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  • Peregrine John

    Greetings from The P.R.Kalifornia. Those who run the blue states are manifestly in mortal fear that the red states’ earlier return to normalcy will prove the blue states’ fearmongering to be merely that. Expect gigantically and overtly manipulated numbers to pop up all over.

    No, I mean more than we’ve seen already.

    • Pamela

      Heard a nasty “rumor” that Gavin went to someplace he shouldn’t have to get a loan to make up the shortfalls and got turned down. A friend noticed that the Beach Pictures he sited to use as a reason to shut down the Beaches were from last year. Another person said one of them was from last year’s Spring Break in Florida. What the hell is he taking that he is incapable of recognizing what Coast the Beach is on?

      • John M.

        He knows darned which beaches are his – he’s hoping YOU don’t !

  • Too Tall

    Lovely green dress. When is the DBD clothing line going to be available, Chris? Inquiring minds (Pamela’s) want to know.

    Masterful response in the second panel. If the blue states continue to pursue their script, the nation will have to let them fail and revert to territorial status.

    Perhaps 112 fewer electoral votes in the 2024 Presidential Election meaning the Progtard DildoCrat candidate can only count on on 123 or so, with 214 required to win.

    • formwiz

      Worse than that. The unemployment checks run out next week.

      You say you want a revolution?

      The Demos are about to get one.

  • Kafiroon

    Show that twit his debt load for NY.
    No money to bail out all their terrible decisions.

  • Buck

    It would be better for everyone if the government would allow Americans to put America back to work instead of adding to the trillions the gov’t. owes the Federal Reserve by signing another bond now for the loan and assigning interest payments forever paid by the taxpayer. Those that own the Fed will not hesitate to sell that bond to China. That will happen when the owners of the Fed think America has reached the point of no return on the payback of those bonds. The Demoncrats have the viewpoint that that’s the goal.
    Alternate scenarios, please…

    • JTC

      Trump “owns” the Fed.

      The ChiComs won’t buy negative interest debt.

      States’ rights extend to insolvency.

      Lot of games being played, but there is only one Artist of the Game.

      Money. Power. Control. Always follow the money, power, and control.

      I don’t always understand it, but I have learned to put my money on the Orange Haired Man.

      The alternate scenario you ask for is actually the plan that is in process. Hope it works.

  • DogByte6RER

    If Blue States get any bailout … it should be only with billion dollar Zimbabwe notes or with similar denomination Venezuelan bolivars.

  • steveb919

    Good answer President Trump!

  • GWB

    I am definitely disliking the placement of Sam’s dialog balloon, Chris. *sigh*
    But, yes, that is a nice color for the dress.

    • Paul

      agree ! at least give us just a little more Bum bump !

      • MasterDiver

        It would have been nice. Tomorrow, maybe?

        Zar Belk!

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Both red and blue states know this game.
    But the red states don’t wanna play.

  • Bill G

    Dandy Andy a loser? Surely you jest! How can the genius behind Cuomocare, forcing nursing homes to accept people with the Chicom Virus, be deemed a loser?
    We’ll never know how many non-producers this brilliant maneuver eliminated!

    • Pamela

      Knowingly sending known Virus carriers into Nursing Homes.
      Sounds Premeditated to me. How many died from that order?

    • WayneM

      Given how many votes come from nursing homes and cemeteries (and how they always vote Democrat), this could cause a blue wave…

      • John

        Who knows but that wasn’t the whole point.

    • interventor

      At least, 4,000 deaths in NY nursing homes can be blamed on Gov. (Baby-Doc) Cuomo for ordering Covid-19 patients be accepted in the nursing homes.

  • NotYetInACamp

    As I have said before, the globalists through their bankers and who had first (sometimes only) access to “loans” enabled these chosen to be able to control what occurred in many instances, and insured the chosen’s activities profited or continued to control cash flow. Amazon has concerned itself with increased market share and not profit until it could start demanding higher profit in certain controlled areas and products.
    For the citizens and legal residents of the USA to receive cash fiat payments is only a catch up to the recompense owed by the globalists and for damages imparted upon the people in the past. This is not socialism or capitalism which have only been seldom seen on this Earth lately. This is the reality of control.
    The Controllavirus has enabled control that many lusted after, but never saw the ability to do.
    This is an interesting war.
    The Treasury should own the FED. Payment of the original amount used to buy the FED as deliniated in a 1913 or so law(s) is equitable adequate compensation for whatever assets the fed owns. That purchase money for thr FED was loaned to the buyers using fiat the FED created out of the imagination of men. I can’t imagine any more payment being just.
    It is not very complex, yet its elegance benefits the people. The bail out money, in let’s say 2008 and more recently, that enabled the “elite’ and their minions to continue their totalitarian oppression and control and maintained their way of life free of most bankruptcy that existed was using the fiat enable by the productivity of the American people. As such, the American people deserve such bailouts for at least a short while, before more favorable situations for hard work and innovation are returned for most people.
    It would have hurt the nation less to pay off those intentionally value bubbles created mortgages than to pay off the banks and place suffering and bankruptcy on so many who followed the lies and traps that had been created.

    Concerning the states, those that deserve bankruptcy should have it. Pensions would be cut. Pensions that the people never voted on. The people could vote what pensions going forward are just. The people have the power.

    The fiat of the Treasury would also be a backstop to acquire such assets as foreigners and foreign nations might flock to pluck at a penny(ies) on the dollar price.

    They speak of moral hazard, but only for Americans, not the criminals setting up the situations to steal profit from.
    Who owns a nation and who profits from it is the business of the nation, and not of conquerors who have engaged in war to achieve such conquest. Unjust acts can be undone. Then off again to sink or swim for the people of the nation, where the winners and losers are determined by the effort, productivity, and informed risk people are willing to take. Lying conquest set up as traps is not informed consent to risk.
    Apply the law. Law includes equity these days. Except equity is too rarely called upon.
    And such is my incomplete sett of ideas for the day. (How DARE YOU call it a rant! 😀 ) Have a wonderful day and war.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Haircuts. Did I mention haircuts are being allowed again in salons and in buyng assets or dealing with pensions and other obligations. Would they rather have nothing after a bankruptcy? Laws should be written to guide the bankruptcy of a state that preserve the assets of the people of the state adnd only remove the limited assets a state might have been stupid about and limited to what the state created. Work it out. But a DS Democrat controlled House and a Senate with Never Trumpers in it may not do a good enough job. Nobody’s ever paid me for any stuff like this. I don’t have to have it all ship shape and Bristol style for anyone.

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