Day By Day


  • Swansonic

    Hopefully the Sheriff will ask the judge to sleep in on Monday…

    Maybe until Tuesday / Wednesday…..

    • Hells to the yeah, call in sick.

    • CB

      Better yet invite the judge to go on a 5 day fishing trip.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Yes. He should take his pa on a fishing trip. 🙂
        Some long quality time they likely had promised each other for a while.
        Ending up with some DDQ rest and recuperation from the relaxing trip.
        Good idea. The judge and he need some quality time.

      • James/G

        Violates their right to a speedy arraignment/trial, in which the fines will exceed the fifty they were paid…

    • RooftopVoter

      Yep, and then when he does show up, $ 1,000 dollar fine or 30 days in the hole.

      He can drive that minimum wage down considerably more.

      • James/G

        Please, no more than a minimum amount of time in jail. I don’t want to pay to feed them…

    • PatD

      Now, now, Don’t use the justice system to punish your enemies. America, and all that.

      • B Woodman


  • Yo, bwa, you shuna tooked dat job. Y’all got done.

  • Tennessee Budd

    I find it difficult to believe that they could do the math in their heads. Brownshirt types have never been that clever.

    • Bill G

      Libs have always been capable when it comes to figuring out what they get; they need to be to compare it to what they think they deserve.
      On the other hand, there’s no telling how long a pause there might have been between learning the time and getting the number.

  • WayneM

    I thought the card said:

    Go Directly To Jail
    Do Not Pass GO
    Do Not Collect $200

    Bernie is getting them for cheap!!

    • interventor

      Soros, not Bernie.

      • PaulS

        Both cranky old men.

  • Kafiroon

    Wait till they find out they have to pay court costs too!

    • interventor

      Sheriff ought to charge for steam cleaning the cells. No telling what they are carrying.

  • LifeofTheMind

    Is there really evidence that the Sanders campaign is directly paying people to perform criminal acts, with the knowledge of senior staff or the candidate? The cutouts can get pretty flimsy at times but they are there for a reason. It would be huge if any candidate were so foolish. Arguably it would argue against their fitness for office if they allowed themselves to get caught like that.

    • Rykelee

      Soros is monetarily backing Barney, Soros paid protestors to gather in Chicago to preempt Trump s planned rally. I interpret this as an artistic extension of a factual event, with a happy ending. Soros and the majority of liberals are Teflon anyway. Just go with it.

      • Polly Cy

        George Soros, who made a billion or so short-selling the British pound back in ’92, the infamous “Black Wednesday” that nearly precipitated a collapse of the British financial system. For a man who “hates” capitalism and supports the “99%”, he sure seems awfully adept at getting rich off the free market system.

        • H_B

          Don’t forget the 1997 Asia Financial Crisis that crippled the world economy. Partly triggered by Soros manipulations of the Ringgit and Baht currencies. He makes windfall profits when civilization suffers at his order.

          • Gyro

            Closest thing to a living, breathing James Bond villain out there today.

      • GWB

        Bernie, man, not Barney.
        Barney is that purple dude that is only asking that you clean up after yourself and play nice. He’d be a LOT better candidate than Bernie. (Or Trump, probably.)

        • nah bernie/barney..both commies.

          how else do you explain that “sharing means caring” song? so, what..if I don’t give you half my stuff I don’t care about you? if that ain’t a 5-year olds definition of communism, I don’t know what is.

        • JTC

          I was thinking he meant Barney Fife…damned if both he and Andy didn’t turn out to be commie obommie lovers too…

    • NotYetInACamp

      The purported evidence I have heard, and I am far away from large gatherings of people these days, is that this is someones psy op to start the riots and the democracy type “spring” events. They want to get them above and beyond just the typical alleged black clothed anarchists trashing areas.
      There is a desire for a spark that sets a major fire this summer and fall.

      If Hillary is presented the presidency we will have been presented with a continuing line of following Establishment main agendas since George Bush, the elder took office after Reagan.
      We thought we had a choice, but the horses were all owned by the same trainers.
      unfortunately ted Cruz looks like a continuation of the Tweedledum, Tweedledee line. Cruz has all of the appearances of someone who has taken many of the actions desired by the populous, yet, they appear as part of a cover. To me Bush, Clinton, Hillary and Cruz will all follow an agenda that will deliver the USA further into the clutches of its enemies that wish its destruction. Cruz makes great noises and has followed the conservative script for a few years, but, his associates are all Establishment in the inner directions. We will get the little things, but, the inner substance will not be there. At this point there is no way that he will be president. The establishment hates his attitude. He will serve his purpose if he defuses Trump taking 1237 delegate votes in the first nomination vote. if that happens, then our votes will not have mattered.
      Breach of contract is one aspect. Fraud in the Inducement another aspect. They held our voting out as being the decision maker. They must be forced to do as they presented the meaning of voting in the primaries.

      The votes now are between Trump and the man behind the curtain. Cruz will not be the man behind the curtain or the door. The result will be a mystery surprise.

      Criminal acts have been with the Clinton’s for many decades. Soros has overthrown at least 9 nations with his controlled uprisings. The USA is just a larger version of his game, or a smaller version of his overall game.

      Those SJW’s are just small pawns in a huge game in which they really do not matter.

      • Gina

        “Those SJW’s are just small pawns in a huge game in which they really do not matter.”

        And being useful idiots, they don’t realize that they’re being used. They also don’t realize, being ignorant of history, that they’ll be the FIRST to go in the new order.

        • B Woodman

          “Mongo just pawn in game of life.”

        • John M.

          OK, I’ve seen it here and elsewhere – what is an “SJW”?

  • Pamela

    Figures a SociDemoncractic spawn would pay SLAVE wages to people of color

    • jackdeth72


      “The convicts here get one hot meal a day.
      A bowl of steam!”

      *Apologies to Woody Allen’s ‘Take The Money And Run’*

      • John M.

        I thought it was “Hot bologna, eggs, and gravy…” (thank you Tom T. Hall)

  • B Woodman

    “Fascism. . . .I do not think that word means what you think it means.”
    “My name is Inego Montoya, and I approve this message.”

    • Bill G

      Newspeak has turned it into a right-wing program. Mentioning all the liberal support for the 20th Centuries Fascists is Politically Incorrect.

    • NotYetInACamp

      From the Archives.
      Not Foreign Affairs or a CFR type publication, but, what the hey.

      ” Problems of De-nazification

      One of the most important questions of the present political scene must for the moment remain unanswered. In all public discussions and reports you get the the impression that the National Socialists are to be found on the extreme right. Their relations with the extreme left, often mentioned in private conversations, remain obscure because they cannot for the present day be publicly aired. It is true, however, that the dictatorial methods by which a “union” between Socialists and Communists was imposed in the Russian zone, have helped to clarify the situation. … ”

      Germany Today , The Review of Politics, Vol. 8, July 1946, No. 3 p. 360, The University of Notre Dame

  • $15 ph? Oh, Sweet Jesus, the inflation!

  • jackdeth72

    Memo to Bern Bots:

    Welcome to The Suck!

    • H_B

      Supposed to be a reply to cmblake6 above.

    • MasterDiver

      Just as long as they don’t acknowledge the order with “By your command…”

      • interventor

        Just so the next comment from them isn’t Exterminate, Exterminate!

  • Bill G

    Maybe Damon could put conservative messages on some more ‘dogs’ and have them wander outside democrat meetings?

  • Looks like some of the Ferguson rioter’s were kept on retainer from the Holder days. They probably have U.S. Justice Department IDs and security clearances.

  • MasterDiver

    They also seemed to think they were immune from local law enforcement. County sheriffs, especially in Texas, NM, AZ, are not, on average, impressed by the Feds’ attempts at social engineering. They enforce the law, and don’t take any lip, especially from paid agitators from outside their County.

  • Dindoo Nuffin

    If they were paid what they are worth they would be paid in lead. Scrap lead currently goes for .77 lb and given that the average dose/payment would be .230 grains or less, they’re not worth spit.

  • B Woodman

    Hopefully Sheriff Caffey can treat them like Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ- – – pink undies and coveralls, bologna sammichs, tent city, road work, weather channel and Disney TV.

    • Old Codger

      Heard Sheriff Arpaio was sued under the “cruel and unusual punishments” clause. Guess that’s why he keeps getting re-elected.

      The thing about FLEAs (Federal Law Enforcement Agent) is that they have NO JURISDICTION OVER ANY OFFENSE WHICH WOULD NOT BE HEARD BEFORE A FEDERAL MAGISTRATE! Period.

  • Old Codger

    Where do they find these assignments? Craig’s List? For fifty bucks I’d damned well hold up a sign. Talk about easy money! Course I know enough about the law here to make sure I skedaddled if the property owner of their designated rep told me to. Ain’t particularly eager to pay the fine for Criminal Trespass. AND if the media asked me I damned sure tell ’em I was getting paid to hold that sign.

    • John Greer

      But of course the “media” would fail to report that particular nuance of the facts since it doesn’t fit their slant.

  • John M.

    “Feel the Bern!”
    When I was in the Army they told us if we “feel the burn” to get our butts on Sick-Call…

    • Pamela

      Yeah all branches of the service needed to be careful while on Liberty.
      My Dad would watch his Officers and Enlisted come back aboard.
      He had the Doc and the Corpsman there also. One LT j.g. came waltzing down the dock escorting a local beauty nicknamed “Dirty Mary” who administered to the “needs” of many. Dad’s comment was “Put him on Sick Call. And shoot him up.”

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