Day By Day


  • F***in’ A!

  • billf

    Chris,not to be too nosy in your business,but can you give us some idea of how much it will take to finish this off? Even if you end up going over,(which would be great),but we don’t know how short we are.Some of us might could give a little more.

  • Chris Muir

    We’re about 2 months short still, and we’ll run this into July just a bit.

  • billf

    OK,another small payment is on the way.To the other readers,I read this site every day,and it’s one of my simple pleasures.I’ll buy cheaper whisky next week to make up the difference-it’s a small price to pay.

    • CAPT Mike

      Me too, a daily gift of simple joy.
      Check is literally in the mail today.

  • When that top gets dropped, I’m in for another Hamilton (before he gets evicted for a Libber). When it’s bottoms, I’ll spring for a Jackson.

    What is that, some kind of reverse ransom? F’n A. Let’s git ‘r done by the 4th!

    Hooters N Cooters 4 Dollers!

    • Dastardly Dan

      Speaking of the upcoming $10 bill fiasco, They’re looking for a female image for the new bill.
      Anyone want to join me in pushing for Ayn Rand?

      • B Woodman

        AYE!! Do I hear a second?

      • TheOldman

        Or an androgenous combination of the “correct” racial mixtures by current population composition plus various addons for all of the victim groups. Let’s get it all over with in one shot.

      • Delilah T

        Naaaah! It should be my picture in my Navy light blues from 1969. Everyone would want one! They’d go like hotcakes.

  • Let us see what Thursday looks like, m’kay?

  • Robert Lowell

    Going to attempt to convert the level I have to the next one up. May not work.

  • Bill

    I anticipate a wardrobe malfunction soon.

    • B Woodman

      And a malfunction is a bad thing?

      • CAPT Mike

        Depends on whose wardrobe.

  • Bill G

    Flex appeal…

  • GWB

    I’m trying to figure out how she got her arms out of the top from the first frame to the second. Is this like that taking-off-your-bra-without-losing-your-shirt thing that girls do?

    My paycheck is on Thursday – I hope to be able to donate something then.

    • Pamela

      All depends on the style of shirt and it is akin to removing a bra without taking off the top garment. I do it all the time…

      • B Woodman

        Now THAT, I’d love to see. In person.

        • I’ll settle for an animated avatar, we’ll call it the Sam ‘n Pam show! Boobs4Bucks? Nips4Tips? Show4Dough?

      • Paladin

        One of the Great Moments in TV when Jennifer Aniston di it on “Friends” when Joey was having troubles getting it …. undone.

    • PaulS

      Yeah, woulda been better if she left her arms in, and raised them.
      H**L YEAH!!!

      • PaulS

        Oh yeah, and a CNote bump up for me! Come on you slackers… [;o)

        • Pamela

          Remind me to have a cup of coffee before I comment at 3:33 am.

  • Liberal Lurker

    Proud libtard here, have been following the strip since Jan and Sam were fully-clothed, childless workabees. Don’t agree with much I see, but I admit that I check in every day and am rarely not entertained, besides which it keeps me up to date on conservative talking points. So, since even a liberal hates to see someone work for free (and since I can’t think of a way to get Big Government to pay Chris), I become hereby a first-time contributor. No merchandise, please, but maybe the gang could dial back on the flamethrowers if I should comment now and then!

    • B Woodman

      If you comment with reason, and (dare I say it) logic, even dissenting opinion and comments are welcome.
      Just don’t play the troll, or the concerned troll, or instigator/prevaricator, we can get along just fine.
      Unlike many Libtards, conservatives can, and do, tolerate true diversity.

  • No flames, just a rebuke of the implications that nudity and capitalistic self-employment are bad, that conservatism equals intolerance, and that “conservative talking points” are generated in circle jerks rather than from potus, scotus, mainstream midiots, acadimia, and hollowwood every single day, everywhere you look. What else ya got?

    That you Iphie? I like the new look, sans mask and mythical handles. 🙂

    Thanks for the donation though, that’s what keeps the boobies bobbin’ and the circle jerkin’!

    • Liberal Lurker

      P.B — Holy Cow! Did I imply that nudity is bad, or self-employment? Didn’t mean to, especially as I was self-employed (though not nude) for twenty-seven years. That I consider conservatives to be intolerant? No more so than the denizens of any close-knit forum. (Hell, I can get royally flamed just by asking a newbie question on a Linux newsgroup.) I’m certainly very aware – and embarrassed – by the excesses you can easily find on liberal sites. Conservative talking points? No, not generated here, but it’s a good place to pick them up. Many’s the time I have Googled references Chris has dropped or typed in the he has offered (live links, please, Chris!!), to my edification.
      Iphie? Not I, probably wrong gender if it is she of ancient myth.
      Glad to be aboard!

      • Grunt GI

        Howdy..yes, it’s more important to remember what unites us (boobehs) than what divides us.

        I’ve always been intrigued by what might happen if Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party got together in a constructive way and took down crony capitalism…which benefits no one but the big $$ donors and the politicians they buy….from either party.

        • SteveInCO

          I thought we were in favor of lifting and separating?

    • Pamela

      PB-Bucket, mop and cleaner are in the utility closet.
      This is not the Mitchell Brothers Theater after the last show…
      Mr. Muir runs a class operation.

      • “Muir runs a class operation.”

        F’n A.

        Now get that bra back on!

  • Timothy

    Hi Chris, F**kin’ A ! My contribution in before deadline, Jan/Damon level again. No opinion on 10 dollar bill change, just so it spends before we all turn out like Greece. Strip is going GREAT. Now have to watch Cristie’s announcement so I can update my list of Circus Elephants riding bicycles around the center ring. Please keep up the good work( Sam) and bylines( Sam). ( yes, Zed too, lol). 🙂

  • Master Diver

    Gonna try to pitch in another 25, but it may have to wait for the mid-month check. 1st gets the mortgage and utilities and payment on the new car. (The old one developed alzheimer’s of the MCU. One function after another droped out: cruise ctrl, gas guage, A-C, accelerator sensor. Figured I’d better retire it before something serious gave out in traffic. Wife got the new car, I got her beater.) After 15 VT winters I don’t think even Sam could have saved it!

    • Richard McEnroe

      You ain’t fooling anybody, ya cheapskate! I bet you’re holding money out for FOOD, too, ain’tcha? Ain’tcha?

  • Chris Muir

    I’m reading all of these of course, and you guys leave yourselves something for YOUR bills!! But,thank ya! 🙂

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