Day By Day


  • Too Tall

    Redhead: A font of truth and wisdom.

  • JTC

    And so began the era of MeToo, the Machines…

    Careful Travis.

    • pyrodice

      ah, the Me2000.

      • PaulS

        Machine Evolution 2.0

    • JTC

      Word (bytes) spreads fast…

      Sat down with my laptop when that ghostly electronic voice intones…he kept touching my lower part with his privates, tickling my keyboard area inappropriately and gazing leeringly into my screen…

  • Too Tall

    Natural beats artificial. My money’s on Suzi.

  • Pamela

    She’s putting on the red boots. Watch out Travis.

    • GWB

      I love a woman with her boots in the air.

  • WayneM

    Poor Travis doesn’t stand a chance…

    Wait… are Travis and Suzy Q stepping out?

  • Peregrine John

    “I don’t dress for men…”

    Excessively good programming, there.

    • kadaka

      Current feminine fashion per late night shows apparently involves a dress with a sharp open v-cut from neck to navel of at least sternum width at top, when it’s not just an open jacket over bare torso, matched with a side slit running from ankle to navel level, sometimes combined with long open cuts under the arms. While we are told creative use of double-stick tape preserves modesty to within legality, video evidence I’ve seen shows some people in those studios are actually getting some interesting views for brief moments.

      I’m waiting for the empowered women of this brave new world to simply get tiny magnetic implants that allow them to drape small fabric pieces where they think appropriate. Cheaper might be several ring piercings suitable for clips. With large enough rings, a proud strong woman with a positive body image could completely dress herself by threading through a single long ribbon.

    • Halley

      Number of times I’ve believed the “I don’t dress for men” line: zero.

  • James McEnanly

    Are Jo’s clothes made of cloth or just her best attempts to simulate it?

    • kadaka

      Like Mystique, her “clothes” can be formed from her mass and are part of her, so technically she’s naked. Likely they retain a physical connection, she’s only had microscopic pieces detached but then quickly recalled so it seems separation is very limited and brief, she can’t remove those clothes.

      But she could be wearing ordinary clothes too for practicality. Shaping your substance to look like a parka and boots doesn’t make the wind less cold or the road less hard.

      • GWB

        Shaping your substance to look like a parka and boots doesn’t make the wind less cold or the road less hard.
        But entirely unnecessary for Jo, too.
        (That wind is less cold than she is.)

  • Halley

    “Lazarus, I am a machine.”
    (one the the best lines, ever)

    • MasterDiver

      But eventually Minerva and Athena became flesh and blood women, and wives to Lazarus.

      And if you check out the Questionable Content comic, you’ll find frequent Machine/Organic liaisons!

      Zar Belk!

      • John

        And IIRC genetically identical to Long as well.
        Any offspring would still vary in the same manner as siblings except for the fact that both parents would be the same parent.
        This raises some intriguing questions about inbreeding.

        • Mogrith

          It was mentioned that 2000+ years of breeding there were NO defective kids. Basically no bad genes to get reinforced.

        • John M.

          Since we’re on the subject of Heinlein and Lazarus Long, does anyone remember Heinlein’s short-story about time travel titled “All You Zombies” where he first started dabbling in time travel anomalies such as having a sex change and impregnating your earlier self?

    • Steve H

      From where, pray tell?

      • MAJ Arkay

        Heinlein’s Lazarus Long character, Steve H.

  • Kafiroon

    Seems she has the “woman” thing down pretty good.

  • Fronk!

    Too spot on to be funny…

  • Pamela

    Good hat, shirt, jeans, bandana, boots and work gloves. Perfect uniform to get the job done. Now the french maid outfit…

  • John M.

    If I’m not mistaken, Travis and Suzy have been an “item” since they were both introduced to the strip. Wasn’t it Travis that “subverted” Suzy to the Double-D side because they already had a “thing” going?

  • epador

    Ah, but does she UNDRESS for men?


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