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  • JTC

    So Sunday is the big day boys and girls…another 50 from me in the jar then, all y’all that can, please match me, let’s make Sunday Funday for the girls at the ranch; I’m sure they will show their ummm…appreciation.

  • Calvin

    Isn’t anyone worried about the ladies getting a sunburn?

  • Grunt GI

    I, for one, am in favor of this plan.

    Sorry it now takes two months to get the fundraiser done, but on the other hand, the fantastic female artwork and snark have been first rate.

    I am looking forward to more of both until Monday. Sorry I can’t contribute more…pesky medical bills for the wife snuck through…cost share my butt. 🙁

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I would argue that those illegals the women tazed are neither guests (who invited them?) nor workers. But they still stink, and even worse after three days.
    Guarantee that once launched back across the border, those illegals will never invade again.

    • WayneM

      Oh, I like the sound of that… And Sam has the engineering finesse to make a solidly functional trebuchet!! Her new Trojan 2 can act as the counterweight… but what to use as a beam? Hmmm….

      • Punta Gorda

        It can probably get the needed momentum from the hydraulics driving the head… the horns just act as leverage.

        • eon

          More efficient from her POV would be a traction trebuchet;

          More fun for the ladies, too.

          Or a powered onager;

          The latter could be “trapped” (fired) by having a high-torque electric winch motor running a geared limited- arc rotator replacing the skein. In fact, it could be built right into her new “friend” up top.

          Hm. The arm plus sling might make an interesting-looking “tail” for the big guy.



  • Or Trojan 2 could act as the launcher. How are his hydraulics?

  • WM

    I can’t do anything more until next month. VA disability.
    I would appreciate the fundraising be left open indefinitely.
    Or maybe just take monthly pledges.
    I will never hit the Don level, but it can’t hurt to have a wider contribution window.

    • Chris Muir

      I appreciate that,WM, but if dbd went the monthly route I guarantee you it would be gone in a year, as it would get lost in the noise of the daily requests for funds we ALL get every day in our email.That’s why it’s great-and critical- y’all wrap it up in 6 weeks or so, any longer and it would lose the uniqueness of the event (Plus,it’s one time per year to handle such activity and thus gives me the time needed to really concentrate on both toons!) It’s the power of dbd readers and patrons that make this all possible! 🙂 Next time, WM, and thanks so much!

      • Spin Drift


        Let me know if you got the check, same as last year.


        By the way, the girls at the ol’ swimmin hole are really nice but what I’d like to see is an Octagon Cage match between Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Betty White, naked of course.

        • JJ cooper


          • Old Codger

            Don’t know (don’t WANT to know) what RBG looks like now (excuse me while I order 10 gallons of extra-concentrated mind bleach) or in her “prime”. However, there are some pix purported to be of a young Betty White in the altogether. SHE looked very nice au naturel. No mega babe, mind you, but she could eat all the crackers in bed that she wanted to. Slim but very well proportioned.

            See for yourself: (WARNING: link is NSFW sorta like DBD some days 😉 )

        • Punta Gorda

          That will put you off yer feed…

        • Henry

          I’m rooting for Betty. She’s an old-school actress who refuses to preach her political preferences as revealed truth, and in fact barely talks about them… much less foists them on other Americans at the point of (the threat of) a gun.

          Hey, it wouldn’t be much worse than some of the scenes the Wachowskis forced us to endure to make it through to the end of “sense8.”

        • JTC

          Well he has said he is twisted and that is why they call him Spin…

          But based on this I think he’s just a sick old bastid…like me. 🙂

          • Spin Drift

            That would be left hand Coriolis effect for twist in a free gravity field. Sort of what the country was doing before the last election. Hopefully the swamp drains before the pipes are clogged with Democraps and Republiturds.

            And my moneys on Betty being all Scandahovian, she’s gonna channel her inner Viking and go all medieval on RBG’s ass.

            BTW anybody need any brain bleach after that little vision danced through your head. Still Chris can draw it up, might make a nice poster.

    • WM

      Okay, found a card not maxed yet 🙂

  • Tagg

    I love the “appeal” of the ladies every year at fund raising time!

  • Mike West

    I kicked $100 early in the fundraiser…just kicked an extra $50 to help get over that hump.

    • JTC

      Good job Mike, that is the same as from me. Past years I’ve done more but like many here semi-retirement and early SS (to be sure I get back what I can before it’s gone) has taken its toll on things. Still, can’t imagine a more worthwhile expenditure for all of us DBD patrons.

      Lot of cute comments guys, but it’s time to do what it takes to be sure there is something to comment on in the coming year. Commit what you can if you truly believe in capitalism, free enterprise, free speech, and pay to play, otherwise maybe check out MSN.

  • I was going to suggest Patreon again, but their new TOS makes it unlikely that you’d be welcome, and makes it look like I probably won’t last there.

    Shame. It’s a good idea. Would be lovely if folks who thought like us set up something similar.

    • Chris Muir

      Do an annual fundraiser. With readers like this, ’tis possible!

  • Steven Speairs

    Well those lovely ladies persuaded me to kick in another $100 for the ‘privilege’ of enjoying without any hassle. Not having ever gone to one of the ‘Gentlemen Clubs’ even though my area has got plenty, I know I would spend more and enjoy less for that ‘viewing’!

    Chris, if I might be so bold as modify DM’s suggestion, could you keep a donation link available throughout the year? Maybe allow an accounting to accumulate for the following year pledge drive?

    • JTC

      Thumbs up Steven!

      But Chris has answered many times about the fund drive, don’t need to fix what ain’t broken. Unless this year proves him (and me) wrong.

  • Henry

    I threw another nickel in the pot. Checked out the address on the “DD posters,” but it appears my craving for top-end Texas BBQ will not be so easily satisfied.

  • Mike Brickman

    OK, Chris, I just scraped together an additional $100. No dining out for a couple of weeks. Major sacrifice, but it’s worth it!

  • MasterDiver

    Put an extra $50 in last week. Waiting to see if I can squeeze another out of this month’s SS check.

    Zar Belk

  • Susan Schroeder

    Tell me again who Susie is

    • TomZ

      A feeb that showed up undercover to look for a missing feeb that had been harassing the DD for years and had gone missing.

  • Kafiroon

    My eyes see little black pupils looking at Susie’s butt on the smiley face.
    “Just my imagination, running away with me…”

  • Jim

    I went ahead and tossed in an extra $50 also.
    Register it in honor of Holly, Sarah, and Stephanie,
    and all the other great friends that I don’t know personally here,
    as well as to yourself (which goes without saying, or why else be here), and
    with an extra kudo to Eon.
    Clear Ether!

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