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  • formwiz

    Speaking of articles on his manhood, First Man’ star Claire Foy called Trump, God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne, ‘the giant penis of America’.

    Never heard of her, but I guess that’s the end of all the little hands gibes.

  • Ryk E Lee

    Ming’s Daughter was way Hotter and more willing than Dale Arden, the way I remember the show. But that was a long time ago and no empirical data to back it up..

    • interventor

      I remember the same. Too bad Flash didn’t stay on Mongo with Princess Aura and Dale Arden.

      • eon

        According to Alex Raymond, the creator of the comic strip, the “read between the lines” was that Aura actually mostly had the hots for Dale, and Dale didn’t mind at all.

        clear ether


    • James Gemind

      Do you mean the show with Buster Crabbe, or the one from the eighties 😆

      • Ryk E Lee

        Buster Crabbe.

  • interventor

    More Flesh Gordon, than Flash Gordon. I had a well spent youth.

    • Pamela

      Damn. Talk about the way back machine. Midnight showing, eating popcorn, drinking Jack Daniels and Coke. Throwing M&Ms at the screen.

  • WingedChampions

    Soundtrack by Queen

  • LOVED Flesh Gordon. Brilliant film, that. But, there is a quote that will apply to the deep stater’s soon. “Ooohh, shit”, when they fall off the edge to their demise. Maybe figuratively, maybe literally.

    • Heh. And speaking of “flash drive”. What was in that soccer ball? Snerk…

  • Punta Gorda

    Lucas’ grab at the eye candy angle didn’t work out so well and sort of pissed off Fisher.

  • Delilah T

    Ole Messed-up Waters isn’t there yelling ‘impeach, impeach, impeach.’

    It must be disappointing to reach what used to be called ‘a certain age’ and realize that you have nearly no control over your excretory system, never mind anything else. Is their time running out? Should be, but I have taken nothing for granted for a long time now.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I’m hearkening back to the mysterious flash drive of yesteryear. Was that ever found? Is this it? Or a different one?

    • Delilah T

      I have a couple of those, also known as jump drives. They hold a lot, and are friendly to XP. I think with a big enough pocket pet like that, i could store an entire copy of the Library of Congress. They don’t take paper copies of stuff any more. They’re out of room. Must be an electronic file instead.
      Is this turning into info mining or something, kind of like bitcoin mining?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    And I like the (not so) subtle reference to Stormy’s description of President Trump’s maleness. (It’s the shape of the spaceship)

    • MAJ Arkay

      Spaceship shape is straight out of “Flesh Gordon.” That was one seriously funny movie.

  • Old Codger

    Somebody toss me a clue here (too poor to buy one). This whole “huge number of sealed indictments” thing which pops up now and then; is it real or just another product of Mr Muir’s marvelously fertile imagination?

    • Chris Muir

      There are a huge number, but from what I’ve read 90% can be explained away as pro forma non-related stuff.

      • epilitimus

        To my understanding it isn’t so much the number, which as Chris says is mostly made up of family court issues and bankruptcy, rather it it the number compared to past years which had no where near this many.

  • rickn8or

    Old Codger, I’m beginning to think the huge number of sealed indictments” thing needs to be filed with the “200 MPG carburetor”.

    • JTC

      Wow, great reference rickn8or…could there be a story more laden with intrigue, money, and murder than that of the magic carburetor?

      If the parallel holds (whether true or imagined just as with the carb), that’s a yuge indictment of the whole made-up (or not) indictments story…

  • Bill

    Man! That Spartacus mask is gonna ROCK at the Halloween party!!!!

  • JTC

    Might I say, irrelevant to the story line but oh so relevant to the story board, that while I do not really see Ivanka as terribly sexy in appearance, she does carry and present herself in a very attractive way, and CM has captured that sort of serene confidence perfectly, and the attractive part was not hurt by that weird hawt costume.

    And dropping the sexy part (although in a way…) this new rendering of our President is absolutely dead on and evocative. LSM could screen grab that for real if they chose to…they do not choose to and I don’t blame ’em. That look should be scary to the leftist machine, and I think it actually does scare the piss out of them.

  • JTC

    BTW y’all…real deal battle between good and evil live on CNN tonight at 8.

    One of the most unusual and changing state political demographics in the country that has still managed to maintain a pretty strong conservative operation faces a choice between a Trump wannabe (that’s both good and bad), and an avowed socialist adherent of Bernie Sanders and of paid operative of Soros.

    And the leaning is supposedly to the left. Life-altering event for me if it happens. And one hell of a wake-up call for the nation if it portends a direction of the new generation of leftists.

    • JTC

      It was a good debate, upfront and hard-hitting on the facts and neither candidate ran from their convictions and their sponsors.

      We’ll see what the ramifications of multiple sources of uncontrolled immigration and a generation of newly minted voters and products of radically left wing academia when joined with the fairly large contingent of old-line Liberals that has always been a factor, will be on an electorate that has managed until now albeit narrowly to maintain a sustainable conservative structure.

  • Brad

    Concerning Ivanka, there are those with physical features and facial symmetry that are ‘pin-up’ material, but no content of character shows through. Then there are those whose facial symmetry is acceptable but not of extraordinary attraction, but their inner beauty has an aura that can’t be concealed. That’s Ivanka.

    • Delilah T

      I wish Booker had actually indicated that he has at least a smidgeon worth of knowledge of history.

      Spartacus was an honorable man.

      Cory Booker is a pipsqueak with delusions of importance.

      Whose story would you rather read about?

      • Merle

        HMMM, I was thinking more along the line of “delusions of adequacy” ….

        • Delilah T

          Well, there’s that, too – importance, adequacy, intelligence, smarts – gee, there’s a long, long laundry list of things that ol’ Booker don’t got none of.

  • Ray Van Dune

    So, do you like movies about gladiators, Cory?

  • DonS

    The Donald’s sleeve in the last frame looks like one of those “subliminal messages” in the condensation on a cold beer in a commercial… Does that spell “SEX” in Czech-whatzit-ian?

  • Ed B

    Ah, Flesh Gordon. My first foray into the world of cheesy porn many moons ago…


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