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  • formwiz

    Not exactly Bond, Bottled in Bond.

    It just sounds like it.

  • Crotalus

    No more darts, Zed! Get the sniper rifle ready! This is WAR!!!

  • Too Tall

    Can Tabasco come out and play?

    • My Way Or -->

      Yeah, I was gonna ask that, too: Where’s Tabasco in all this?

  • NotYetInACamp

    Somehow this feels good on so many levels.

    Delivering them all to the FRB (whatever) at the sheriff’s jail would be so satisfying.
    All of the constitutional rights offending forces neatly wrapped and confined, well fed, and eager to see Texas in their rear view mirror would be just fine.The sheriff is the ultimate power in his jurisdiction.
    Somehow Andy would do it without even letting Barney load his bullet. That may be a far fetched wish, but, it would be so satisfying that way. There must be some way to reach Sun-Tzu’s optimum resolution of winning.

    I wonder if the Texas Air Guard will be in full hot training mode for the event. Are the sheriff’s plugged in to inter agency communication, cooperation, and support.
    Who buys the Q and beer later? 🙂

    One must try to gently and kindly teach these wayward pilgrims about the wisdom and benefit to them of following the US Constitution and recognizing that all people’s Constitutional rights must not treated as old useless rye bread.

    • How about asking them to donate to the Tree of Liberty’s Watering Can?

      Zar Belk!

  • John M.

    They gonna bring that bald-headed *#^! (I never can remember his name) back from Alaska to lead the raid? That’ll be fun! (for us)

    • WayneM

      The twins are too old for him to be interested in now…

  • JTC

    Come on down!

    And don’t send your boys…they saw what happened in Miami and they are semi-innocent, so make a personal visit please.

    Different story, same ending.

  • cz93x62

    Stay inside your nice new porta-fences, Federales. I think county sheriffs and their personnel are getting FED UP with having to enforce every little pissant tyranny and admin over-reach being perped by county & state health kommissars and/or Federal alphabet-soup-group orgs. They are fast becoming SUPERFLUOUS and IGNORABLE.

    • interventor

      Best used for that new fence around the Capitol complex, until Congress is back in session. Deploy the NGs outside the fence, Weld the doors shut. Send the NGs home.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

    Wray will be feeling very rye if he decides to play Mordor-on-the-Potomac rules down in Texas.
    And I have a feeling that Zed has a backhoe to dig a niiiice biiiig deeeep pit to make all those FiBbIes (and their vehicles)…….just……disappear.
    No more free Wacos. Or Ruby Ridges.
    “Agents? Come to question me? Nope. Haven’t seen any agents down ’round here.”
    I keep thinking about Dead Man’s Holler from Mike V’s “Absolved”.

  • Kafiroon

    First thing I thought of was to start digging for a cement pond. But then I know
    The feeble Fibers would take the disappearance as a challenge. (Hold My Beer…)
    So. Naked it is and a walk all the way back to town, being videoed and broadcast. I would let them keep their shoes since I am not cruel.

  • How fun would it be, to see a FBI strike team surrounded and then incarcerated by a county Sheriff, complete with a deputized posse of civilians (Militia?) Enforcing the Constitution on Federal pricks…. “Absolved”, indeed. I miss Mike….

  • JTC

    “…a writ to seize guns…”

    Bloody and/or bury Fibbie agents if they dare try to do that, but find out who “writ” that shit and deal with that on a much bigger scale.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist


  • Pamela

    Has Javier developed snakes yet that will deliver a paralytic spray to the designated subject? Maybe some truth serum built in…

  • Pete231

    “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”
    -Mark Twain-

    • JTC

      Even Mark T‘s amazing perception and commentary could not have envisioned the time when the country becomes the government, and vice versa, destroying both and requiring a replacement. Time’s up.

      Been done once, attempted again, both times under nearly identical imperative to right now.

      The time is now. CRA.

  • Mike-SMO

    I think the rule is “Take Five”.

    And pull the batteries. And metal wrap the thingies with the blinky lights. They do attract vermin.

  • eon

    I’m expecting another Waco soon. After all, it’s Budget Time, the Federal holy of holies, and agencies sensing another “anti-2AM” mood in the new Congress will be anxious to prove that they’re “with the program”.

    With their lack of response to CHAZ and etc. last year, they’ve already shown that they’re “down with The Struggle.”

    “Power To The (Correct) People, Baby!”

    clear ether


  • Dread

    So the Famous But Incompetent dirty political trucks division of the Democrat Socialist Party will be sent on gun confiscation missions? I doubt it. More like ATF or Homeland Security, but most likely DHHS. Firearms possession by the masses will be considered a public health and safety issue. Of course with DC attempting infringment on practically ALL of our other rights, well…

    • Dread

      Dirty political TRICKS division. Sheesh

  • James/G

    Can’t be a Waco, or a Ruby Ridge. For one thing, the DD is still a consulate enclave. Forcing their way onto the property would lead to a Diplomatic Incident, and could be considered an act of war…

    In the 40s, Adolf tried to do it. Others have tried since. All have failed.

    If the DNC/PLD leadership thinks they can pull it off, they’re even dumber than I expected.

    Then again, I never thought they’d kill American Citizens calling for honestly-run recounts either…

    • Mattexian

      Thanks, I thought I remembered that the DD was considered a foreign consulate. Tho we’ve seen that happen in Texas too, when the “Republic of Texas Provisional Government” had their “embassy” near Ft Davis. That time they kept it a local matter (kidnapping your neighbors, bc you think they’re “spying” on you, calling the sheriff when you play soldier in the woods with live ammo and IEDS), with sheriff and Texas Rangers handling it, keeping the Feds faaaaar away, and not triggering any militia muster calls.

  • My Way Or -->

    What’s the difference between Frydaddy doing this, and George III ordering the Brit Army to seize colonists’ guns in 1775 followed by GEN Thomas Gage ordering all the inhabitants of Boston to turn in their weapons?
    Does history repeat itself? (snerrkkk!)
    Anyone want a brief recounting of what happened at Boston Commons?

  • Shield Wall

    I love oath keeping cops. Used to be one (retired). Most of the ones I know are. That said there’s a big difference between those and government mercenaries dressed in cop costumes who’ll follow any order for a paycheck and a pension. There seem to be a growing number of those. I hope I’m wrong. Betrayal has always been one of the toughest things to forgive. Pray for and support our constitutional sheriffs.

    • John

      Dante reserved the lowest circle of Hell to traitors.

      • Halley

        Lower than for progressive journalists? How is that possible?

        • CDR215

          What’s the difference?

        • Arkay

          Progressive journalists = traitors, Halley.

    • WayneM

      Last year, I retired after +32 years with Her Majesty’s Horsemen in Canada. The covid moral panic was rolling then but the government was still claiming hints of covid camps were being dismissed as conspiracy theories. I got out around the time our Prime Minister declared the RCMP was systemically racist and ordered the Commissioner to “fix” things.

      Interestingly, the fed bureaucrats hired private security firms to escort detainees from airports to Camp Covid. I wonder if that means the Canadian Border Services and/or RCMP refused to do so?

      There’s been quite a number of incidents of thugs with badges handing out covid tickets, locking down businesses, etc… Kinda makes my stomach turn…

  • Cue, scene from the current Oval orifice:

    C’mon Man! Everyone look on light, fight I mean Bright side! As soon as we get this 1.9 Trillion Cash in, I mean stimulus bill done, we can release the news that Covid-19 is all done with, but not before. This is gunna be fun!! The Blamestream Media can jump on the Hallelujah Train and the world will be all Unicorns and Rainbows and Trans Gender Love. You know how I want to unite our country, except for those gun totin’ bible thumpers! Let’s start our gun grab there, if we suck ceed there, there rest of our country will just fold. I mean I’m Catholic but of course only in a political sense. Let’s get this whole, You know a Summer of love thing going. Jimmy, Beto, Paula, oh whoever you are, now pass me my Geritol and get me a beer. Hey Colored lady, I mean Cumala sorry, I forgot your name there for minute. You know my mind aint what it used to be, not that it was ever head of the class or anything to start with. I amaze even myself sometimes. I literally have done nuthin’ for the last 40 years except run for office and make racial slurs and here I’m President of dees United States. Aint this a great cuntry?Now, Cumala, if you are going to take over for me in a couple of months, we gots some old man lovin’ still to take care of. Come on over and take care of ol Sleepy Uncle Joe. C’mon girl you know what I like, just like what you used to do to move up through the ranks with that other colored guy, who was twice your age. C’mere girlfriend, C’mere!
    With this kind of stuff going on, how could we be worried about anything?

    Chris, a future couple of scenes for you. I can write um’ if you can draw them so beautifully!

    • eon

      The Picard series is a perfect metaphor for this administration.

      Somebody who’s had his fingers in every pie for the last half-century decides he’s going to “fix everything” by doing exactly the same stupid s#!t he’s done for that last half-century- just bigger and more expensive this time.

      Joe Kamel is bad enough with a pen and a phone. Imagine the trouble he could cause with a starship or two.

      clear ether


  • DogByte6RER

    Dictators gotta love their diktats!

    diktat noun

    dik·​tat | \ dik-ˈtät \
    Definition of diktat
    1 : a harsh settlement unilaterally imposed (as on a defeated nation)

    bull, decree, directive, edict, fiat, rescript, ruling, ukase

    Despite Joe Biden stating in October 2020 “you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator” he proceeded to issue scores of diktats by executive decree.

    • JTC

      “harsh settlement unilaterally imposed on a defeated nation.”

      Let’s fix that and turn it right back on them:

      “Harsh settlement imposed on a deserted nation.”

      You impose all the harsh you want there Dik Tat, and then bring it to the CRA if you want to learn much more about harsh, and karma, and justice.

  • Polly Cy

    Love it! Do you suppose Texas could start mass producing and selling backbones?

    Washington might send the Rye but they still need us for the corned beef and cheese.

    (PS; damage this time around: Rotator cuff 100% tear, bicep 60% tear, labrum only 30% tear. Three months of one finger typing with non-dominant hand. Nuts.)

    • JTC

      @Polly, miss your input.

      Voice typing not an option?

      Prayers for full recovery.

    • Too Tall

      Polly, What did the other guy look like? (Just kidding, I think…)

      • Polly Cy

        Ah, TT, thirty or forty years ago you might well ask. Sadly, biology is destiny.

    • Pamela

      Polly~ Have the Docs repaired the damage to your satisfaction?

      • Polly Cy

        Hard question. We’re kind of in “finger in the dike” mode. I’ve got three autoimmune disorders, plus spinal stenosis, plus joint hypermobility disorder. (which means no sooner does something heal than my “natural” motion tears it again.) I’m satisfied if I can slow down the pace things are worsening. My days of thinking my body could do anything with enough concentration and effort are over. None of it will kill me. It just makes me whiny and crabby.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Oh, My! Heal, please.

  • Ama

    We need to remember that the fence they surrounded themselves with can easily work to keep them in. Those buildings do not a Capitol make…. Our Capitol is the Constitution.

    • JTC

      And this is your “enforcer”?

      Let me repeat my earlier neighborly invitation to RayRay there, and include you too…

      You say you have an axe to grind Merrick? Us too, ours is already sharp and ready.

  • Lee Caffey

    So good to see Troy remembered on the Sheriff Office. He would have loved that. The comments are spot on. Down here in Central Texas we still have no water but have electricity finally. Ranch critters and humans suffering from cabin fever but alive. Love this site to help keep us sane and give us hope.

  • Pamela

    Does Tabasco have some friends that want to play dodge fibbers…
    See how many they can put in a barrel?

    • cb

      Doesn’t Tabasco have lotsa offspring by now?

  • Ron

    To be fair, it was nice of him to call first…

  • My Way Or -->

    Expect your taxes to go up. Biobot out there in DubyaDeeSea will want to send out another stimulus package, and there is not a whole lot of moola to be had, per a financial analyst (good firm, too) on this morning’s news. Wattshisname will do his best to spend us into bankruptcy, and we’re pretty close to that now.

    • TBeholder

      Taxes will go up, but then “help” will arrive. Perhaps due to “crisis”. For “free”. One hand taketh away, the other dispensesth crumbs to the loyal.
      Until «it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union» indeed.
      Assuming the whole thing won’t fall apart first (and much faster than Soviet Union after Stalin did, since it’s unable to quietly keep as much of its legacy).

  • TBeholder

    Why do you think this can possibly be any sort of an obstacle?
    Anyone with non-negligible power who will object can be trivially isolated and then “elected” away (if elected) when their turn comes, just like Trump was. By all 102.5% of the electorate. And non-elected ones simply fired.
    If there’s going to be too much commotion over the process or result of these elections — well, that’s how some of “color revolutions” started. Easier to do this piece by piece that gamble everything: this way they can pick time and place to cherry-pick the least dangerous options and “make an example” of some to cow the rest.


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