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  • Too Tall

    Forrest Stream-Ellis? Any relation to Karen and XIR?

    If so, I doubt any capacity to run. Waddle would be a stretch of the imagination.

    “Tarded” certainly fits. Large, slow, stupid targets provide an excellent warm-up.

    • WayneM

      Anyone else shocked the “lovely girls” tolerated being swabbed without checking in with Sam or Zed first?

      • Roland Deshain

        I was wondering why they were not taught better. They are old enough to understand.

        • Fox2!

          Almost old enough to start carrying on their own.

          • John M.

            On your own (or your family’s) property, there is no age restriction to carrying. IF Dad and Mom
            give the “thumbs up,” LOAD UP!

            …and I think that applies to property owners’ families in all 50 states…

  • John


    • Kafiroon

      To my thinking, Mr. Muir would use a Colt Python, but as this is Texas, Yeah. A .45 Long Colt.
      Since I only have worn out rocker and beat up pump gun, others Will comment.

      • shooter 2.5

        Sorry, no such thing as a “long” Colt. The Europeans insist .380 is a Short 9MM so we don’t go around saying 9MM Long Luger.

        • eon

          .45 Colt M1873 vs. 45 S&W Schofield M1875. The Schofield cylinder was too short for the Colt cartridge, and had a larger and slightly thicker rim due to the revolver’s top-break, automatic simultaneous-ejection system. Hence the two cartridges were not interchangeable.

          In 1878, Frankford Arsenal designed and manufactured a “.45 Government” cartridge, which was short enough for the Schofield cylinder but with a smaller-diameter rim, that would function correctly in both types of revolvers.

          The term “.45 Long Colt” came from the troops referring to this as the “short Colt” cartridge, as opposed to the “Schofield” or “.45 S&W” round.



          • shooter 2.5

            I don’t think they even make .45 Smith and Wesson anymore and anyone having the reason to say long or short are long dead. There has never been a .45 short Colt and the name on the box is .45 Colt. It makes as much sense as to say a .454 Casull is a .45 Longer Colt. The word “Long” doesn’t add velocity.

          • JTC

            Always some good history and semantics here.

            In the real world though (like behind a gun counter for a decade or three), terms are used for clarity and ease of identification with folks who are not students of that history and are generally ignorant of textbook identification.

            In that scenario the term Long Colt .45 is sometimes used to differentiate from the ubiquitous term Colt .45 that in their mind’s eye conjures a semi-auto pistol…and even to gunnies if I say Colt .45 a gov model ACP pops into their head.

            So if I am talking to a customer about a revolver (and remember there are wheelies chambered in .45 ACP too) it is sometimes expedient to say Colt .45 Long or Long Colt .45.

            Always good to remember and appreciate that about 90% of gun buyers are not gun afficionadoes, and we need them. We should try harder to be inclusive them and educate them rather than belittle or disparage their lack of knowledge and terminology.

        • Kafiroon

          Way back when I played with black powder, ran into that.

          45 Long Colt The.45 Colt [11.48x35R] cartridge is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. It began as a black-powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver, but is offered as a magnum-level, handgun hunting round in modern usage.

          • shooter 2.5

            Short answer: SAAMI calls it .45 Colt and that’s the name on the box. “Long” doesn’t add velocity. Modern Schofields are chambered in .45 Colt.

      • Too Tall

        RedHawk Alaska dual-chambered in .45 Colt / .454 Casul?

        I believe there was a scene early in Zed and Sam’s arrival at the ranch where Zed admonished Sam for “not putting the Ruger away.”

        Of course, Sam responded in her best Southern drawl: “Why Sir! Whatever shall I do with this long, hard, gun?” Pretty sure she was holding s Super RedHawk (7-1/2 inch barrel) in that scene, so it’s not the same revolver in this scene. But it seems likely Zed (or Wade) would have stuck with the same brand.

    • shooter 2.5

      It doesn’t seem to have a long enough cylinder for a .45 Colt. Her grip isn’t very comfortable and there isn’t a safety on a revolver.

      • shooter 2.5

        This is a reply to JTC. If you’re willing to help someone to understand what they need, you instruct them to look at the barrel and check the chambering of the firearm and what cartridge it uses. You then instruct them to look for a box of cartridges in order to let them use those cartridges in that particular firearm. The barrel will be marked .45 Colt and the box will be marked .45 Colt. A Ruger Blackhawk will simply be marked “.45 Caliber” since they offer an additional cylinder for .45 Auto. I have never seen a 1911 marked “.45 Short Colt”

        • JTC

          Good grasp of the obvious there Shooter, but a complete miss of the point and message of my comment.

        • ExNuke

          But lots labeled .45 ACP. Quibbling over common terms, even if they are technically incorrect, is just a way to raise your blood pressure.

  • JTC

    Assaulted my kids on my property?

    Sorry, no.

    That click must by the laws of God and America be followed by a much much louder noise.

    • JTC

      Also, that robot dog done sniff-sensored his last.

      • interventor

        Just requires updated program.

        • JTC

          Nope that was a capital offense and dereliction of its primary function.

          Let its dismantling by Sam with that truck wrench be a lesson to other lazy bots. 😀

  • Pamela

    Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Leave no dna behind to be found.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      Hard to find DNA from the bottom of a 10 foot deep hole that’s been re-buried.

      • MasterDiver

        Especially after you add 5 gallons of quick-lime!

        Zar Belk!

        • The revolver looks like one of the Ruger Security Six/Service Six variants…or it could be a Redhawk…

          • S'aaruuk

            The grip looks a lot like a Bisely.

      • MAJ Arkay

        Even harder to find after it’s been left to the vultures, wild hogs, coyotes, javalenas and chupacabras that will be living on the ranch. No need to dig.

    • My Way or -->

      I’m waiting for some officious dink to show up on my doorstep demanding that I take that “test” on the spot, wearing hazmat gear. (snrrttt!)
      Having a bad. very naughty cold (in recovery) can give you the advantage, as can having a cranky cat who occasionally slobbers when she eats.
      You want a snot sample? Sure – gimme that testtube and go sit on the steps.
      Forest Stream – most likely badly polluted with all sorts of crap that will take forever to wash away. Probably wears wash-off tattoos, too.

  • Henry

    Or, better line: “Revolvers don’t got no safeties.”

    Last time I was in this scenario, it was a Moonie girl come to high-pressure me into attending some group Moon celebration on The Mall. Had to get my repairs done before sundown, but just couldn’t get rid of her. Finally, I just looked up at her and said, “Do ya know, from down here, I’ve been getting such a fantastic view straight up your dress?”


  • NotYetInACamp

    I hear that a Karen inspector and cops got encouraged to leave from a restaurant trying to stay in business and keep its people working. The interlopers finally took the order to leave the premises and end their trespassing after verbal encouragement. The
    Karen gov people also were suggested / ordered to leave the property of the parking lot. The police need the support of the people and wisely left, with the Karen Inspector.
    This must be true. I saw it on the internet in the form of a video.
    We need much more of this category of action.

    • NotYetInACamp

      OK. Here it is.

      Remember. Keep the high moral ground.

      I do not advocate taking the beat down like Martin Luther King Jr advocated and threw anyone out of demonstrating that did not swear to not hit back. But that return defensive act is what would always be portrayed by the media back then. High ground.

  • DogByte6RER

    “Stupid is as stupid does …”

    • My Way or -->

      There’s a part in that regarding an underway recall of Gov. Newsom, who is related by marriage to Pelosi. Is there such a thing as a male Karen?

      The more I see of these creatures, the less surprised that they are showing their true colors so quickly, so eagerly, and so soon. If they had been more subtle about it, I’d be more concerned, but they are so eager to let us all know that they are the Only Ones Who Are…. ummm…. uh…… Hmmmm….. so Abundantly Stupid that they are giving away their real plans.

      Thanks for that link and the info that went with it, all the way down. 🙂

      • Henry

        A male Karen is a Ken.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Damn! And here I was hoping to see someone being shot, or at least shot at.
    “Tucker, it was self defense. She was trespassing, assaulting me and the twins, and attempting to give illegal orders. She claimed Biden is President Elect. And besides all that, she needed killin’.”

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Sam doesn’t need to register her guns for HER safety, you want her to register them for YOUR safety. Either way, registering just ain’t gonna happen.

    • eon

      With two more seats in the Senate, registration will be the least of your problems. After bans, “buybacks”, other forms of confiscation, and etc.

      After they’ve gotten that out of the way, they’ll get down to the business of really “transforming America”.

      Into something like a very large North Korea.

      clear ether


      • Browncoat

        One of the ‘easier’ things a Marxist government could do is tax ammunition/powder/primers out of existence.
        If you think 9mm and .223/5.56 is expensive now… wait till it’s on the black market.

      • JTC

        None of that I think.

        See my comment up thread re killing us quietly. Their big hammer now is legislation.

      • ExNuke

        They can’t “buy back” anything they can’t prove you still have. Bad news for Blue state peasants that voted away the rights the rest of us still have.

    • interventor

      Even Canada gave up on their registration program. After spending millions, they admitted few crimes were solved using the database.

  • JTC

    Nothing gets the attention of self-important blowhards like the click-click-CLICK of a Colt’s single-action. Except maybe the shuck-SHUCK of a pump shot tie, and of course the long-slide slam-SLAM of a big bolt gun, oh never mind, they all (justifiably) scare the dog-shit out of shit-filled dogs.

    • eon

      As Massad Ayoob says, if you think a hardened criminal- or a fanatic “Obey Me Or Die” type- is frightened by such sounds, you’re wrong. What they hear is the sound of someone so far behind the curve that they didn’t realize that they needed a loaded chamber.

      The former will attack. The latter will order their armed “helpers” to take you down.

      The advantage of the pump-action, lever-action, and bolt-action is that with a drop of oil and a bit of practice, they can be cycled almost silently. Without the racketing clatter of the bolt on a self-loading action.

      A double-action revolver or self-loading pistol doesn’t even need that.

      The target’s first notification that you are armed should be the standard military/police “Halt or you will be shot” challenge.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Agreed as to the hardened criminal; the only sound he needs to hear is the BOOM that is simultaneous with the shock of penetration.

        Baloney on the gov wonk, they are sheep by definition and what they know of guns comes from teevee where the rack of a 12ga or the click of a hammer portends unpleasant outcomes, and they will depart faster than a speeding bullet if they don’t just drop dead of massive heart failure on the spot…and they will not have SWAT Team Six with them*. The cocking sound is a great way in certain circumstances to avoid croaking some pod and essentially taking your own life in the process.

        Come to think of it, that putty-on-the-inside self preservation motivation is strong in the “hardened criminals” too; they know and have probably seen that a hardened facade is no match for a slug and will act accordingly, depending on how serious and capable they think *you* are.

        Love Mas, but if he said that in so many words it is another example of making or taking advice too literally. That was also the case when I had a back and forth with him regarding some of his conclusions and advice -or lack thereof- in his series on Zimmerman. He was just wrong then and conditionally, now.

        When it comes to gun handling in general and actual armed confrontation in particular, it is all about situational awareness, training and instantaneous life altering decisions…and if lives can be preserved with sound effects in certain circumstances -and they can- that is the best outcome.

        Relatable example; a thug is busting down your door and you retreat to your bedroom where your trusty Remmie 12 awaits, and you yell “I have a shotgun!” from behind the closed door, racking that slide as loudly as you can and count the seconds until you hear the front door slam as the BG beats feets. BUT be prepared to do what you have to do if he is too stupid or too “hardened” to take his chance to save himself.

        Then call the cops, turn over the video, and let them handle it…as George Z should have, and he would still have a life.

        *There will not be house-to-house confiscations or registrations etc…there will be a storm of legislation that makes you a criminal for exercising your rights as a formerly free American, so that anything you do or anything that happens where there is interaction with officialdom, God forbid maybe even just a traffic stop, you are ID’d as a felon and then are subject to search and seizure without any opportunity to defend by any method but after the fact in court; good luck with that.

        They will -or intend to- kill us softly and slowly, and our defense from that also looks to be coming down to the court, but in this case preemptively at SCOTUS, to prevent the above usurpation of our rights and the Constitution itself. May God help us.

        • Roger

          JTC, you hit the nail on the head, back on the 8th- Biden is putting some of the most radical people into his cabinet. I figured there was a chance that after stealing the election, they’d (of course, Biden isn’t making ANY decisions) want to go a bit more moderate, at least at first, to try to placate people in the middle, but the Democrat party really is racing to become Communist as fast as they can!

  • Perhaps a Ruger Security Six, very nice .357, they should have kept building them…. and screw the droids, where’s Tabasco when you need him?

  • cz93x62

    San Diego County Sheriff and San Diego PD are jointly going to attempt enforcement of Gavin The Magnificent’s newest edicts, while most of the southern CA counties have opted out. Marie and I started off our curfew protest by going outside in flagrant violation of GTM’s at precisely 10 P.M. and remaining outside for close to an hour. Where we live in Redlands the sidewalks get rolled up at 8 P.M., but there was A LOT MORE VEHICLE TRAFFIC on the arterial streets than is normally the case on any given Saturday night. This whole thing is GTM’s smarmy little bitch move in response to his prior edicts being declared unconstitutional by court action. He is really doubling down, and people are getting PISSED.

    The harm done to police-community relations by these draconian edicts are likely unrepairable. The Sheriffs in these New York counties (like the one in the video) should have told that idiot Gov. Nipple Bars to FOAD.

    • Lucius Severus Pertinax

      I live in San Diego and quite agree that “smarmy little bitch move in response to his prior edicts being declared unconstitutional by court action.”
      NOBODY I know is taking this shit seriously. the San Diego county sheriff and the SDPD may officially SAY they are going to enforce this nonsense (which Gov. Screwsome has NO statutory authority to impose) but , whether the Rank and file have any intention to do so is quite another matter.

  • Mike-SMO

    But is the Chicago Way that he learned. “My Corner” unless someone resists.
    45 Long, 12 x 2 & 3, 7.62-NATO are all recognized responses to the self-annointed- King. Joe Demento and Willy’s Ho are just trying what they know. It worked in the Blue Ghetto…….

    I am waiting with anticipation for the response. Vlad, The Putin understood, but Joe is a bit dim. Departments of Justice and the “C” have been contaminated beyond recovery. That is why the good children in SOF were sent on the errand. The Frankfurt Team probably remembers what Team Antifa did to their homeland. The President was always quiet, even after he blew thew bridge.

    I hope we get to clean up the stragglers. “Restorative Justice” means “Second Chance”. Naw! Remember, Leave the “demonstration” field clearer than before. Just Sayin’.

    Last time, the “Tory” population left. The non-productive traitors should have the same option. I hear West Africa is lovely this timew of year…….

    • Bill G

      Surely the Cuban gummint would be immensely pleased to have a large number of new believers in the Communist system come join them.

      • John

        Wonderful Idea
        A ready made prison with no cost of upkeep.
        And the prisoners, with more dollars than sense, would bribe the guards to get off the island.
        Then rinse and repeat.

        • NotYetInACamp

          We were Cuba’s retirement system for years. People in Cuba hit 65 and came to the USA as refugees and took equivalent to SS retirement. Then they would travel to Cuba every 4 months or so and take many boxes of good for relatives and to sell. A good deal if you can get it. We can’t get that deal. They did. It took pressure off of the Cuban government.

  • steveb919

    Maybe a Pedersoli Howdah Pistol .45/410 shoots both but only a two shot. Make a mess out of somebody’s guts with the 410 shot gun shell or the 45.

  • Pete231

    Molon Labe !!

  • Bill G

    I’m picturing this fool in bracelets. She’ll likely run to report the horrid woman who assaulted her, and include all she did to ‘help’. And Sheriff Tucker can get her to say on record she performed a medical procedure on minors without parental notification while trespassing on private property.

  • Oldarmourer

    She should have that one engraved “The Tard Whisperer”

  • A five shot .22LR revolver will do the same. It fits in the pants pocket sans holster and is accurate and deadly up to 15 feet or so. Rat shot first then 4 ball.

  • Mark

    Good trigger discipline. I don’t care what it is, as long as it goes off only with intent.

    • My Way or -->

      Thanks for that link. Forwarding same to other people.

      • Pamela

        I sent it to Sidney’s contact page

    • cb

      Makes a guy ponder. If we lose this… will we ever bother to vote again?

      • JTC

        As for me I’ll be voting early and often next go round.

  • JTPatriot

    Best. Day-By=Day. EVER.

    The Tarded Party. I love it.

  • Halley

    There were good reasons why Woodrow Wilson Smith never let any of his women go out into the world unarmed, but I’ll never figure out how they managed to carry-and-conceal while only adorned in their birthday suits… ; )

  • Halley

    Trying to decide which was the most devastating enemy attack on US soil –

    a. Pearl Harbor
    b. 9/11
    c. November 4, 2020

    and leaning heavily towards c.

    • NotYetInACamp

      c. Could mean the conquest of our nation.

  • epilitimus

    So now I am confused. Is Sam left (panel 5) or right (panel 4) handed or ambidextrous?

    And why is she taking the time to switch the gun from her right to her left hand?

    Ok, completely unimportant, but inquiring minds want to know.

  • Pamela

    So you think that Tucker will put the idiot in with others who self identify as humans of can’t make up their minds natures? Sounds like it needs an attitude adjustment.

  • Buck

    That shiny revolver looks to me to be an S&W model 25 which was a target pistol in .45 Long Colt. Pleasant to shoot with a very light, short, and smooth release.
    The comment about the safety being off could have been a reference to the handler of the gun.

  • Pamela

    YO! Javier you need to do an update on the Dawgs Super Turkey and the Geek.
    Think you could add some scent gland markers for tracking purposes.

    Sam~ Anyway you can do a directed Deep Fried Turkey at Forest?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Guided Deep Fried Turkey. That must violate some arms convention somewhere.

    • abe

      Reported by a commercial airliner:
      Unidentified Flaming Object.

    • Henry



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