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  • Too Tall

    It’s not nice to fool Aunt Naomi.

  • WayneM

    Zed just said a mouthful… proving again you don’t need to say much to say a lot.

    I see Alyssa “Believe All Women” Milano has endorsed Joe Biden…

    When challenged on the recent “credible accusations” of sexual assault by Biden, Milano suddenly wanted the investigation she sought to deny Justice Kavanaugh…

    • Bill G

      It’s no wonder the left wants to destroy talk radio and loves Farcebook and Twatter the way they are.

    • MasterDiver

      Yeah, the Feminazis will cover for “their” perv* as long as he supports the Sacrament of Abortion. (*See William Jefferson Clinton)

      Zar Belk!

    • Halley

      Democrats don’t want justice. Democrats want their opponents punished. Permanently.

      No one with any actual sense of justice goes anywhere near that cesspool of a political party.

  • Pete

    A country of hysterical 13 year old girls. I’ve been saying that for at least ten years. After Covid-19 I’m modifying it to hysterical 6 year old girls.

  • Stephen J

    I must have missed something. Who is aunt Naomi? Been reading this “Day by Day” fore a long time.

    • JTC

      Zed’s former para- armour*

      Among other job descriptions.

      *That will be funny when you know more about her.

    • Too Tall

      The only other woman in the strip who can intimidate Sam.

      Naomi is not an aunt by blood or marriage, but via close friendship.

      Formerly a Colonel in the Israeli Defense Force, she was Zed’s spotter for some of his sniper missions.

      Check the archives for her discussion with Sam about “serving under Major Owens.” The facial expressions alone make it well worth the search.

      There is also a panel of Naomi taking a (left handed) sniper shot wearing bikini bottoms in front of Sam. Pure art, including the “Squeeeee!”

  • Bill G

    A mouthful, indeed. Data from the Diamond Princess indicates this is not as bad as the horror estimates claimed. And even those are being downgraded. But we’re still on a path to destroy the economy.
    The lefties are loving the preview of power they’re handling now; their inner tyrants that were screaming to get out are out, now, and screaming even louder. I just wonder how it will play out for them.

    • Paladin

      This is an interesting video.
      Where are the lines? Are we being played, the MSM?

      • MasterDiver

        I find it interesting that a torrent of over-80 “celebrity” deaths are all being attributed to COVID, with no mention of pre-existing conditions, cancer, etc.

        • JTC

          Projected dead down to 60K.

          So how many in NY had “underlying conditions”? 80% NBC said.

          12,000 actual ChiCom victims then. Not good. But not nation-killing. Until it was weaponized to do exactly that.

    • Henry

      How it will play out for them?

      I just came across this: “The mayor of Phoenix imposed the iron fist rule of closing businesses. She wanted to be like the big city blues and play with the cool kids. Anyway, city revenues have fallen and today she started calling for budget cuts of 25%. She was completely surprised.”

  • Browncoat

    One word to describe liberals/leftists?

    I’ll go with “hypocrites”.

  • Nemo

    Pre-existing condition ? I suspect HIV for many of those “celebrities.”
    BTW, Naomi’s uniform reminds me of the fitted white shirts worn by the female cabin crew on Virgin when they used to fly in California.

  • Henry

    It took me some hours to realize what Zed meant by “sack up.” Its not a common expression in my circle. I was thinking “sack up” as in “shack up,” and wondering why Naomi couldn’t do it (left Anatoly home, most likely). In any case, taking the hit and shacking up is not such a bad way to ride out the Duration.

    • Bill G

      There’s undoubtedly a lot of that going on. And in nine months we’ll start seeing a lot of quarantinies. Who, in thirteen years, might become known as quaranteens.

    • Too Tall

      Sack up : Gather up your courage.

      Most easily accomplished by those with enormous brass ones.

      He who dares, wins.

    • JTC

      Gird your loins.

  • Kafiroon

    Since the World population estimate is about 7.8 Billion, the progs have along way to go to reduce it to the whatever small millions they think they want it at.
    But then they will be living like in the way back brush of Africa.
    They cannot keep infrastructure running and they are not capable to live like the bush men of some third world countries.
    Welcome to Revelations.
    I am glad I will not be around to see what they will change this world into.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The Boers better be sacked up. Lots of hungry people around when the farmers are stopped from farming. Insane ones when they are told that all their provisions are located in the Boers homes where magic hippos shat them out on a regular basis. Magic, you know. Magic is the diverse form of sciency science.

  • Just…never mind. I don’t need to say what is on my mind about this.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Take care of yourselves and family and loved ones before you can even consider taking care of others. Try to figure out what the final games will be. There are so many being played.
    Many do not want to waste the opportunities that a crisis makes, be it real, part real, or perception management. It’s a fine kettle of fish that we have been pushed into.


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