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  • pyrodice

    I’m misunderstanding panel 2. “it calls it.skye”?

    • Grunt_GI

      DD…breast pump…pregnancy boob fairy….get it?

    • I’m having the same problem, pyrodice. It’s not the general concept (we get that), it’s the semantics of the two sentences:

      “it calls it.skye?”
      “call. double-d or nothing”.

      Umm… huh?

  • Fundamental transformation. Yeah, I must say that’s true. Unfortunately it got us fundamentally transformed in the direction of every other country that has tried that bullshit, and collapsed.

    • eon

      “Tonton Macoutes”.

      “Dignity Battalions”.

      It’s called, hand a gun to every street crazy on your side who has a grudge and a serious chemical dependency. Tell them that henceforth, they re the final arbiters of Right and Wrong.

      Then issue daily and contradictory “directives” for them to enforce.

      “To demonstrate their loyalty to the regime’, all citizens will wear a blue armband on their left bicep, unless it is Tuesday, when they shall wear a red armband on their right wrist unless it’s in February, when it must be a yellow scarf, except at night, when it’s….

      “Failure to do so its grounds for summary judgement by the Security Force.”

      Fizzbin Performance Art. With automatic weapons.



  • Wayne M

    The exchange between Zed and Wade couldn’t be more poignant. A man is only as good as his word, indeed.

  • JTC

    “Fundamental transformation”? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Wait ’til the guest-voter program kicks in.

  • B Woodman

    Yep. Giuliani said it true. Obozo is an unpatriotic son of a bitch (with apologies to female dogs). And you see how the Libtards are getting their panties in a twist, and calling for every republitard’s/conservative’s head and blood.
    NOW – just think how Libtard’s heads would explode (I’d pay good money to see that – pull up the chair and popcorn) if Giuliani had said that Frank Marshall Davis was Obozo’s FATHER and not just his mentor.

  • Leo AutoDidact

    Forget who said it, but recently I saw a quote describing Obama’s “Love” for the USA as similar to the Love a Wife-Beater has for HIS “Partner.”

    Never saw anything more on-point, in print!

  • Bill G

    A lot of folks don’t get it that what Obola intends is transforming this country into something much less than it is today.
    Promises about that are the only ones he keeps, and too many decent people can’t or won’t look at what he’s doing and seeing it as intentional.

    • eon

      He dreams of a world that looks like ancient Persia under Darius the Great.

      He resents the Greeks beating the Persians at Plataea and Salamis.

      Like Plato, he wants rule by “philosopher-kings” based on “mystic insight”.

      If you want to see how the works out, look at the Third World. It’s the basic model for every socialist “strong man” state there is.

      The fact that it never works is a feature, not a bug. It causes destruction, and ultimately, destruction is what progressives in general are all about.

      The One is simply a very typical progressive. Keep that in mind.



      • Pamela

        The One …Typical Stoner who’s brain got stuck in his teens

  • seriosuly?

    Get to the choppahs!!

  • PaulS

    Yeah, he called the increase of the National Debt by GWB “Unpatriotic” and “Un-American”, then proceeded to immediately show exactly how un-American and unpatriotic he is. The endless rhetoric about “we are making progress” “we are better off blah blah blah…”, If only more Americans would realize that the “we”, isn’t them. It would appear by all standards that he is speaking from a muslim perspective. Everything he says is to manipulate and deceive, which makes it easy to understand, once that is realized.

  • rooftop voter

    Love that classic Terminator style ending, heading into the storm…….. That is about the 3rd time now?

    Chris, mean it is getting close my man?

  • JTC

    “Wade is NOT Sam Elliott.”

    ‘Course not. Sam Elliott is Wade, a role he’s played since ’89, though I must say this is his best bit yet; hope he doesn’t start wanting royalties.

    And just in case SE is in real life a 180 from these roles politically and philosophically, please don’t somebody “helpfully” inform me.

    Considering the rarified environment in LALA land I shouldn’t be, but I am invariably crestfallen to learn about the pods that play parts I like…exceptin’ for Clint and Ted of course, and they’re both a couple slices short of a loaf, so….

    • I always got Sam Elliott mixed up with playwright Sam Shepherd. Both are actors (Elliott married to Katherine Ross since ’84, Shepherd to Jessica Lange from ’83 ’til ’10). Elliott is definitely in the mold of Eastwood, Duvall, Selleck, etc. politically. Shepherd? I’m guessing not, but I’m not certain.

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