Day By Day


  • I know you’ve been going through a lot of computer issues with the transition Chris, but in the next revision could you give us a way to click the toon up bigger? I have a hard time reading it sometimes, and it’s a big pain zooming in and out my browser. Thanks. — Jeff

    • Chris Muir

      It depends on how things go w/embeds,they determine the size

      • Howard

        shoulda left well enough alone dude…love the strip ..been present since the beginning

    • itsspideyman

      Jeff, trying zooming the entire page. You get a better view of all the attributes as well!

  • Bill G

    Contact? How much contact is needed? Aye, therein lies the rub.
    No, wait, don’t rub!

  • Larry

    Have unsubscribed/resubscribe twice. Incoming emails only show a portion of the strip. Only option is to click and go to site. Is that the new norm?

    • Chris Muir


  • Ah, the Obola plot sickens…

  • Dastardly Dan

    He will have a legacy, bringing the USA to near-third-world status

  • RoadRunner

    What do you mean, “or”? He’s both inept and malevolent.

  • DaleC.

    But remember…..’the band played on.’

  • Inept or malevolent? Malevolent and a psychopath, but I repeat myself.

  • I love the comic strip Chris.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’m running Firefox and haven’t had any problems.
    Thanks for your insight and snarky comments, you know how to zing someone.

  • Bad Cyborg

    Blast you anyway for getting me to read “Evolutionary Psychology etc.”. Now the whole ebola response makes perfect sense. Classic, utterly predictable “r” response. On the one hand, disease is essentially a predator, a random killer of the proles and nothing to get upset about since predation is an unavoidable fact of “r” life, on the other hand it also will undoubtedly eliminate many “K” types by its sheer randomness. A two-fer in any elitist liberal’s view.

  • Ming the Merciless

    It’s all going according to plan…the racial war, the cave with the girls…etc…

  • Midwesterner

    The undersized images in the RSS feed may have to do with how the WordPress Media Settings are configured. [Maybe found at ?] I think the default is thumbnails (which is how the image is defined in the RSS feed) at 150 px by 150 px. If it’s possible to just set the width to 575 px while leaving the height undefined, that should feed the full cartoon panel through to the RSS feed. (Info gleaned from the WordPress support forums at <a href="; title="Too Damm Small")

  • HCG

    Ebola sucks and all, but it is the patented “Obama JV squad” when compared to malaria.
    The EPA/enviro-nazis that continue to block DDT need to own the blood on their hands. The EPA/enviro-nazis have surpassed Pol Pot and Lenin in sheer numbers, and should be recognized along with Mao and Stalin as the great mass-murderers in history. *visualizing a gruesome Skye-becoming aware comic*

    Ebola in its current form is a minor threat (deaths in hundreds) to countries with a minimally functioning medical system. In a fully corrupt 3rd world cesspool, the death-toll will be significantly higher. 🙁

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