Day By Day


  • Chris Muir

    Hello, O Patient Readers!

    • Bob Singer

      Just curious why the emailed version is a single panel of the strip and requires a visit to the site? Not that I mind visiting the site, but I thought the email would include the whole strip for the day.

      • Chris Muir

        Because the damn code kinda sorta works and isn’t an effective tool for now.argh.thanks for hanging in there though,Bob! 🙂

    • Just bookmark it. Works great, read it every morning. Good stuff.

      • Brian H

        It’s part of my stable of ~25 permanently open tabs in FF, so it’s always just a click away.

    • DocDave88

      Chris, it’s okay man. I think it’s working now. But as long as I can visit the site and get my daily visit with my beloved Sam I’m happy.


  • Hello Chris! I plan on migrating to WordPress soon!

    • Chris Muir

      Hey thar,Macker! I wish you the best with this dang software!;)

  • I read the strip every day. I read it last in the morning routine; it’s the dessert after breakfast!

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    … that thing about “… but to REALLY screw things up you need a computer!” applies here, doesn’t it ?

  • epador

    You know, I had a couple of Mai Ties for dinner and everything seems fine to me now. Who needs Family Ties?

    • CAPT Mike

      as a sailor, I like your attitude.

      Best Regards,

      • Chris Muir

        ARRRRR, I be sailin’ ‘gainst the winds o’mainstream swabbys…

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Back to Sam’s cutoffs and cowboy boots.

    • What my friend Boobie said.

      I’ll try to play with the embed code again this weekend.


  • Robert Williams

    Just don’t lose the tatas

    • Chris Muir

      The Boob-behs?Never!

    • Chris Muir

      Just fixed that,that was just a link to the toon I put in is all.

  • So little time, so many *snerks*. Oh, and good storyline/plot/tata/skimpy bikinis/punny for our enjoyment. Thanks!

  • Hey dude, site’s lookin’ good! Gonna re-subscribe now. Been missing having the emails. (I’ve usually already seen the strip on the site, but hey.)

  • Keatonmac

    I don’t see what the fuss is…I just click on on my Favorites bar once a day, just like I have for the past, uh…TEN years? Has it been so long already, Mr. Muir?

    I’ve been reading for so long, I can remember what Sam’s hair flip looked like.

    — KM

    • Chris Muir

      That ol’ ‘do she had,manna…long time ago! 🙂

    • CAPT Mike

      Me too.
      Detest the RSS feed thingy, and prefer to simply go to the source rather than fill my email inbox.
      Best Regards,

      • Chris Muir


    • Lee

      Exactly! A morning ritual for me. 🙂

    • epador

      Living on Left Coast or thereabouts, I get to read tomorrow toon before I go to bed almost every night. I agree who needs e-mail?

  • Comments? Oh dear.

    Can’t wait for the first social justice warrior to stumble in here …

    • jane

      Kristophr, is that a nice term for a liberal? 🙂

      • It’s a very sarcastic term for an internet leftist.

      • Alan

        Jane, that’s just a very specific subset of liberals. Typically ‘way more aggressively offensive and less influenced by logic than average average liberal neighbor/coworker. So no, not a nice term, but earned.

  • For years I got the entire cartoon in my email, since maybe 2007? 2008? Now I get a small graphic, maybe an inch square instead. I have to click on that to go to the website to see the whole thing. I know it drives traffic to your site, but is this what you really intended? A thumbnail in the email instead of the day’s cartoon?

    • Chris Muir

      It’s not meant to drive traffic, it was meant to be a convenience for readers.With all the variations of platforms out there, it’s more of a pain than anything else these days.

      • jane

        Bless your heart, Christopher. There are those of us who don’t know software, code, and other techno-terms over our blue-haired heads, but I will soldier on through anything to get to your toons.

        • Chris Muir

          That’s why the most solid and consistent way to get dbd is bookmark it don’t change!:)

  • Don Kaag

    Got no idea how the whole switch is working on my desktop Mac back in the ‘States, Chris, but here—currently—in North Yorkshire, U.K., on my gmail account and iPadMini it’s working fine. The Memsab and I are on the “bucket list” extended European tour we always swore we would take after we both retired. Got to Europe mid-August, returning…mid-June. Been to see our expatriate daughter and electrical engineer Son-in-Law in western Germany, to Bornholm in the Baltic, Scotland, Skye & Harris in the Hebrides, and now we are in the north of England for a oouple of months. Back to Germany for Thanksiving and then a tour of Eastern Europe—Dresden in the former DDR, Warsaw & Cracow in Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic. Germany again for the Holiday Season and the Christmas markets, back to Britain, and then down and over to a little rented villa in the countryside of Tuscany for Italian Spring in April and May. A week in France near Reims in Provence’ in early June and then home to nothern Idaho. Meanwhile, eschew the hassles of code and get back to being the hipest, most-connected political cartoonist in the U.S., because we DBD junkies/temporary expats need our Day-By-Day fix to keep us up-to-date and linked in. You ‘da Man!

    • Chris Muir

      I burn in envy of your travel,Sir! Ya dawg! 🙂

    • Stan Penkala

      You are REALLY making me jealous. 😉

  • Bruce A. Frank

    All this embedding mismatch is interesting, but not a problem I have. The strip no longer comes to me as email. I receive a thumbnail that when clicked brings me here. The thumbnails don’t forward well, some on my list get them and most don’t. I can come here, select and copy the strip. Paste it in my email and that forwards just fine. Just not the additional work I want to do. I’ve introduced several dozen to the strip who now have the same problem with their subscription as I.

    I resubscribed which at least got me the thumbnails. Should I unsubscribe and try again?

    • Chris Muir

      No, it’s unlikely to work again there…we’ll revisit this again next year after the next fundraiser.Maybe a newer version of code will be out there.

  • Sarthurk

    Just a reader. Just using the word “awesome” is so 30, years ago.
    I’m completely satisfied with this site. It makes one think. It probably makes a liberal confused, or other mental inability.

    Great job, and Great site. I looked up synonyms for “Great”, and they all are STUPENDOUS!

    Hey, I’m just a burned out fish biologist in the PNW. Born and lived here for nearly 58 years. The direction of Oregon government has gone bad. Kitshaber is a Commie. I’m just hiding out in the bushes near the central coast. There are reasons to not sneak up on me. Don’t ask me why I said that.

    • Chris Muir

      On your 10’o’clock! 😉

    • RegT


      That’s why the missus and I ended up in Montana. We had a small spread on the South Umpqua, s/o Myrtle Creek, but left when we retired. Too many old hippies running the state from Eugene and Salem. Kitz was a doctor in Roseburg before his first – and now second, I take it – turns as the head socialist of Oregon. Love the fact that his girlfriend (whatever happened to his wife?) admitted to marrying an illegal alien for the $5000 he paid her. Kitz is too HUA to be embarrassed, though.

      In the mountains here, we can see for a looong way, and if they can even find us, I have similarly “prepared” friends not too far away who will help welcome them.

  • EWd Brault

    Had the strip bookmarked since the day I found it back in ’05, at Fort Lost-in-the-Woods, The simplest things seem to work the best! Keep it up. If you’re on a politician’s enemies list, you must be doing something right!

    • Chris Muir

      You Vermont guys know.

  • clayusmcret

    I’ve used the bookmark every morning for years. No need to fix what ain’t broken.

    S/F, Steve

  • rain of lead

    from a long time reader, first time poster I just wanted to say thanks and love what you do.

    keep on keeping on

    • Chris Muir

      Long time readers who rain lead are the meat & potatoes of dbd.

  • bryan e

    I read via feedly (RSS reader); used to see the full-sized cartoon in my feed, but now see only a (right-shifting) snippet of the day’s cartoon (firefox and chrome). I just click thru to read the whole thing, so this is more FYI..

    I suspect the feedly crew needs to update something(?)…

    • Chris Muir

      It’s a weird beast,works absolutely fine on some sites,others no dice,no idea why…

  • Bill Ewing

    Like ‘Keatonmac’ above, DBD has been on my ‘Favorites’ listing and has been read in that venue since 2002(?).
    I have no need for the emails since DBD is a daily morning computer task.
    If it will save you some bandwidth, please feel free to cancel my emails as I don’t use them to read DBD.

    • Chris Muir

      Mr.E!As long as ya get here is all that matters.

  • dan

    Very cool campaign ad from Planned Parenthood this morning.

    • Chris Muir

      Yeah,Google selects the ads,not me,argh.

      • Boobie the Rocket Dog

        Maybe I shouldn’t say publicly that we’re all used to that and pay them little mind.

  • bgarrett

    No problem here. I just click ‘favorites’ every morning. I drive a 1960 F100 and have been looking for a 57 front clip. Keep up the good work Chris!

  • bert

    Occasionally I like to go back to the beginning to remind me how the characters have “developed”. Keep up the good work. DBD is my first view in the morning.

    “from my cold dead hands”


    • Chris Muir

      Some have certainly developed up top!

  • Phil Cooper

    There needs to be a forum or something- some of the strips I just don’t get…

    • Alastor


      Is that “just don’t get” meaning that they never arrive ?

      Or “just don’t get” as a recovering liberal who needs things explained ?

      (innocent grin)

  • Dave

    I re-subscribed to get my daily dose of DBD in my e-mail. It’s coming in now, but only the middle third of the image displays; the left and right thirds are missing.

    I absolutely love this comic. More DBD!

    • Chris Muir

      Thanks for hanging in there with us,Davemeister!

  • You’re on the links, as always. Keep it up and keep em coming Chris!!!

    • Chris Muir

      Copy that,Sir!

  • Brian Kuhn

    I’ve been a loyal fan since we got together to try to figure out a way for you to break into the dead tree market (boy, was that a long time ago). Just wish I had the extra bucks to help market your strip where it’s needed most. As it is, I too, visit every day, and share often. Keep it up, you ‘ol contrarian you!

    • Chris Muir

      Thank ya,Brian!Turns out here online is where dbd’s natural home is! 🙂

  • I’ve been using Word Press on my blog from the jump, and I’ve never had a problem with it. ‘Course, my blog is hosted by pairNIC, and they do all the code work; although I installed a link from there back to here all by myself….

    I just come to the dbd site to get my daily Sam and Jan fix….

    Eric Hines

    • Chris Muir

      Mr.H!Good to see an ol’ reader here!

    • If you read it at supper time, would it be a ‘Sam and Janet Evening”? [Duck and cover . , .]

  • Solaratov

    I’ve had this site bookmarked since the day I found it a bunch of years ago. It’s always part of my morning read.
    Keep the good stuff coming.

    • Chris Muir

      y’all are PATIENT.Maybe next year,this %*^^&^&(*&code will work.

      • RegT

        Chris, don’t obsess. I can’t imagine anyone who really cares about DBD worrying about anything except reading you every day. If they can’t take a split second to bookmark you, fong them.

  • Thanks for the heads up! Tried the first two codes, and the only one that worked – for me – was the alternate code…..all good now on my site. THIS tech idiot thanks you.. 🙂

    • Chris Muir

      please paste that alternate code here,just in case!

    • Here’s the alternate code:

      Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner

      And I now have DBD working well in my sidebar again…Thanks, Chris

  • DeeKayT

    Long time reader but just subscribed today. thanks for all you do Chris. Look forward to many more years of Day by Day…

  • Daniel O'Brien

    The RSS feed only presents a teaser strip snippet in the RSS preview. The old feed gave the full strip. Can this be fixed?

    • Chris Muir

      god far 50% of the time it does…

      • Daniel O'Brien

        But that doesn’t stop me from clicking through the RSS aggravator ( to your site. 🙂

  • Kentucky

    Every morning, from my “favorites”.

    Works fine. Hey, I’m a confirmed Luddite.


  • Gary Smith

    Bookmarks work just fine… as they have for years!

    • Chris Muir

      Yay! A success!

  • Immanuel Goldstein

    I’ve always simply linked to the strip from Instapundit. Never had any problems. ps: I’d like to see more strips on Zed’s dad, and his interactions with his new neighbors.

    • Chris Muir

      Wade did say he’s sticking’ around to see his grandchildren when they get back from their summer in Buenos Aires…;)

  • Dave Steele

    DbD is one of my daily ‘must read’ sites. Bookmarked on every machine I own.

    What’s with Skye in the butler’s outfit on 10/4 – did her mom and Don Portigo finally tire of her ‘entitled’ nonsense?

    • Chris Muir

      Skye’s gotta work for her room and board now,heh.

  • Don’t fret too much over the technology, Chris. It’s your content that brings us back every day and makes it easy to send a donation once a year. Cheaper than FREEP : > )

    • Chris Muir

      That’s the idea,it’s my job to make this stop worth y’all’s time every day.FUN!

  • Nate

    Since it looks like Chris Muir may be checking in the comments today- quick question-what is the “” link that was in the bottom middle frame of the Sep 16th comic? I couldn’t make sense of the last few letters: or| ?

    • Chris Muir

      HELL,I CAN’T READ IT EITHER-I think it was a link to the book mentioned in the first panel

    • Thank you! I’m not the ONLY one who scratched his head trying to figure that one out. LOL

  • Garym

    Clicked on to your site from Protein Wisdom many moons ago and have enjoyed it ever since. Keep up the good work.

    • Chris Muir

      I always read Jeff,that armadillowish one.

  • Yes, many blogs have shut down, but The First Street Journal has not, and it’s run by Mr Muir’s most perverted reader!

    • Chris Muir

      Pervs R us.

  • Will

    Yeah, for a couple days I was worried there…figured they had gotten you. I get the single panel also, and then I just click and it brings me here. Thanks for keeping your powder dry.

  • Calvin

    Been doing the bookmark thing since day one. Works great. Also dbd opens at startup on my mac. Just want to make sure I don’t miss a panel.

  • Barbara Skolaut

    Embed? What’s that? I have DBD in my favorites; it’s the second thing I click on every morning (first is e-mail). Easy-peasy, and I don’t have to pretend I know anything about the inner workings of the internet.

    Keep up the good work, Chris!

    • Chris Muir

      Hey there,Barb,you longtime reader!

  • M Monts

    Stumbled across your site many years ago. I cannot express the pleasure this strip brings. I stay up every night to read the latest (after midnight Pacific time). Share it with all of my friends. I used the emails as my personal offline archive. Oh well….

    Do keep up the excellent work.

    • Chris Muir

      Makes me happy.:)

  • I’ve always just go to my bookmarks and go directly to this site for my daily dose of DBD. The few times I’ve posted your ‘toon on my (pretty much dormant now) blog, you’d stop by to post a comment. I felt honored that you’d take the time to swing by a fledgling blog in the heydays.

    Keep up the great work! You’re always ahead of the curve… and the curves… and sometimes even behind the curves… yes, yes, keep it up with those curves. 😉

    All the best from the Arbiter of Common Sense!


    • Chris Muir

      Least I could do,T.:)

  • Drumwaster

    I’m with Barbara… I click over here every morning, right after the morning crossword puzzles (hey, I have to give my mind time to wake up enough to understand why I’m laughing). Much love to Chris and the whole gang.

    • Chris Muir

      It’s Da Drumwaster Man!

  • Bad Cyborg

    I have DBD in my favorites plus it shows up in my Chrome “new tab” screen. I just have to click on it every day.

    Is there a “Day By Day” forum where we can get together to talk about DBD-related things? I’ve been working my way through “Evolutionary Psychology” (a FREE download on Amazon, BTW) and would enjoy having a chance to discuss questions, observations and possible insights with fellow readers.

    • Chris Muir

      this or Facebook I guess.

  • *wolf7*

    Am I to understand that with all these changes, nudity/partial nudity will henceforth be banned? Say it ain’t so!! One of the things I like most about Day By Day is that, unlike mist other comic strips, you aren’t (weren’t?) afraid of the female body.

    • Chris Muir

      It most definitely ain’t so!

  • Chris,

    I have your cartoon on my desktop which I check out every day and have for years. Keep up the good work…UC ’76 :).

  • Shaun

    ummm, what about going back to the “old” host? No idea if that is even possible, but…

    • Chris Muir

      same host.

  • grayjohn

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • None of your imbed codes will work on my Blogger blog, but I improvised by grabbing “pop-out-image.jpeg”, available at the dbd embed address and then adding a link back to dbd. check it out here.

  • Tom Richardson

    RSS works fine, as it has for me for years. REALLY enjoy the strip, one of the few things I make sure I read every day. Keep up the great work Chris! Sorry the new platform is being such a PITA….

  • Steve

    Originally got here via LawDog, many, many moons ago. Of course, ya can’t really start in the middle of a strip, so I went back and started at the beginning. Been reading ever since.

    Recently went back and started back through from the beginning. I think I’m up to about August of 2004.

    It was great then and it’s only better now. Keep up the good work, Chris!

    And like was said earlier, here on the left coast we can get it the night before if we stay up late enough! Yay!

    • Chris Muir

      That’s cheating! heh

  • jakespeed

    Word Press works well enough, but I’m not a big fan. Gotta click on the single panel before the “whole strip opens.” Even opens on my old iPod Touch 4.

    Keep after it and keep the insolent sarcasm coming. While our rights and country are being eroded, this administration has had to give you the BEST COMEDY MATERIAL EVER.

    • Chris Muir

      As they say, you can’t make this shit up!

  • Joe Boucher

    I was using the email because I wouldn’t leave any traces on the company server. I could claim I didn’t know how to turn off the email.

    I will read from home. But now I need to watch out for the wife! 🙂

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  • Danny

    Funny enough, I was unable to subscribe (in email) if I used my Chrome browser, but if I used FireFox, I could. Chrome kept asking me to log into my domain admin account — but FireFox had no problems – got the “If there’s new content, you’ll get an email” page.

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