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  • Too Tall

    Sam as Lois Lane? The original Lois Lane? Or even better, the original Lana Lang?

    H*ll, I NEVER would have grown up, or parted with my comic books. And they would be worth a fortune today.

    Oh, that’s right, my Flight Surgeon didn’t tell me I would never grow old, she told me I would never grow up….

    Well, a fellow can still dream….

  • Too Tall

    500 rounds to a brick of .22LR, $0.16 per round (YMMV), 50 bricks, that’s $4,000 before sales tax. Might be the best IRA/401k investment of the year.

    • Pamela

      Sam, pick up reloading supplies to the Girls keep busy.

      • Too Tall

        Pamela, “word is” you were the inspiration for the original Lana Lang.

        • Pamela

          Well, I was a Red Curly Haired Girl Next Door. Who could shoot.

  • Too Tall

    “Word is….”

    West Texas culture at its finest.

    There literally are no secrets in Big Bend Country.

    It’s not the place “where everybody knows your name,” it’s the place “where everybody knows your business,”

    • JTC

      Bidness, but yeah, it’s a Southern thang.

    • drew458

      Miranda Lambert video, “Everybody dies famous in a small town”. Totally true to real life.

  • William Henry

    Here in rural Pennsylvania a pick-up truck load of ammo is considered normal.

    • Too Tall

      My kind of town!

    • DCE

      Here in rural New Hampshire, a half-pickup load of ammo is considered normal…for now. Ammo of certain types is still in short supply. Reloading supplies are in high demand, so maybe it all balances out in the end.

  • RHT447

    Most here have heard this before–when it’s cheap, stack it deep. This ain’t my first rodeo. Back in the late 80’s, a wholesale outfit near us called it quits. They were selling bricks of Winchester Super-X copper plated 22LR for $9.99/brick. I bought two cases (10,000 rounds) for $200 + tax. Taught our three kids to shoot since then.

    • Too Tall

      That is what as known as “the Good Old Days.”

      $0.02 a round? It’s like trying to tell your kids about gas at $0.249 a gallon, full service, and they really did clean your windows.

      • Longslide

        When I was seven, for my Winchester model 67 {I think} “Boys Rifle” { 34.5 in long}, I saved my pennies up to 50 for one box of shorts. I was expected to deliver one West Texas jack rabbit per round for food for “my” 22 dogs. When I was 37 some ……………… stole it out of my truck.

        • Longslide

          Also, I remember gas at 0.189 lots, and 0.159 sometimes. Later, signing “chits” for “guvment” 115/145 at 0.17.

          • Norm

            115/145 “purple gas”

          • Punta Gorda

            Funny that. If you take the value of the silver content of a pre 1964 quarter… it’s fairly close to the modern price of a gallon of juicy juice.

        • AngryToxicDeplorable-PaulS

          Special place in Hell for that Sumbitch!
          Sorry for your loss.

        • Henry

          Worms not a thing in Texas? My girls get their own rabbits despite our best efforts, along with the worms that come with ‘em. It’s hell when they’re preggers, because you can’t deworm them until the puppies are weaned, then you have to deworm them all.

    • Browncoat57

      Hopefully late 80s Winchester Super-X was better quality than the 100 box I tried going through that was about two years old.
      I’d finally replaced the Ruger Mk I that was stolen 40 years ago and the one box of Winnie’s that I had, failed to fire 20-25% of the time. Not a problem with the CCIs. But when my can stamp comes in (any day now) I’ll get to experiment with the various subsonics I’ve been able to acquire over the past six months.

      • AngryToxicDeplorable-PaulS

        If it’s attached to a pistol, virtually everything is subsonic, save those babies for the rifle where the difference is clear. 🙂
        Yer gonna love it!

        • Browncoat57

          Got both…
          Ruger Mk III and a 10/22, both with Tac-Sol barrels/uppers.

  • Too Tall

    A preview of coming attractions to your local neighborhood:

    Chicago just notched it’s 650th homicide of the year, which is 113 above the YEARLY average for the past two decades.

    And the fourth quarter hasn’t started yet.

    Pretty sure this is what you call a “Blowout!”

    No wonder the Fort Dearborn Massacre under Chief Blackbird and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre under Al Capone have been reclassified as “Workplace Violence.”

    • Randy

      Even small cities like mine (Rochester, NY) are on track for record high shootings/murders. Local conservative news radio has a daily shooting/stabbing “dujour” report. We’ve even outpaced ChIraq a few times based on per capita incidents!

    • Browncoat57

      Not very Christian of me but at least they’re killing each other and not burning down cities across the country like last year.
      Odd that BLM/ANTIFA stopped like a switch was thrown after November last year, dontcha think…?

      • John

        Not so odd considering that the DNC propaganda machine practically banned reporting that “news”. Just like when the daily body count disappeared when Obomber took office.
        Another thing not reported is that Red Chinese Fentanyl has a higher body count than the Red Chinese flu.

  • Too Tall

    Filling up the Escalade has got to run to three digits easy. Resident Biden* is not going to satisfied until the price includes a comma.

  • JTC

    .22 LR is the ultimate survival stash…the round itself as well as the tools that eat it and spit it out. Nothing you can’t do with it when the shtf.

    Speaking of a stash, 50 bricks is a pretty impressive inventory for old Bob there. The stuff has been scarce, spendy, and sold-out in most places for a while, though I haven’t paid much attention in the last 6 months or so, seeing as how* I’m deep enough to have shared with some friends…supply might be better now.

    *TT, seeing as how you are cataloguing Southernisms, there’s one for you. Welcome. 🙂

  • Atweber

    You young pups. In the 50’s my brother and I would buy bricks for $5,00 at Western Auto in Alameda, Ca.

    • Badger52

      Ditto. That Western Auto store on the edge of town when Newhall-Saugus area was nothing but tumbleweeds & arroyos was the last stop before the range in case my cousins & I needed to “top up” on something. .22 LR is always good to have & does many things.

      I fed my old ’03 there too, they had some MILSURP M2AP at $6/100. After those times, it’s all regarded as spendy.

    • Too Tall


      Ammo at a penny a round from an auto parts store in the Bay Area.

      How far the Republic has fallen!

      There is not enough “Suspension of Disbelief” in the Universe for younger generations to accept that as Sci-Fi or Fantasy fiction.

      They’ll never know what they’ve lost.

      To paraphrase the ending of the movie “Song of Bernadette:” To those who were there, no explanation is necessary. To those who were not, no explanation is possible.

    • JTC

      Western Auto in Clewiston Fla on the shore of Lake Okeechobee, was where Old Santa Dad picked up my little Marlin single shot for Christmas ‘63 when I was 9. My older brother liked it so much he used his Christmas cash to get one just like it…he and I, just a couple of boys, walked out with it after brother plunked down his $15 plus tax plus a few boxes each of longs and shorts to round out to $20.

      How I loved that little rifle and how it makes me feel now as I remember the three of us taking long walks around the sugar cane fields and drainage canals at night, plinking and learning the lessons of life as we went…

      In ‘74 I bought my first brand new car at age 20 for my new little family, trading in the ‘65 Fairlane that I had fitted with a rifle rack under the trunk lid. Realized a few days later that I had left my treasured little rifle there and when I went back nobody at the dealership had seen it, thieving pieces of shit.

      Still makes me happy and sad and hurts now to think about it.

  • Wulfenite

    It the primers that are missing. Powder and bullets can be found in tiny quantities, but I have not seen primers in the wild in over 2.5 years! I had a nice supply, but I load and shoot a brick of primers/month. Where once my shelves were full, I can see wood where the small pistol and small rifle primer bricks sat. Down to less than 5K small pistol and 8K for small rifle. Looks like I will be shooting lots of 45ACP and large rifles in the coming months. I have never seen a primer shortage last this long. At some point I will have to stop consuming ammo to keep a health reserve for a SHTF scenario. Perhaps switching to .22’s is the answer. Interesting times, eh?

  • Mike-SMO

    “Old Bob” seems to be playing it well. He’s heard about the “special” Rumbas that keep the living room clean (maybe from the deputies). So when the pretty Lady of the House shows up with a smile and a fist full of cash, Old Bob decides to cash in some of his “Reserve Stock”, maybe get something extra as a tip for being helpful as well as a chance to work on his curiosity. He was probably disappointed to end up at the old filling station instead of the “Big House”, but hey, it was a good try.

    In any event, he is pretty sure that the Ranch is prepping for “war”, so he has some good gossip to share, knows to get whatever stock he can locate and to keep his head down when the gubbmint cars and helos show up. Not bad for an old codger; cash, info, with little risk.

    This old man has to wonder why Sam and Co. are preparing for a last stand when the ranch is equipped with Jo etc. and the “Smiling Ones”, as well as an airstrip for supply and evacuation. I sense a kink in the force and in the plot.

    • Too Tall


      Clearly you live somewhere between Alpine, TX, and the Double D and get your gas at “Old Bob’s.”

  • Olddog

    I doubt there 50 bricks in the stores in this county and the next one.

  • Mike-SMO

    For those who want to keep up on the stats with a play-by-play:

    Old Dog; Only “officially”. Somewhere there is always an “Old Bob” with an old GI or camp trunk in the “back room” that is full of the good stuff. Always…… Trueism: “Those who talk don’t know. Those who know don’t talk.” It pays to be kind to Old Bob. And to pay in cash. And if “Old Bob” ain’t got it, he knows another “Old Bob” who can help out.

    Oh, bring Pamela along. I can feel the smile from here.

    • Too Tall

      Mike-SMO, Old Dog, Pamela,

      There is a world of discounts that only a true Redhead can negotiate. The nation’s most elite B-Schools have been unable to figure it out.

    • Pamela

      I worked with an Old Bob. Knew everything about milling new parts to replace worn or broken , and even distilled and aged his own whisky. Which I could not drink. *smiling from here*

      • Too Tall


        You couldn’t get him to make you a batch of Tequila?

        Since it is always impolite to mention a lady’s age, I KNOW the reason that you could not drink the whisky had nothing to do with your birthday.

  • PCChaos

    Seeing the heyjackass site makes me wonder why folks would ever want to be a part of that town, that life, that version of America, but then again, they don’t seem very American when they live off the labor of others and feed at the trough of misery. Rough, man, rough. And folks want to challenge our right to arm. Lunacy.

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    My wife is a red-headed accountant. You should see her negotiating skills.

  • Halley

    Nothing that is “happening” in DC is real, on either side of the rotted aisle. It’s all transparent theatre, the actors all pretending Biden is president and that the Democrat Party is not a existential threat to everyone’s peace, health and freedom. The actors are all bad, and that the GOP is playing along with this ridiculous charade, instead of screaming bloody murder, is the nail in the self-made coffin. I doubt even Superman would find any of these cartoonish DC characters ; ) worth salvaging.

  • Bob has 50 extra bricks of .22 he can sell? Well, dang!

    Does he have any 7.62 x 39? How about some .45Auto, or .40 S&W? The good stuff is scarce around here.

  • John

    I have to ask if the shortage in ammo and components is just due to demand or is something/one interfering with the supply. This has been going on far too long for manufacturing capacity to not to expand to meet the market.

    • Sam

      John –

      The ammo plants are running at full capacity, three shifts, but building new plants probably won’t be happening. That would take a massive capital investment, and if and when things return to normal (in the thinking of management), all of that investment would be lost. So, yeah, extra shifts, but probably not gonna be any extra plants.

      • JTC

        Dude seems a little pissy, but I think he’s telling it straight. Similar info in a Colin Noir piece with the Nosler guy. No conspiracy, just humping it to keep up they say. I dunno, probably accurate, but anymore I’m prone to believe “they” are capable of just about anything.

  • Shooter 2.5

    Like some of our more experienced posters said already. This isn’t our first rodeo. It’s sort of sad to see our new gun owners saying they have a new gun but no ammunition. Sorry, but maybe some day. Some of our new gun owners are in their thirties and could have noticed bad things ten years ago. I’m also not really interested in their new phones, new cars and their stories about going to the clubs every night. And then complain about the cost of ammunition. A firearm can protect your LIFE. I can’t imagine anything more important.

  • Here in the late, used to be great State of Maryland you’d be hard pressed to FIND a small dealer with 5 cases of .22LR IN STOCK, let alone sell it to one custoner, no matter how good…the distributors aren’t that well stocked, is what we’re told…

  • NotYetInACamp
    Texas Military Department
    The Texas Military Department is composed of the three branches of the military in the state of Texas. These branches are the Texas Army National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, and the Texas State Guard. All three branches are administered by the state Adjutant General, an appointee of the Governor of Texas, and fall under the command of the Governor.

    A U S House member from Texas spoke on the border and discussed the border and Constitutional empowerment of the States to act when the federal government fails in its constitutional duties.

    • NotYetInACamp
      Chip Roy Warns Biden: ‘At Some Point The State Of Texas Is Going To Force A Constitutional Showdown’
      1,107,377 views Sep 23, 2021
      On the House floor in a nearly hour-long speech, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) excoriated President Biden and Democrats over the issue of continued border crossings into his state.

      Us folk have to be ready to defend ourselves and ours.

      Three decades ago I was telling Congressman some of what this man is saying. Some of the rest I was saying elsewhere.

    • Henry

      Of the three, I’m guessing the Texas State Guard is the only one that can’t be federalized and pulled off the border immediately because Josef Stolen doesn’t want them there.

    • JTC

      From the cradle of liberty to the grave of it…

      Now on to a new incubator of freedom and protectorate of the Constitution…and a signatory to the Confederation of the CRA, my home state of TN!


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