • YES!!!!!! THAT should be the “QotD”!

    • Wally

      Just make sure to isolate the resulting sludge from everything else… we wouldn’t want that s**t polluting the earth. Maybe send it into space…?

      • B Woodman

        Launch it into the sun. Dissolve it into its component particles. Even as much mass as all that would be a minuscule speck compared to the sun’s mass.

        • No need for long, expensive rocket rides to the sun, either. build a decent sized solar powered mass driver in synchronous orbit and fire the wood-chipper sludge into a solar intercept orbit. We could also use said mass-driver as one helluva ‘boomstick’ to discourage bad guys right here on Earth. big space rocks or space junk or ‘smart crowbars’ de-orbiting at about five miles per second would surely give the receiving parties a pretty bad day. No ionizing radiation for the greenies to whine about, either. Come to think of it, rocks de-orbitted from the main asteroid belt would come in at 7 or so miles per second.

          You can see that there are lots of reasons to gain and keep the ‘High Frontier’. Boomsticks good! And the bigger, the better!

          • B Woodman

            Hmmmm. You need to read “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”, Robert Heinlein.

    • B Woodman

      “If all the environmentalists, quack weather scientists, UN bureaucrats, leftist politicians, mooselimb apologists and Rino’s were LAID from end to end …”

      . . . . . they would be so satisfied they probably wouldn’t want to continue to try to take away everyone else’s freedoms.

  • As soon as I read “boomsticks” I thought…

    “Klaatu… verata… n… Necktie. Nectar. Nickel. Noodle!” LOL

  • Faeroe

    The second to last panel sure looks like storm clouds a-brewing. Trouble in paradise?

  • Cush619

    The panel showing the approaching storm and the desert plant is one of the best you have done. Your art only improves, Chris. The nekked women aren’t bad either!

    • Chris Muir

      Keep in mind most backgrounds are photos I use filters on.The real trick was to finally render the characters well enough that the two comport with each other.:)

  • Bill

    Oh. BOOMsticks. Man my eyes are getting bad.

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